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Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. #aaradhyakhampariya
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🥂 to many more holidays with this one
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Birthday Celebrations Continued.. #LastNight #22 #SoulSister

Taking over NYC... tan tan! 🗽♥️ #SoulSister #TeamNoSleep

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend @jessicaelizabethgilbert 💕
Hope you have the BEST day my lovely. So thankful to have had you home these past few weeks, spending time with you is one of my favourite things to do. Love you ✨
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I’ve been staying in my safe little Facebook world because it was familiar territory. I had this thing about insta being for the cool kids. Showing up here triggered shit I had around not being cool. I dug into that today and found this identity I was holding onto around being a ‘try-hard’. A few minutes of fear work helped me see that ‘trying hard’ is what’s gotten me here. So here I am insta. This is me at 5.15am this morning heading out to watch the sunrise. I hope you can find the things in you that people have criticised you for and know that they’re what makes you unique, special and they might even be your superpowers #soulsister #soulsnaps #superpowers #selflove #selfacceptance #soulbizsisterhood #calltoaction 💙💙💙

Sometimes you have to choose.

All my clients have their unique challenges but one that comes up often is putting body composition or weight loss in maintenance mode so that we can focus on health.

There is a point where better health = better weight loss.

But then there is a specific category of women where they maybe want to lose just 1/2 to 1 stone or tone up a bit.
They usually have some good exercise and good food habits in place and they start to restrict a little more and maybe up the exercise, push a bit harder.

Before they know it they're working out 6 times a week and dancing with a low calorie diet.

This can send the body into stress mode.

Which often shows up like:
✔️ Not getting the body comp results you are after, feeling increasingly frustrated and obsessive
✔️ Hormonal imbalances; heightened PMS, emotional outbursts, crying over small things or for no reason, hot flashes
✔️ Digestive imbalances; bloating, weird reactions to foods without being able to pinpoint which ones
✔️ Sleep disturbances or feeling unrested after a decent sleep
✔️ Low energy or feeling inappropriately exhausted by the end of the day or week

How do I know?
I've been here too and seen this is pattern in many clients.

And the biggest challenge is the mental work of letting go.

Taking that step back without guilt so you can take care of you.

You may find you naturally do better anyway when you start taking care of your body but you have to be prepared to put weightloss aside to rebalance your body and learn to love you now.

Until you can do this, you will find yourself running in circles again and again.
This is what you can expect to learn more about in my Grounded Goddess Community, the high vibe woman tribe 😊 Just search for the community on Facebook request access and answer the 3 qualifying questions. 💕

Yesterday I went to London to catch up with friends and celebrate life events (birthdays, a new house) and got to grab coffee with lovely J @motherheart and experience another one of her nourishing sound healing events at Soho House (I swear sound healing is like being cuddled with no one touching you - it’s amazing). I parked outside my old Hackney flat and felt the nostalgia for all that used to be.
I also managed to gobble up 200+ pages of @lilyallen’s new book which is honestly fucking brilliant and deals so eloquently with addiction, codependence and the stuff that comes from never-quite-feeling-good-enough and never-quite-feeling-fully-seen.
I get that feeling in London these days, it sneaks up on me and tells me I’m not trendy enough, not cool enough, that my little Norfolk life pales in comparison - I’m telling that feeling to go fuck itself today and enjoy the last few pages of Lily’s book as I heard back into town for a belated hen-do lunch.
Have lovely Sundays xxxxx

My biggest inspiration🤩💜🧚🏽‍♀️ @wildly__well #soulsister

The greatest gift I ever game myself was freedom.
Sometimes I wake up and remind myself to never take this incredible life for granted.

I will never stop fighting for freedom and helping other women to experience this freedom.
That's my mission as Always.
I am beyond grateful for every part of my journey and consistently jumping without a net.

My story? Jumping before I was "ready." Many years back, I left my Health professional job (scared shi*less, yet super excited) & put every second into my new venture. SISTAS was born and is so alive 💃🏻✨ It was the best jump I have ever taken.

I jumped (without all the answers) because the thought of WAITING to live out my purpose literally ached my heart.
My mission to serve, teach and inspire massive amounts of women is so deeply engraved that I honestly had no Plan B.

My purpose? To help passionate go-getter woman unapologetically SPRINT (not run) after her dreams.

If you're reading this then you're alive.
And if you're alive--you have a purpose!
You don’t align with your JOB anymore, it doesn’t get you excited, it doesn’t make you tick, you don’t really wanna go girl, I hear ya!
That was me! There is another way 🤗 This is your sign 🌻☀️

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