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Don't you just love the greeen? 💚 Had it for a while now but Umar finally fits in it perfectly. #soulslings

Had a lot of fun hanging out in Portland and selling hanji on Sunday ❤️ thanks @leeser921 and @bilnguyen for helping and Cho family @maggiecho @hanoakpdx for hosting!
#handmade #hanji #hanjipopuppdx #soulslings #pdx

At @byhandfromtheheart Chennai today and tomorrow! Come and say hello if you live in this city :) #SoulSlings #babywearingindia #chennaievents #chennai

New post at brittbrownmarsh.com!
#soulslings #soulmate #tutorial #mehdai

#babywearing to the rescue when this budding chef insisted on watching every step of egg scrambling. #oliverhatched #soulslings #kangamama #onbuhimo

Day#10 of #WeAreRealMoms #WARM_May2017 .
Family memories. This surely takes the cake. Must thank #SoulSlings for making us a part of something so memorable. It remains special not just for the shoot, but for the kind of people I have met through this experience and how much of a family they are to me today. .
Extra kudos to @sharmillaabhilash and Anu for having been patient with my not so camera friendly antics! ❤️

Snuggles #soulslings

They are super cute 😍
#soulsiblings #soulslings #maxandmin💕


Pregnant and still need to babywear? We may have the right carrier for you! Come by our pop-up store (Punggol Waterway Point, Atrium B1 West Wing) to try out different option and discover which feels right for you. Got to @queenofase original IG post to see more photos.
Thank you @queenofase for sharing the love!
#Repost @queenofase
Pregnant and wondering if you are able to wear your current tot?
Babywearing while pregnant is possible.
1) make sure you get the all clear from your gynae
2) don't exert your body. I have been wearing baby E since he was born thus I have already been acclimatized to his growing weight.
3) make sure you get fitted with proper carriers. I love wraps and buckled onbuhimos the most as they don't get in the way of the bump
In this post, @jun7982 , Yvaine and I were invited by babywearing consultant Nurjanna Ng from @jarsoffluff last October.
She taught us new tips on how to use the various carriers . Call her if you need babywearing advice!
Pictures taken by @lenscript

Bike ride around the block on the @striderbikes but toddler isn't in the listening mood 🙄 #soulslings #striderbalancebike

Snuggles #soulslings

Our massive new order of Soul Slings carriers have arrived in-store, including the AnoonA adjustable full buckle carrier and buckle Onbuhimos carriers, plus a ton of absolutely stunning ring sling colors! 😍😍😍😍 Drop in soon to try on the AnoonA or Buckle Onbuhimo for yourself and see just how amazing they are!

All of the available carriers and colors are in-store and online at https://shop.blossombabynw.com/collections/vendors?q=Soul .

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New post at brittbrownmarsh.com!
#soulslings #soulmate #tutorial #mehdai

I loaded up the van for a babywearing meet-up. 😂 #soulslings #soulmate #brandambassador @soulslings

Yesterday was our 2nd monthly babywearing meet-up. Sarah and Finn gave the Anoona a try. They were snug and comfy on the smallest settings. Thanks for modeling! 💁 #soulslings #soulmate #soulanoona @soulslings

I am seriously loving my @soulslings Day Bag! On the way to a doctor's appointment I had a size 5 wrap, 4 diapers, wipes, water, snacks, a change of toddler clothes & my wallet with room to spare, but it doesn't look huge or bulky. A total #marypoppinsbag !

#soulmate #soulslings #linenlove #linen #momlife #toddlersnacks #toddlermom #beprepared #parenting #motherhood #whatsinyourbag

Mommy walk and wear playdate this morning was a blast! I tried a new carry (double hammock freshwater finish) in my #soulslings linen starling. My friend here tried out the @soulslings linen Ruby onbuhimo. We hit the road and got good exercise and everyone played inside afterwards to cool down.

#babywearing #wearallthrbabies #wearingdowndenton

Har en superfin onbuhimo på besök för att se om det är ngt för oss 😍

Tack för lånet @dywling ❤️ #onbuhimo #soulslings #icarryyoualways

Successful carrier to carseat transfer! #soulslings #soulmate #wearallthebabies #successfultransfer #naptime

If you're debating on buying an AnoonA carrier (or a carrier in general), check out my new blog post! Link in bio! I'll give you a beginners guide and some thoughts I had about it. Happy babywearing! (Image of a white woman wearing her baby in a green carrier. They are surrounded by white, purple, and pink flowers. The mother is looking down at the baby. The baby is facing out towards the flowers. He stares at them with a serious face. The mother is reaching up to show him a flower.) #soulmate #soulslings #flowers #babywearing #parenting #parenthood #soulanoona #nature #momlife #motherhood #attachmentparenting #letthembelittle #everydaylife #lovelife #preciousmoments #enjoylife #enjoymotherhood #explore #california #bayarea @soulslings

When errands have to get done, your baby is fighting an ear infection and 4 emerging teeth, and honestly you're getting cabin fever so you need out...#Soultotherescue!
For me the quickest ups are done with a ring sling. My Soul Maze Blues ring sling is so versatile, I can give BBR front snuggles and allow him to nurse when he needs it. I can do hip carries like those shown in the images that allow my little buddy to observe the world around him but still be safe in momma's arms. Then there's a back carry in a ring sling. Which I use when I don't need to little hands getting a hold of anything I'm working on. Like when I'm sending Soul goodies off to other SoulMates!
All of these carries are quick and easy to execute, a lift of the bum to release tension on the rings, lift the top ring to release some of the fabric, make sure the fabric is at least up to the arm pits of the baby so he will be secure in the sling, hip scoot the baby into whichever position your going for, then tighten the tail strand by strand to remove slack. I'm going to do a tutorial on this soon so be on the lookout!

All in all my Soul ring sling allows my baby the freedom to go up and down when he's ready and still be snuggled and safe when I need it.
4 Images all featuring Soul Maze Blues ring sling. The first is of me and BBR walking from the post office we are looking at the camera. He is resting his head on my shoulder and I am smiling. This subsequently led to a great nap when we got home. The next image I took to show how much tail I have in the standard sized Soul Ring sling (size 3) to give accurate idea of measurements my son is about 23lbs and 30inches long, wearing 18m clothes. I am a size 16/18 and 5'3. The last two images are close up of the geometric patterned wrap as well as the beautiful weave if the fabric.

#SoulSlings #MazeBlues #RingSling #quickups #jacquardcotton #SM #blackwomendobabywear #bigbabywearing #thisbodybabywears #wrapsslingsandharmony

At the @soulslings play date, I did a demonstration on how I get Minerva on my back when she’s standing on the ground! #onbuhimo #soulslings #soulmate

Looking for carriers which lasts from birth till toddler? @soulslings Anoona might just fit your requirements plus it is easy on the pockets. Best yet, look out for @jarsoffluff
Pop up store at waterway point punggol now till 24th September to get fitted by the lovely ladies from Jars of Fluff!


#Repost @jarsoffluff (@get_repost)
@soulslings Day Bags now available at @jarsoffluff pop up store.
Location: Punggol Waterway Point, Atrium B1, till 24 Sept 2017.
Do bring baby along to try carriers!

Soul Imperial Jacquard Daybag😍
This wrap works so good as a daybag, love the imperial pattern😍
@soulslings #soulslings #soulmate #daybag #fairtrade #handmade #wovenwraps [stop motion film of unwrapping 1 of 3 slingbags from @soulslings. The item being unwrapped is a daybag in a deep red imperial pattern on a dark blue base. )

Wearing my son in a short cross carry in the #soulslings High street size 3 wrap #babywearing #wovenwrapsize3 #wovenwraps #wearthemwhenyoucan Didn't wear him beyond 15-20 minutes. He hadn't slept since morning and fell asleep as soon as I spread the inner pass on his back.

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