Vor einiger Zeit haben wir schon einmal über Martha Becks Buch "Finding your own North Star" geschrieben. Heute gibt es wieder ein Zitat daraus:
"Allow your essential self to come out and run the show"
Kurze Erinnerung:
Das ist unser Selbst, was schon vor unserer Geburt in uns existiert und in dem schon alles angelegt ist, was uns ursrpünglich ausmacht. Unsere ureigensten Charakteristika, Vorlieben, Wünsche, emotionalen und auch körperlichen Reaktionen. Ein übergeordneter Sinn von Identität prägt dieses Selbst.
Das ESSENATIAL SELF ist unser Fundament und wäre immer identisch, egal in welcher Kultur oder welchem Land wir geboren wären.
Martha unterscheidet es vom SOCIAL SELF das sich nach unserer Geburt als Reaktion auf die Menschen in unserer Umgebung entwickelt hat und durch Normen und Erwartungen, die an uns gestellt werden, ausgebildet wird. ~
Heute erst im Gespräch mit einer guten Bekannten über eine anstehende Jobentscheidung, wurde es für mich (Caro) wieder deutlich, wann dieses ESSENTIAL SELF greifen könnte. Ich dachte mir:
Hey, du bist gut informiert. Du hast abgewägt und du hast Eventualitäten und mögliche Szenarien durchgespielt. Und dennoch stehst Du jetzt hier und kannst dich nicht oder willst dich vielleicht auch nicht entscheiden.
Doch im Grunde darfst Du einfach auf dich, dein Inneres, dein Essential self hören. Denn da ist alles schon mit angelegt und im Grunde weißt Du alles, was Du wissen musst. Und dann brauchst Du "nur" noch die cojones und genau dazu stehen, was du da hörst ;) Selbstführung und Selbstbewusstsein mal wieder ;)
darf dein ESSENTIAL SELF raus kommen und mitspielen?
Alles Liebe
Caro & Steffi
P.S. Selbstbewusstsein und Selbstführung, damit Du dein Leben nach deinen Regeln führen kannst, gibt es auch in unserem 4-monatigen Workshop, dem Soul Rebel Circle -> Alle Infos im Linktree im Profil

Misanthrope but still optimistic and going strong.
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You know that feeling? Calm, cool, collected. Not reacting to outside stimuli. Understanding what triggers you and not allowing it to happen. Planning not to react and only respond. Being disciplined with your emotions.... and then there's this one asshole........ ok... volcano time! Blessings everyone. xXx

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Still going strong in Lawrence. #SoulRebel&;TheBeast

Secreto victoriano by #victoriassecret 💣💳😍🔝🔝🤗🤗🤗
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RED. To be RED is to be in a state of consciousness which knows no limits, where imagination is infinite and all imaginable is attainable . #healingofthenation
Love = the answer .
RasTafari = Love .
RED (EP) .... Fall 2018
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i won't just survive
oh, you will see me thrive
can't write my story
i’m beyond the archetype
i won't just conform
no matter how you shake my core
cause my roots, they run deep
oh, ye of so little faith
don’t doubt it, don't doubt it
victory is in my veins
i know it, i know it
and i will not negotiate
i’ll fight it, i’ll fight it
i will transform
when the fire's at my feet again
and the vultures all start circling
they’re whispering, you're out of time
but still, i rise
this is no mistake, no accident
when you think the final nail is in, think again
don’t be surprised, i will still rise
i must stay conscious
through the madness and chaos
so i call on my angels
they say
oh, ye of so little faith
don’t doubt it, don't doubt it
victory is in your veins
you know it, you know it
and you will not negotiate
just fight it, just fight it
and be transformed
i’m moving through some of the biggest contractions since march. i have to trust the spiral. (yes, that’s a katy perry song. in my defense, i was listening to a metal cover.)

Happy 9️⃣0️⃣ Nana! #beautyandgrace #irishblood #soulrebel ☘️.
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This is TRUE WEALTH. ⠀

Everything you need and desire is divinely provided for, your riches come from within, and that richness is a beautiful gift to all you come into contact with. To deny it would be to deny your true nature, to try to be what you are not. A flower does not try to be a fox. It radiates its essence as itself, to be enjoyed, admired, and to play an essential role in adding beauty to the world as only it can.⠀

The same is true for you. Your essence, your true nature is a rich, free, radiant soul. You can no longer deny it, dismiss it, or diminish it. It won't let you. It demands its place in the world and you are the only vehicle it has chosen. Stop fighting it. Own it. ⠀

That deep well of wealth within you is gold. You see, you are made of diamonds. To know that at your core, always, no matter what is the key to living in alignment with your soul. Your soul is not measured in dollars, sales. or numbers of any kind. Your soul is boundless, limitless. It is measured in moments of euphoria, ecstasy, joy, divine inspiration, unconditional love, deep wisdom, and unwavering self-belief. It is not to be relegated to second-class behind that of the logical, socially acceptable, worshipped mind. ⠀

Your soul knows the way and it demands that you follow it, no matter how unclear the path may appear. It laughs at the foolish necessity of 'making sense' and its wisdom far surpasses that of the rational brain.⠀

True wealth comes from a deep sense of worth and value in yourself, radical trust, unwavering self-belief, supreme integrity, and absolute truth. ⠀

Begin within. Then, you must prepare for the floodgates of abundance - money, clients, opportunities, relationships, love, and health as a natural side effect of you being you in your highest, purest, truest expression. It's just who you are. ⠀

Whole Soul Integration for Soul Driven Income and Impact⠀

Join me for a Special Eight Week Intensive Group Program⠀

Unbounded Prosperous Soul - Step into your True, Rich and Free Rebel Soul for Whole Soul Wealth ⠀
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