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When people hear that I'm starting a new program, the first thing they always ask me is why am I starving myself? Don't I know what's not the right way to lose weight? I'm just going to gain it all back once I start eating "normal" again.
What they don't understand is that I'm eating like a pig! I've never eaten so much before in my LIFE! I'm not spending hours at the gym or starving myself. I'm eating what my body should have and I'm working out AT HOME for only an hour.
That's it folks!
So stop giving yourself all these excuses as to why it won't work, or why you can't start and JUST DO IT! You got this love, I know you do!!

Great work today ladies!!! I'm so proud of each and every one of these ladies!! We're on day #9 and we're all on track!! Together, we are succeeding!💪💪

⭐️⭐️Transformation Tuesday!!⭐️⭐️ Almost 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to change more then I wanted to stay the same! I hated the way I looked, the way I felt, I had no energy to get through my day. I felt like I had lost who I was and I needed to make a change! That change started with a commitment to completing the 21 Day Fix program and Shakeology, to change my eating habits and to start creating a healthier lifestyle for myself and family.👪 It didn’t happen overnight that’s for sure. it took time, hard work, determination, will power and drive to change old habits, resist temptation and to learn a new way of cooking meals and living my life. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months and I have never looked back.🤗🤗 I couldn’t have done this without my coach, the challenge group I was in and the support of the people I became friends with along the way. Having a support system is so important. These groups lift you up and kicked my butt in gear when I didn’t want to work out. I couldn’t have done it alone but also having that internal motivation to change was also key!🗝 I wanted to change more then I wanted to stay the same. I began to start working on myself, I showed up, never gave and believed in myself.🙌🙌 I’ve also been given the opportunity to help others with their fitness journeys as well! I am so happy and proud of myself for all the hard work and accomplishments I have made! After three years of hard work, I am right where I want to be! Strong and healthy does not mean super skinny! It means being the best you can be on the inside and out! I know I am doing the best for not only myself, but for my son and my husband as well!😘 I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and my goal is to keep getting stronger and build more muscle!!❤️ My next accountability group starts February 5th and I would love to help you work on your own transportations, both inside and out!!😘

Holy crap. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sweaty in my life. And this is after I used a sweat rag all class. @fitness._.vixen and Bonnie kicked our asses tonight during the 6 Week Challenge! Can’t wait for Round 2 of Week 4 on Saturday. Thank you @corsofitness and @corsofitnessdance for pushing us and building some awesome workouts!
#corsofitness #6weekchallenge #sosweaty #drippingsweat #gymrat #gymaddict #gymjunkie #fit #fitfam #fitspo #eatcleantraindirty #livehealthy #livefit #girlswholift #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation

I don't like this. It hurts us! My legs are screaming. Today's goal: do it again tomorrow anyway! #zumbafitness #sosweaty #cantquitnow #drinkmorewater

Mobility and movement before your workout is so important, yet I'm so guilty of thinking I'm too time poor and tend to rush through it. But I'm getting older - and this body ain't what it used to be! 😒 Pre-workout, move your spine, mobilise your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, core, legs, arms...take notice of where you're restricted & give that area some extra attention! Inspired by @geethasharp @josharp888 @gemmfitz workout this morning so did Every 2 minutes: 80m run into 3 sets of 10 drop squats 5 C2G push ups, 16 mins. Finsher: 3 sets of 10 single leg box squats L then R. 💦😪😝 ☀️ ☀️

This transformation Tuesday is all about you.

Never forget how far you've come.
Remember everything takes times.

Take pictures!! You may not see the difference when you look at yourself everyday, but it's there, trust me.

Had a ball with my @bhhscarolinas crew tonight! @cyclebarwinstonsalem knows how to get the heart rate up. Forgot to bring my "after spin class" shoes tho... #sosweaty #feeltheburn #gonnafeelthistomorrow
@allison_h_sigmon @mrsamandagates @24_7realtorwith4

January | Day 24 | Starts with S {sweat - so much sweat at #SAMfit this morning - from all the squats, slams, swings, sprints and stretching}
#fms_startswiths #fmspad #littlemomentsapp #sweatybetty #imasamfitgirl #sosweaty #stillsmiling #strength #ladiesfitness #womensfitness #canberrafitness #bootcamp #outdoorworkout

Today I woke up not motivated at all. It was a drag to get up and moving. Woke up at 5, out by 5:25 and pushed myself after every pedal. Some days are not great days to start but as I got going I started to notice the motivation improve. I ended up pacing myself better than ever. I even pushed my morning distance an extra 7 miles from my usual route. It would have been easy to quit. It would have been easy to roll over and not wake up for this. But easy doesn't get you to your goals. Easy doesn't bring improvement or growth. I welcome and embrace the discomfort because I know when I'm In Iceland, it will be #worthit
#turnyourwheels #motivationalcoach #morningtraining #sosweaty #cyclingseattle #cycling #biketouring #bikepacking #worldbybike #trainingwheels

Modified burpees! Single-leg and squat-jump burpees, to keep things fresh (and also terrible). There's something about half an hour of burpees that takes me out of my comfort zone so much more than even hours of running...
#ultrarunner #ultrarunning #ultratraining #training #crosstrain #crosstraining #gym #burpees #burpee #modifiedburpees #cardio #hiit #hiitworkout #heartrate #sotired #sosweaty

When the only bottoms you have in your work gym bag are fleece-lined leggings, you go to the gym anyway. #noexcuses #sosweaty #fitmom #tritraining #lunchtimeworkout #ironman703 #latergram

Week 2 day 9 of P90x3 warrior. I’m learning how to fuel my body better by following the meal plan that goes with this specific workout. It’s amazing how much more I had to give in my workout today. The only modifications I did were pushups on my knees! I’m super proud of myself & extremely sweaty & funky. Being a Beachbody coach is about teaching people how to fuel their body & finding the right workout for their fitness level. We also have community & accountability in our challenge groups. If this seems like something you’re seeking I would love to help you. #workoutfromhome #momof5 #youcandothistoo #sosweaty #fitand40 #findyourtribe #selfcare #fuelyourbodyright

A. Ironic choice of shirt today.
B. Never in my life have I ever been like, “Oh thank goodness we are doing jumping jacks, let me catch my breath”.
C. 💡that’s why it’s called Empower. Cause after that class... we are strong so strong!
D. That cute and sassy Amanda had some tricks up her sleeves!! 😘 #PureBarrelife #empower #goals #strongsostrong #sosweaty

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