Last week I woke up super early for a photo shoot because if you want to do anything with @tracystevens421 you gotta get her while you can 🚗💨 (just thinking about her busy schedule makes me wanna cry). She took these photos of me while I took photos of her hilarious kids. Seriously, I’ve never had more fun at a photo shoot and I’ve never been around kids that age that actually ENJOY their mom like the Stevens’ clan. Tracy is the REAL DEAL and you need her wisdom in your life. She’s a Jesus version of Lorelai Gilmore. If you’re a wife or a mom, get around her!
Just a reminder that I’m hosting a promo for headshots! $50 for individuals! Message me for more details :)

When I was in worship school, I learned how prophets would grow out their hair (nazirite vow for my fellow nerds) and it was a symbol to the people when they saw these long-haired dudes that God was speaking again. Seeing long hair gave them hope.
The other day I wanted to go on a bike ride and I was scared to go by myself in light of all of the craziness that’s been happening. As I was riding I thought about the lady who used to see us on our bikes all the time and tell us how proud she was of us. She said we were helping people believe that downtown was safe (don’t stone me 😂) It’s so crazy how something so simple like long hair and bicycles can stir up hope. Don’t underestimate the little things.That’s all I wanted to share 😌

Duke and I made a plan to have a consistent date night and we’re kicking it off tonight 🍾 .
I don’t know about y’all but I have some sort of weird curse that every time we have a date planned I turn into the Wicked Witch of the West at some point right before 👀 so instead of it ruining the night I’ve learned to crucify my pride and race to the Cross (my husband always gets there faster). Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to! 🤪 But if I am, pray for me saints.
I also want to note that I’ve heard weird things like, ‘why do you need a date night if you don’t have kids?’ and I’m so weirded out by that I can only laugh 💅🏻
JUST KEEPING IT REAL AND BRINGING BACK MY EMO HASHTAG #lifestoodeeptobeshallow and sharing this to convict all my married friends to get out there and DATE (each other).

I’m posting this photo everywhere because as soon as I took it I was so proud and I literally said out loud @portraitbhm is gonna feature this. That may not seem like a big deal to some but to me it is because I’m so inspired by the creatives they feature and to be placed among them is huge. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, they featured my photo which means my client got more exposure which is my heart behind my business and my heart for Selma.
I firmly believe this is one way we’ll honor Selma. We have to showcase and market her and the businesses she has to offer in an illustrious way. We have to show people how great we are. Luke and I run an @airbnb and we have people visit from all over to come see what our city has to offer. When they get here they want to DO things, they want to explore, shop, and eat. (Read: they want to spend money!).
We HAVE to step up our game. If you want people to spend money on your business MAKE IT LOOK GOOD. Half-hearted attempts at social media just aren’t gonna cut it. I know it seems silly but you have to spend money to make money so for your own sake, invest in your social media. Do it for SELMA.

There is nothing better than large amounts or smoked meats... no one does it better than @cottonstatebbq ... #soulgrownalabama #pork #bbq #bostonbutt #meatsweats

ANNOUNCEMENT: Much to all of y’alls dismay, I’m not pregnant and I feel like now any thing I announce is going to be a big letdown 😂 BUT I OPENED A PRINT SHOP. I’ve sold some prints to some Alabama businesses and figured that my friends might want some too!
You can head to bit.ly/selmaprints or click the link in my bio. You can download digital files or order prints that will be sent to you straight from my friends at @mpixfans 🙌🏻 I’ll be adding more as the months go on and already have more shots in my queue that I can’t wait to share.
By the way, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked us when we’re going to be pregnant, I wouldn’t have to sell these prints 😅😂
Thanks for always supporting me in my endeavors y’all ❤️

all the vibes ✨

I was looking up some facts yesterday for a client and thought they were super interesting so I wanted to share:
We process visual information 60,000x faster than we do text information. Here’s an example: photos on Facebook get 53% more likes than a post with just text.
The bottom line is you need photos on social. But the kicker is, you only have 8 seconds to make an impression before someone keeps scrolling.
You only have so much time and exposure to make a lasting impression on potential customers, clients, donors, etc. so you have to MAKE IT COUNT. I can help you out by either running the whole social media show for you or with an inventory shoot 📸
Also! This print is going up in our @airbnb today! I’ve been stuck in our cottage for the last 3 days trying to finish everything and the end is finally in sight 🙌🏻

Heading to Montgomery (where this photo was taken) to buy some more things to spruce up our cottage 🏡 Did you know it’s listed on @airbnb?! The cool thing is this photo is going to hang in our cottage with a bunch of other photos I’ve taken of Selma. You can check out the link to our @airbnb on my website! The link is in my bio 😌

Hi, my name is Katy and my hobbies include chasing sunsets and posting them on Instagram for you to enjoy 😊🌤🌞 #thisisalabama #hikealabama #soulgrownalabama #sunset #alabama @ratliff4jc @hollyratliff_

Can’t stop chasing these summer sunsets... #thisisalabama #alabama #sunset #gadsden #wearealabama #hikealabama #soulgrownalabama

Birmingham native ,@stpaulandthebrokenbones, playing for a home crowd last night! @liveandlisten .
📷 - @home_team_photography #soulgrownalabama

Well I’m officially back from vacation and diving headfirst into this new season of working from home, which may sound like a vacation to some people but it’s really one huge to-do list that will never be finished because there’s always something you could be or ‘should’ be doing. I’m excited though! Anybody else out there working from home that has tips for me?

Our 1st day of camp, pulling Onto Beshears Drive! Where all my family started maternal & paternal!! From the earliest of days, my excitement began the second our tires met the pavement? Its always been "coming home".......Now grandparents gone, an uncle gone , my brother & my dearest friend my mama.....So much has happened, yet still my heart is at peace here & now HER heart is as well. We celebrate those gone before us because WE know they await us! Family surely is everything!
#AlabamaTHeBeautiful #AlabamaCrimsonTide #ExploreAlabama #AlabamaPower #AlabamaLove #AlabamaInPictures #OnlyInAlabama #Alabamaofusa #SongOFTheSouth #SweetHomeAlabama #SouthernGirlsDelight #SouthernCharm #soulgrownalabama #thisisalabama #ThisISMYAlabama #BeshearsDrive #lifeNbama #Rtrgirls4life

ManMan & I took a walk about this morning! Stood on my daddys fishing spots! Played on the rocks that he & his siblings did as well! Not to mention my mom & her siblings since they were only separated by 3 or 4 acres! Love my family history.
#alabamaCrimsonTide #AlabamaTheBeautiful #alabamaPower #alabamaLove #ExploreAlabama #AlabamaInPictures #onlyInAlabama #ThisIsalabama #ThisISMYAlabama #AlabamaOfusa #Sweethomealabama #SongOfTheSOuth #southernGirlsDelight #southernCHarm #soulgrownalabama #downHome #FlintRiverLivin #flintriver #homePlace #campPopasquat

I’ve been all over the place the last 10 days > MD, PA, DE, NV, and the trip isn’t over yet. Thankful for slow days to just rest with my husband. We spent 7 days apart, what’s the longest you’ve spent apart from your ❤️?

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