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Ich bin so fix und fertig und echt den ganzen Tag nur noch mit der Renovierung beschäftigt, dass ich gar nicht mehr dazu komme, neue Bilder zu machen - deshalb gaaanz viele #tbt's. #sorryforthis 😫💙

First Million Views On Spotify!!!! When I wrote this song I wasn't trying to make a hit I was just trying to vent I was tired of people telling me what type of music to make. Tired of people telling me to change my image. Tired of being used by everyone around me. I was also tired of writing songs for other artist and not getting any credit for it while they became famous those are the feelings that inspired this song...I knew I wanted the intro of my tape to sound exactly like this before it was even created and @smashdavid built the perfect beat for it! #TheWastedYouth #SorryForThis

Cuando una es rica, se puede dar ciertos lujos. 😂 #fancy #Franklin #naqui #sorryforthis

Becuase I'm lazy and I need to post something uuuuuuuuuuh here
#lightingpractice(?) #digital #mochueocs #mochusketches #sorryforthis


Viewer discretion is advised ( this may come off as sappy ?¿ ) this is unlike me to post a workout video but I'm doing it anyway : I started lifting 3 years ago when I was in highschool. I was only training legs and used the excuse that I was in season and needed to. In reality I just didn't want to get "too big" and didn't want to get "too manly", so I didn't take it too seriously. After a tough breakup I started taking my weight lifting seriously. I didn't want to be the typical girl who ate her feelings. I started doing some research and followed fitness accounts and watched endless YouTube videos for new workouts. Finally I came to terms with the fact that lifting weights will NOT make me manly. And in order to get the body that I've wanted so desperately for so long, will come to me by training everything and not just legs (and eating right of course, which I need to work on cause I love me some sweets). I'm proud of how far I've come but have quite the journey ahead of me, but the point of this post is to show you guys that you can lift weights and not be "manly" but be healthy. And hopefully those of you who had the same thought process as I once did, can see now, that you'll get to where you want to be, but what's the point in the destination if there is no journey ?
And yes these are assisted pull-ups, but it's better than where I started and that's what matters.
#sorryforthis #notmyusualpost #dreammore #learnmore #bemore
P.s back is my favorite day so thank you @ashleyruth_ and @buffbunny for some of my favorite back exercises!

Понравилась эта фотка с белыми веснушками
#sweet12 #imnotverybeautiful #butiloveme #sorryforthis

Hi to your face! 😂😀🖐🏼👋🏼 #sorryforthis

Becuase I'm lazy and I need to post something uuuuuuuuuuh here
#lightingpractice(?) #digital #mochueocs #mochusketches #sorryforthis

This may just be the most cringe, soppy thing I've ever posted - but seemed apt for my last ever train journey up north❤️ #3yearslater #sharesinvirgintrains #sorryforthis #wonthappenagain

Channeled my inner high-schooler for one last @websterhall show the other week to see @goodcharlotteband and express my unironic, enduring love for @3oh3.
#websterhall #pouroneout #goodcharlotte #3oh!3 #noshame #scenekidstill #sorryforthis #content

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