My soul sisters in Jeddah. I think of them often and away our reunion. #lacadventure #friends4life #soulsistersforlife #soulsisters

Happy Monday Friends 💛 Coming to you from my little studio. I think it is my favourite place in the world, besides anywhere in nature of course 😊 I wake up in the morning and I find myself wondering straight into here with my cuppa. I sit down and I could happily sit here for the next ten hours.
Note the newest addition to my studio, my chair. A gift to me from my bestie. She left town for good not so long ago and told me she was gifting me her treasured office chair. She left it to me with these parting words.. "It is not a quaint art studio stool but it is completely adjustable, has lumbar support and when you sit in it you will be a f*****g #boss ." I gotta tell you guys, she was right. This chair is one of the best things that ever happened to my working life. I sit straighter. Dream bigger. Think clearer. Work smarter. And basically feel like a total #bosslady . Thank you so much @avalonsapothecary . It is an absolute game changer, just like you ❤️ 👊🏼 🔥
#homeinthestudio #soulsistersforlife #lumbarsupport #bosschair #howshecreates #creativelife #womenempoweringwomen #selfcare #makerforlife #postureispower #greatestgifts

I am looking for 15 girls that are interested in joining our health and fitness team!👋🙌 .
I'm looking for ladies that desire to get paid to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. You don't need to be fit now! No six pack needed! You also don't need a ton of followers, you will be provided with all the training you need to get started strong!😎👊 All you need is a passion for health and fitness and an attitude to help others! .
Our team is hosting a FREE "What is Coaching" info session TOMORROW! If you'd like to get in drop your favorite emoji and I will get you the application and save you a spot in the group! 💝💪
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“Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.” ~unknown
Always good times with this beautiful soul, my oldest & dearest friend in this world 💙 @jennielaws Friends, sisters for 34 years. I’ve been blessed to hear her play music since we were just little girls. Nowadays, nights like these are few & far between so I am truly grateful for this moment to hear her play, to hear her sing, to hear her beautiful voice ☺️☺️
#oldfriends #sisters #soulsistersforlife #34years #friendship #forevers #family #growingoldtogether #blessed #thankful #tbt #40thbirthday #luau #leis #bikini #grassskirt #acousticguitar #max #lightsdownlow 🌺🌼🌸🌺

Happy Birthday to my absolute best friend!!🎉 I am so proud of how far we have both come! Thanks for always being there❤️ I love you sis!😘 #BirthdayQueen #shesold #20 #soulsistersforlife

Great evening with the Ritchie family ❤️my soul sista x #soulsistersforlife #themgrovesbeysdidwell

#soulsistersforlife #reikimasters #swapping #treatments #partofmyheart #andsoul Thank you to my best friend Grainne who puts up with me whenever I have a workshop in Dublin 😍 looking forward to returning the favour soon 💕

My freaking soul in one picture, nature, hiking and my best friend! #besties #bc #hikingadventures #shedidntnoticemetakingthis #icalledhername #werecute #soulsistersforlife

#breakthroughbabes -
Fearless women who exude self-confidence & build their fellow sister UP 🙌🏻 - not tear her down.
What amazes me most about this opportunity is being surrounded by the BEST, most UPLIFTING, genuinely warm hearted, LIKE minded ladies!!
Together we Breakthrough our own barriers to live the BEST lives we were given💗
I don’t want to think about where I’d be in life had I not said YES to creating a life by MY design...
But I know one thing...
It feels pretty damn great to have my besties alongside me for the ride 👯‍♀️
& hey, girlfriend, there’s always room for you to join us too 😘💕🙌🏻🎉
#bethebestyou #breakfree #liveyourbestlifenow #findyourtribe #loveoften #soulsistersforlife

Reunited with my best girl 14 years of friendship love her to the 🌙 and back thanks for always being my ride or die love you so much! #bestfriend #soulsistersforlife

You’re still in love with me, but your friends don’t know.💁🏻‍♀️ #fridaynights #gnash #soulsistersforlife

Sommartider med min sköna❤️ #soulsistersforlife

Somebody call vogue!!😂😂😂 #carphotoshoot #bff #soulsistersforlife #luhyou @sarahreeves12

A few months ago, I was being interviewed for a podcast, when the host totally blindsided me.⠀

I was prepped for everything, except what she asked me to share in my intro.⠀

“Tell us who you are, what you do, and what you like to do for fun,” she said.⠀

I totally panicked and gave the most trite, vanilla answers ever. Nothing that packed the potent punch of who I am.⠀

And in that moment I realized, holy shit, I’ve stopped having fun!⠀

Its so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of healing, growing, learning, working, creating, that sometimes we forget to have fun.⠀

And I’m talking deep, soul expansive, belly laughing fun. So that may look like a night out at the bar with friends or dinner with the family - but a lot of those things just become habit and routine, the things we think we’re supposed to do for fun.⠀

So tell me in the comments - what do you do for fun? What feels fun for you? Are you doing enough of it?⠀

If not, commit to one fun activity this week!

So much fun today with @theosilverman! I’m going to miss you but know we’ll meet again on another stage! Never play GuitarHero with a real live bassist! #rollercoasterqueen #soulsistersforlife

YES!!!!! Where my girls at?!?! 😍😍😍 #soulsistersforlife

Let it be easy, they tell us.⠀
Just decide.⠀
But maybe, I wonder - is it safer to hide?⠀
If I show up completely,⠀
Let myself be seen
if I admit that deep down⠀
I know I’m a queen⠀
What if they discover⠀
The darkness inside⠀
The ways that I’ve lied?⠀
The questions I fear,⠀
Will be answered yes.⠀
That deep down, I’m not worthy of this.⠀
The love, the joy, the abundance and flow.⠀
Maybe it’s not mine⠀
Should I just let it go?⠀
For all who’ve doubted their light, feared being “found out” or seen as a fraud: you are pure magic. We need your darkness and your light. Please don’t let the fear stop you.

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