Sometimes That Person "Apologizing" Is a Big Demon "Begging" to fuck yo life up somemore. #staywoke👁 #goodmorning #inspiration #love #joy #peace #prosperity #growth #understanding #apologies #sorrys #arent #always #apologys #notentertainment #LYRQ 💚🐺

Aveces es difícil compartir fotos como esta, pero me gusta mucho esta foto y mi traje de baño <3 #bodypositive #fatkini #playa #sorrys

Daí as pessoas tentam me derrubar só um recadinho perdeu seu tempo pq GATO cai em pé #sorrys

“In this home… We do second chances. We do real. We do mistakes. We do I’m sorrys. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do together best of all.” #ulikconstructionsb #design #build #interiordesign #diningroom #livingroom #home #chances #doreal #mistakes #sorrys #loud #hugs #together #best

Thought I’d give it a listen to #demilovato #sober poor gal probe don’t want people’s pity but fucking hell shes fighting some dark demons in that head of her for her to #overdose n not want to be part of this world, to feel that low #depression and all this song is full of #sorrys poor gal doesn’t realize people who love her she will never have to be sorry @ddlovato

Shíma Yazhí will be so mad at me for seeing Paramore without her this time #lakelife #solitude #concert #paramore #sorrys #lilmommy #nightlife #nightsky #stars #mountainview

Look guys I'm sorry for his death and I know that I have no heart and I brought down my own best friends because I didn't care but honestly I did a little at least and im saying this for everyone, rest in peace @xxxtentacion, your music brought people together and you told the truth and in my prayers to the son and to god let him have all our blessings and let him hear our prayers and hope his family can live with @xxxtentacion watching over him, in our lives we had heart break and he would come and make a song about our and his experience through it and that brought us to heaven, even when he did things bad it was for a reason, he protected us and now we are protecting him, thank you for your time hope with the name Jesus and god be with you amen🙏😔🤞😖 #ripxxx #worldstar #god #sorrys

Cole sprouse with a fan. Sorry S but look at him isn't he HOT. He looks damn good!! #colesprouse #fan #hot #goodlooking #love #sorryS #hoodie #2dayishoodieday #riverdale #sweetlifeondeck #tiptenhotel
Lots of love ~L.

🤤😍🤗 #carvelcake #icecreamcake #cakelovers❤️ #icecreamlovers #bestofbothworlds #forgivenessiskey You were forgiven before the cake but let’s just keep that one a secret🤫 #forgivenessishappiness #sometimeshardtodo Do it for yourself if not the other being or both! #selflove Love yourself enough to heal because we all know forgiveness is healing☯️ It is to let go of that pain or anger or both! Does it mean you have to forget...NO! But DO NOT dwell on it for then you have not forgiven. Use it to help you elevate yourself #lessons #seasons #chapters Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to allow them back in your life either‼️💯 #sorrys

#MyMumIsVeryPretty 🌹

Okay guys, mushy post alert.
I repeat, mushy post alert. If you can’t stand mushy stuffs, you have been forewarned. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ But i guarantee you, after this, you’ll be a mushieliever (mushy + believer = a believer in mushy-ness). Ladies and gentlemen,
Every mumma is a girl at heart. Yes she’s grown old, but deep down there’s still a little girl in there. So being the only son, i know she married late with my old pops, i think she was about in her 40s or sorts that she met my dad, who was around 60ish back then.

When she heard she was 🤰 pregnant, her gynae told her that it was quite risky to carry on, and the baby would have a high chance of developing complications such as down-syndrome and whatever nots. But my dad’s her second marriage, and she’s my dad’s second, and they had no child previously.. so they gave a thought about it and decided to keep the baby.

By the grace of the Almighty, the baby boy 👶🏻 turn out fine and healthy and grew up healthily. I mean what are the odds?! Subhanallah.

I remember Shaykh Ahmad Saad telling me in Madinah, he specifically shared my story to the audiences at one of his talks in London relating it to how by the Qadar of Allah swt, He willed for my parents, through an arranged 2nd marriage were to be given their only child at such an age. And their only was diagnosed with cancer when he was 11, and after he survived the illness, he became a student of knowledge.

A person asked Prophet ﷺ was asked, “Who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He ﷺ said: Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father...” So ibu, what can i say?
My thank you’s aren’t enough. Spending time for makan outings weeks after weeks will never enough be enough either. And what can my #thankyous #sorrys and #Iloveyou surmount to your love and sacrifices for me?

Alhamdulillah. :) recite a prayer for my mother will you? And my prayers for your mum too. Thank you.

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