I’m a little bit tired from all the swimming this morning. So I’ve snuck off for a siesta on Mom’s *unmade* bed.
Shocking Mom, shocking! Also I’m soaking wet you know... #sorrynotsorry

That time we went goth for Hyde 20180512
The whole experience was so surreal i still cant believe it wasnt a dream. We fangirled so hard the whole time, especially when he spoke malay😍😂 The last video i was struggling to record without security watching because we already got a warning lmao #sorrynotsorry

I only stan skinny people #sorrynotsorry

Damn mom, I didn’t know you were serving beats for dinner!

I always have all these elaborate lists and ideas and I wind up getting zero done. I was so much younger and carefree two days ago. 💁🏼‍♀️

A day spent with these two 😊
#sorrynochildren #sorrynotsorry

2 years of not speaking & he still THINKS my world revolves around him. #SorryNotSorry

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