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This is truly the case. No one else knows what our Soul needs. That is why we will always be our own best Guru's. We can get inspired by others and sometimes someone else shows us the door of a fruitful direction. But may we never forget that we alone possess the keys to our own happiness.

No one else has walked in your shoes or knows exactly what goals you accomplish on a daily base. We owe ourselves the Love that we so freely give to others. The respect, the nourishment and dignity. Let us Rise into the full capacity of our Being and Trust in our inner brilliance. We are here to Shine our Light in any way that feels truly good. Comparison kills our own stunning authenticity. We are perfect with all our imperfections. We are complete.

By Tara Isis Gerris @TaraIsisGerris
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By far my favorite moment in Crossfit. This was a very special moment for me. I am so thankful for you @liftlikelindsey #allheart #strongertogether #soulsister #forever #iloveyou

#soulsister #MayRa 👭 💕 💕 @maymay_entrata0506 @edward_barber @lauraanika credit to the owner 👉 laura's fb post

Today, my Jeena married the love of her life Thisan. It was a day filled with many emotions and many happy tears as 10 years of love culminated in marriage. It is truly a blessing to have celebrated this day with you and Thisan. May your marriage be as pure and happy as both of your souls :) #JusT2017 #mybabygotmarried #happytears #soulsister #friendsthatarefamily @jeewida_

#Berlin ✔️ 2nd show down ✔️ Jet lag kickin in ✔️ Ready for fun in #Amsterdam ✔️ Thank you @musikundfrieden & the amazing folks that came out to rock n roll with me & the boys last night 💋

See you tonight Amsterdam, it's a sold out show & it's about to get craaaazy - at @bitterzoet #europeantour #hiamy #soulsister #whatsthatsound? #better #listenup! 💙

Lar 🌼 #SoulSister 💙

Hayatta en çok sevdiğim ve güvendiğim bir avuç insandan biri Kübra'mmm... Benim canımmm... Bazı insanlar hayatımıza ders öğretmek için girer, bazıları ise hediyedir. Sen benim en büyük hediyemsin... İyi ki doğdun!!! İyi ki hayatımdasın... Sen New York'ta ben İstanbul'da... Kavuştuğumuz her an neşe ve kahkaha dolu... Yeni yıla birlikte girdik ki 2017'de daha çok birlikte olabilelim ama ne yazık ki 6 aydır uzağız birbirimizden... Hadi çabuk gel ki yine sabahlara kadar gözlerimizden yaşlar gele gele gülelim... Seni çooook seviyorum canımmm 🎂🎉🍾🎈🍀🎊❤️️💋 @altinorsk #birthday #soulsister #newmoon #gemini #geminiseason #sister #bestfriends #newyorkcity #centralpark

I'm calling today Soul Sister Saturday simply because I want to take a moment to shout out this amazingly dope creature @jasmyn_fyffe I straight up just love you and rock with you so hard because we vibrate so high together! Love you sissy 😘🙏🏽
All in all my point in this post is truly just to say, keep good company around. Have deep soul rooted connections with the ppl in your life. We aren't our flesh, the essence of who and what we are is within so connect with the vibrations from inside and reach higher levels.
#Soulizm #SoulSister #Connection #SoulSisterSaturday #JonnaAbrams #JasmynFyffe #Dance #GoodEnergies #VibrateHigher #Blessings #Grateful #GodIsGood

May you pick up your tea when its exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it. 🎓#classof2017 #soulsister #elontoberklee 💜


#friendtime #coffeetime #soulsister #oldrauma #vanharauma
Always find time for Ur friends, they can make Ur worst day so much better 🌹

Olha eu aqui mais um ano expressando meu amor por você. Minha prima; minha irmã; minha amiga; minha rival... Te carrego no peito em uma vaga exclusiva. Tenho por você um amor insubstituível, puro e interminável mesmo com constantes discussões e disputas 😂😂😂 que nosso Deus pai a ilumine imensamente, e que este novo ano seja repleto de bênçãos e muitas surpresas. Estou aqui sempre que precisar, por mais que estamos distantes somos "Pedro e Luiza" a famosa dupla que já deu muita dor de cabeça, porque separados somos fortes, juntos somos invencíveis. Te amo demais, meus parabéns! 🎂👏👏 #niverluri #monteiros #minhametade #soulsister

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