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地獄蝶 #bleach #soulsocity

What makes a man average? It's his focus. His ability to drown out the irrelevant noise and distractions pulling him away from his dreams. #passportheavy #travel #wanderlust #travelnoire #entrepreneur #success #soulsocity

killed most of the bosses in the first time of meeting 😐 until now the game is soo easay iam really disspointed ithough it's harder than bloodborne..dosent matter let's continue our journey 👍😚 #darsouls3 #gamer #soulborne #soulsocity #hardcore #games

Parisians days🌹



If you're not caught up with the Bleach manga leave now.

I just realized how devastating Ukitake and Unohana's deaths were... I just now seemed to grasp the fact that they're dead. Gone. No more bright smiles and caring gestures. We will never see the light, happy smiles, full of life... I also just seemed to grasp... Bleach has ended. It stopped. It's dead, gone and soon people will start to forget and move on... Bleach ended and once some new stuff pops up, no one will even care anymore. We don't know if there's going to be a sequel or the anime is returning... but, it's gone. All gone. No more new chapters... Nothing. My eyes are going to look terrible at school tomorrow god. If you've read all of my depressing stuff, thanks and sorry for kinda just spillin out.... anyway have this adorable picture of Toshiro Hitsugaya to stop the crying. Just me? Alright then...

Doesn't this look fun...

Parisians days🌹

Night at the Cabaret 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏾

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir 💃🏻💃🏼💃🏽

Crepes in front of the Effiel tower anyone

To travel is to live


B U B B L E W A R P W A F F LE ♥️♥️♥️

Tea with the Mad Hatter 🎩♥️♠️♣️♦️


Europe here I come 🇬🇧🇫🇷


I just discovered taro ice cream is delicious... Cool

Damn that's some HD Ichigo Kurosaki

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