Well, this my 500th post 😶 a redraw from 2016 because I haven't been drawing much BSD or I haven't been drawing anything at all( ᐪ꒳ᐪ ) sorry I'm lazy.
This was my fave back then so why not?? 😂😂 Bye.
#bsd #soukoku #bungoustraydogs #dazaiosamu #chuuyanakahara
Also, I just finished Naruto this year and now I just miss Naruto especially the Akatsuki huehuehue

[Credits to all artists](VS)
I’m finally back after disappearing for a fucking month...
Anyways I love him so-
Ac; mxticmoon
Media; Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai is a mood right now for me.

*slams the green button*

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