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I am so overwhelmed by your support and truly just so grateful my Tippies are liked. I have a bit of a confession to make though, I couldn't have so many Tippies made and so frequently these last few weeks if it weren't for my pretty amazing other half who has been my secret helper. Yep he works nights, harder then any one l know and yet is 100% supportive. I have been determined to have as many Tinies available as possible as l hate to disappoint any of you when they sell out, and without his help and staying up way past my bed time there is no way l could do it on my own. In saying that l will be away for a few weeks late August for a refresh and regroup so will put in as much as l can to keep my store restocked until then. Thank you 100x's over, you guys are pretty amazing xx #littlemisstippytoes #sorryforrambling

I feel lame. I see tons more great work than usual floating around online, and don't have much to contribute due to my doctor's order that I "rest" in order to let my dumb stress fracture heal. So here's a photo from today, while I visited my husband at work. Everyone else seems super awesome, while I still have stuff to learn. A lot of my work feels redundant, despite often doing exactly what my clients request (they bring in photos of my other clients and say, "I want that"). Since I graduated last spring, I have had repeated periods of restlessness. It's like I don't know how to cope with not being insanely busy. What I actually suspect is that there's not enough challenge for me right now. And this is why I think so many artists are addicts or drama creators - the BOREDOM! We thrive in chaos; it pushes us to find outlets and solutions and acts as a vehicle for creativity. Meanwhile, stability and routine - even when positive - can feel stifling and stagnant. I spent so many years trying to escape the difficulties of my life with art that I know I programmed myself to work better that way; to be more productive when stressed, upset, distraught, lonely, alienated, etc. But my life is different now, and I don't experience those things much anymore. I've worked hard at getting healthier, but there's still a gap between my better mental/emotional health, and my creative productivity. Does this sound familiar to anyone? How do you handle it? I try to travel more and have more novel experiences as one way of managing, but day to day, within the mundane, is where I think it's tougher. What do y'all do for that? #sorryforrambling #imnotinteresting #indulgemeplease

Simplicity, wisdom, and fragility. Cherry blossoms reinforce lessons in life while celebrating life itself. They also represent separation, sadness, and and short lived lives. There are seven flowers on the tree to represent my siblings, my parents, and I. There's also a flower that fell off the tree for the passing of my older brother. I didn't get a chance to meet him, but I know he's always with me wherever I go. That blossom is the most beautiful part of the whole work, the same blue as his grave. Cherry blossoms bloom for a short time and then die. Lives aren't always lived long, but now no matter how many more days or years I have ahead of me I can carry the joy that comes with family, the pain that comes with loss, and the significance of the cherry blossom tree. #roots #littleflowerbigbrother #sorryforrambling

He got rosemarried & we got to wear sparkly shoes. She's a Scheppske! ♥️ #mybestfriendswedding #sorryforrambling #gettingrosemarried

Nikon vs. Canon! Had a little standoff with @spencer_sherwin on the last day in #honduras. Now I'm at work reminiscing of the past two weeks and it's been encouraging to hear the responses from everyone. It's true that there is always a need for compassion even close to home, reaching out and helping those local to you.. but I find that stepping out of the defined borders of a country and seeing the world with new eyes, and realizing that there are in fact people with "less".. but come to find out they've had it right all along; time is the most valuable gift we have.. I've learned so much from my trips abroad, and experienced first hand what it's like to see true and genuine happiness. The gratitude that the Honduran people returned back to us was beyond words.. I won't be able to adequately explain the impact it had on me.. you just had to have been there 🤓 #lifelessons #sorryforrambling

Oh how I love my beautiful wife! 😍 This week has been something out of a dream, I couldn't have imagined everything going as smoothly as it did. We only have 3 days left in paradise, but this has been the perfect reset button for both of us. 👌🏽 #sorryforrambling #justwokeup #sohungry #breakfasttime

We have truly enjoyed every second of my little man's b'day weekend! 🎂 And we are still going hard today! Thank u everyone for continuing to be a blessing to us! ❤️ Thank u so much to my beautiful & sweet cousin who captured this unforgettable moment with 💔 Breyker's favorite #superhero Spider-Man! @quinntographer I love you to pieces! Life is sweeter because of you! 💞😘🍪🌷 cc: @whenyouwishent 🎂🌟
What does the true meaning of family mean to you? To me, it's real true HONEST love no matter what direction life takes us! 😘 || Be true to you!! And know that sometimes FAMILY doesn't have to mean you are related by blood or relationships! It means that u love, respect, honor & care for those closest to you! That even on your worst & darkest day they are there for you! And that's the gospel! 🙏🏽❤️ #LetGo & #LetGOD .. #SorryForRambling 😂😘

Hey friends 👋 Thought I'd pop in and let everyone know that I'm still alive and well 😋 We've been staying at my mom's house for the past 2 weeks while we work on some renovation projects in our "new" 70 year old home. It's an exciting time but also extremely stressful. Between our budget, 3 active kids, temporary living spaces, pregnancy symptoms, bouts of anxiety, prepping for school, etc, I'm reminding myself that everything will fall into place and I will survive this awkward time 🙏😅💙 #ithink #randompicture #sorryforrambling

Happy Monday! Loving decorating our new space 💗 just wanted to say a word about the whole Instagram algorithm change...I totally get what a bummer this potential change is (even though I don't know exactly what/when this will all happen) especially for those of us who adore this community & the friends in it who are truly a special part of our lives, & especially shops & women who make a living through it! We've all seen lots of people we follow posting "turn on notifications" & lots of people telling you not to. I personally have all notifications turned off on my phone because it totally distracts me & feeds my addiction to social media, constant checking of my phone, & missing out of the here & now. Welcoming a new baby soon, I want to be all the more "here" for my husband & baby son, focused on loving them & not on my phone constantly buzzing. But whether you turn on notifications for a few favorite IG-ers, don't, or turn them on for everybody - I hope we can keep our sweet community here! The blog & IG community is so important to me & I love sharing my life & heart here, with the purpose of inspiring someone with my story & life & to know how much the Lord loves them! I want to be more proactive to heart, like, follow, check in on people, comment, & really use this to build real community. After all, my husband and I literally MET on Instagram ;) God has used IG & the blog world in my life in immense ways - to meet my husband & his precious family, build so many true friendships, share my writing & books, & have a home business & ministry over the years that's been one of the sweetest things in my whole life. Anyway, just want to say I love y'all who are in my community, & let's keep loving each other, supporting one another as women while keeping our focus on Him first & the people right in front of our faces 😘 #sorryforrambling #loveya


#fbf to 2014 #catwalk ...This was my #bengalcross #Hunter. He was yuge and behaved very silly and dog-like. I miss him so much my heart still hurts after a year...lost him in a breakup. I need another #furbaby soon...I’m not having kids and my #kitties were the closest thing. #sorryforrambling #polydactylcat #whiskerpatrol

I've been trying to work on realism a lot more lately and expand my horizons since I mostly do illustration/stylized versions of things. One of the amazing things about art is that there is literally no boundaries. Literally. And that applies to every art form; music, dance, writing, and so many others I probably don't even know exist. It's a limitless outlet to put every feeling and ounce of creativity we have in our hectic little minds into a form that can be shared with other human beings who are more likely than not experiencing many similar emotions and ideas that are being portrayed through that particular art form. And on the other hand, art is a way of portraying feelings that the onlooker may have NEVER felt and or taken to heart, which is another beautiful thing art can do, it can provide insight and give you inspiration. Art is a way of connecting with and understanding other human experience and the universe around us. In every form of art there is an aspect of vulnerability. In a nut shell, art is a way of laying your heart out on the line. A form of personal expression that is unique for each and every one of us. Even if you don't necessarily practice an "art form" in the literal sense such as drawing or singing, that story and complex array of unique emotions and experiences exists in all of us, which could arguably be said to be an "art form" in itself. Being a human being is an art form. This common but at the same time different shared aspect that each of us carry as human beings is at the end of the day what keeps us connected to our selves and each other and keeps us feeling human. Art allows us to be true to who and what we are and in turn true to each other as human beings. •

#myart #sorryforrambling #noahmac #noahmacmusic

Happy Friday! Feeling like I should pull an @ericchurchmusic and wear sunnies all day to hide the monster dark circles I'm sporting today 😎 Between picking up a few more work projects, which keeps me up late, and a toddler who wakes me up with "the sky is awake mommy!" at the very buttcrack of dawn, my face doesn't stand a chance lol. No matter what a mamas got on her plate, it's ALWAYS full. I try to find ways to maximize my time as much as possible - one thing that I've been trying to focus on is putting good things in the "tank", so I can perform at my best and be the mom, wife, and woman my people deserve. I've started listening to podcasts and audio books while cleaning, doing laundry, driving, etc. I'm currently listening to Make Your Bed by Admiral William McRaven. I highly recommend it, it's an easy read (or listen) and incredibly inspiring! I've linked it in my bio! #sorryforrambling #fridaymood #motherhood

Took this lovely appetising photo of my not yet ready to eat mugshot at work on my dinner break (that I again nearly missed) but CONFESSION TIME: started off today actually not eating til 3 because of assignments due today and tomorrow - scoffed some porridge and raspberries and felt v happy. Had a fudge (6 syns) before work and this lovely mug shot on my break and then got home at half 10 with a full house and a full presentation to write/finish for tomorrow which resulted in me eating scraps of left over Chinese. Everything I eat is a choice and I won’t lie about what I eat as I like to remember (I’ll forget if I don’t document it 😂😂) but I know I can’t expect a good weight loss next week after my nibbles on leftover salt and pepper chicken and I have to be okay with that. Excuse my essay but my point is sometimes life is overwhelming and the best choices won’t be made but it’s still your choice and tomorrow is a new day and it will be MY choice to go back to fully food optimising!
Now im finally gonna get some sleep after staying up til 3 am to catch up, spending all day on the same work and then actually having to go to my job work 😂 #sorryforrambling

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My life in the concrete jungle, occasionally broken by escape to the actual jungle. On my shit list currently: republicans and their Cheeto ring leader, and Instagram turning my pictures into squares. Anyway, here's more of #costarica being beautiful. More than 25% of Costa Rica's land is national parks- let's follow their example and take care of wild land for future generations! #puravida #sorryforrambling #centralamerica #rainforest #cloudforest #protectwildplaces #howdoinaturephotographer

I have been having a weird slump so I decided to doll up and go out. It helped until the drive home when you are alone with your thoughts. Thought I would be a slump all night until my dog decided to comfort me. I really love this needy dog.
#minischnauzer #rambling #sorryforrambling

I cringed when I first saw this photo. My head is down and in my mind I am praying that there is no-one around with a camera. I felt exposed and vulnerable; definitely not proud, confident or strong. My first instinct was to bury this photo deep in the deleted items but then I started thinking about how I got to this very moment that has been captured. I’d gotten there because I had the courage to step up and add a swim to my day at short notice without any training. I’d gotten there in a training swimsuit because my tri suit - aka my security blanket - broke on race morning and I’d had to improvise 20 minutes before heading to the race precinct . I’d gotten there because in spite of my insecurities I love to push myself and test my physical and mental limits. I’ll never have the physique of an athlete but I do hope that I will always have the heart of one. I learn new lessons from every single race and this race was no different. First and foremost - take a back up tri suit! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Secondly, stand tall! If this were easy everyone would be doing it. Thirdly, thank goodness for my @studioahealthandfitness family for helping me to achieve my goals and for standing by me no matter what I turn up in 🤡.
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Ok, so as of today my so called "Friends" starting saying things like "why the hell do you have a fanpage for @hrvy " "that's so dumb, it's not like they are ever going to see your posts or follow you back" "like how dumb are you" but whatever they say won't stop me for showing my love and support to someone who i have been supporting since day 1❤ sorry for this long paragraph 😂
@hrvy #ily #sorryforrambling #fanpage #💞 #notsorealfriends #ilyhrvy #snapchat #dontlistentothehaters #hrvy #puppy #noticeme😂 #ilysm

Okay, here's everything I drew last month for #mabsdrawlloweenclubcrew 😱 31 drawings!
I don't remember the last time I actually finished one art piece, let alone over two dozen. Even when I was in art class I didn't draw this much, and my health was much better back then. October was a month of chronic migraines, constant anxiety after nearly losing my little parrot and then having to medicate him twice a day, hand and wrist pain from drawing so much, so on and so forth.
I looked at my pieces from last year's drawlloween; I finished four drawings. I have no clue what possessed me to complete the challenge this time around, I could not stop drawing though. It was frustrating at times and painful some days and my hands had ink and whiteout on them more often than not. I'd finish a drawing only to change my mind about it and start over again.
I am sooo relieved that I didn't give up, and that October is finally over. I don't want to stop drawing, but my body needs a little break for sure! I also hope it's not silly to feel a sense of accomplishment that I did finish something I started for once. I need to be reminded that I am capable of that, because so often things feel impossible.
I've had so much fun sharing my daily drawings and seeing what everyone else has come up with. It's good to be part of a community that's so creative and supportive of one another. 🖤 I certainly hope I can "see" you all before next #drawlloween but if I don't, have a wonderful year! Keep creating and don't give up on yourself, I'm proof that we're capable of more than we know.
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Yes, I know her birthday was yesterday.. No, I didn’t post anything bc I want you guys to actually read this post and it would have been overshadowed yesterday 💁🏽😂 This woman.. words can not express the things she has done or the kind of person that she is. Not just to her kids (who don’t deserve it!) and grandkids, but also to damn near anyone she comes into contact with! She’s a Scorpio so she wants things done when she wants them done and how she wants them done, so she can be a tad bit overbearing, but I believe that’s what has made her so successful! She owns, and runs, multiple businesses, as well as does everything she can to spend her spare time with her grandkids. She beds over backwards to make sure my sister and myself are okay, even though she should have disowned us a very long time ago! 😂 Mommy, you are such an amazing human being, but most importantly, at least to me, you are the perfect Grandma! You do any and everything for my 3 kids, regardless of the hell I’ve put you through, and they absolutely adore everything about you! Even that mean little 💩 Jasper gives me hell when it’s time to leave Grandma’s house! You are remarkable Mom! And I don’t let you know enough how much you really do mean to me! I would literally be NOTHING without you! I love you more than you’ll ever know! Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope you enjoyed your day! 🎉🎊🎂🎈🎁 #SorryForRambling #SheDeservesIt #iLoveMyMommy

sharing these posts bc it’s something i’ve struggled with an i can finally say at the age of 26 i’ve found what self love really is. self love is vital. you are not promised anything you don’t own anything. your children will even leave you one day. you are the only person you are guaranteed to lay down with at night. self love is when you stop trying to prove yourself to people. when you are content, secure, an full of “love” to give to others bc you are full of it yourself an you stop searching for “it” and fulfillment from others. everyone elses love is just a bonus. you give yourself what you need even if that involves work. (all relationships take work even ones with yourself) it’s when you finally choose to believe what you believe based on the experiences you’ve gone through rather then what you’ve been taught an TOLD to believe. when you can stand behind it 110% based on what you’ve experienced. it’s knowledge and wisdom is acting on what you know. that being said... none of us go through the exact same thing at the exact same ages. and with that knowledge it allows for open mindedness. so how beautiful is it that we all see life differently. how boring it would be to be the “exact” same. glad we aren’t all robots. what i’ve found so far is that life is about balance.. good an evil. it all happens for a reason an plays its part. the only thing we have control of is how we let it shape an mold us. our minds are very powerful. getting control of it is crucial. sorry for the deep post i still have a lot to learn so i don’t like to “preach” at people. i am a fan of real talk tho. 🤗 with self love we all have one thing in common an that’s love 💕 agreeing to disagree is ok. diversity is what keeps this place spunky. so if you don’t agree with this that’s ok too. #sorryforrambling #rupikaurpoetry #shesgold #thesunandherflowers #loveismyreligion

Favorite #JaDine moment of the week... I just can’t enough 💜😍
Ya know, I’ve been trying to go on a social media diet lately because like everybody else in the world today — I’m so dependent on it and I think it’s very unhealthy... However, I’ve been FAILING. Yeah... It is hard and everyone would agree. As unhealthy as social media may be — without it, I feel like I’m being kept in the dark. I also feel like I’m missing out... especially when it comes to these two 👆

I’d actually tried a few times to not be too concerned with them, but I just couldn’t do it. LOL... I don’t consider myself a super duper obsessive fan but still, I have to keep up with what’s happening; otherwise I’d be restless 😄

JaDine is among my “de-stressors”... Watching them helps keep all of my stress at bay. It really does... I’m always in awe of how much impact they have on my life. AHHH WHYYYYY?!!!! Being a JD fan is not that easy... Because once you’re in this so-called ‘JaDine Land’ — it’s rather hard to escape. The kilig-ness and all that jazz will swallow you whole, and there’s no going back... Thanks a lot #OTWOL, you’re the reason I got here... JUSKOLORD HELP ME! 😬😆 #SorryForRambling

I've gotten a lot of comments lately from people I know and work with about how much weight I've lost lately. I get the usual "What's your secret?" and all I say is diet and depression which seems like a joke. Its not. Let's talk about depression and the many forms it takes. Here you see 2 pictures of me. The first, taken today, is my usual face. I don't talk about shit or what's bothering me because I figure no one cares. It's been a constant struggle for me. I fight with myself constantly. I have good days and bad days (or weeks, really depends). With that depression comes anxiety which keeps me away from social situations so I isolate myself on top of everything else. My anxiety makes me sick. I don't eat for days, trying makes me ill. The second picture is me 5 years ago when all I did was sit, eat and watch tv. I was not in a good place. I gave myself an ultimatum to fix my life or die. Sorted fixed my shit. Still tried to die like twice cause it seemed like a great idea at the time. I'm not saying I'm better now but I am better then I was. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is reach out to your friends. The ones who you think might be struggling, the ones who don't show it, the ones who won't reach out, the ones who are painfully visible. Find us. Please reach out if you need help.

#depression #mentalhealth #anxiety #sorryforrambling

Okay, Sunday night real talk. The past couple of weeks I really struggled through a lot of my workouts. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed them and did them, but I felt... blah. I felt sluggish. So this past week I decided to take a small break. I had to work more extra than I usually do at work this past week and so I was still on the go all the time, I just took a break from the gym. And I felt super guilty about it at first, but come tonight, I'm glad I did! I feel refreshed and newly motivated!! @rachpecan I'm ready for our workout tomorrow!! 😊😊 #sorryforrambling #motivated #break #gymlife #mirrorselfie #sundaynight

Joys of depression is waking up at stupid o’clock knowing you have to be up for work in a few hours. Not knowing if you are gonna end up crying or if you will sleep before the alarm goes off. I will beat this one day and I will get a good nights sleep and be happier in myself and my life #sorryforrambling #sleeplessnights #depression #randomthoughts

So I spent 6hrs on the porch painting w/o any background noise.
Anndd Idk if you guys are like me, buutt I literally can't not have background noise at all times.
I get in the car - FIRST thing I do is put on music, at full volume.
I get home - music or TV show plays in the background.
I get to school - earbuds and music while I study.
I get to the gym - music bangin, bass pounding.
From my waking moment to the second I lay down to go to sleep, there is artificial sound bombarding my brain. And normally, I love it.
And while I LOVE it, like love love love love love it, and believe music truly is important and beautiful and can inspire and motivate, ...When was the last time I had Quiet?! This is the convo in my brain "I can't not have background noise! That's Borrrrriiinnggg..." And what's worse, I'll realize I'm alone! Oh no! 😱 Nothing to distract my mind, nothing to "keep me company"!!! Whatever will I do!? I'll just do. That's what... Instead of kinda half-assing everything I do 'cause it ALWAYS comes from a state of slight distraction, I will fully commit to whatever I am doing. Washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, creating. What a beautiful thing! Too, I surprisingly found that when there was nothing playing, I didn't have racing thoughts, I didn't have anxiety, I didn't have all this BS running through my mind, it just was. I was focused on painting that's all, easypeasy. And if a negative thought did arise, it was so so easy to say "get the hell outta here, I'm frickin busy, thanks for trying tho". Maybe we just need some quiet. Just some.. I ain't EVA givin up my Dimond Saints 😈🎶. But just some Quiet to BE once in a while. And Quiet to notice all the creepy sounds your house makes, or the sound of the wind tickling the trees, the sound of birds singing or even of ambulances and sirens miles away, neighbors talking and kids playing. To be in the world fully for a second and give your sweet brain a lil break. .
#sorryforrambling #lessons #learned #share #quiet #peace #freedom #thought #flow #zen #paint #painting #art #artist #love #fear #nomind #clearmind #mind #water #be #fully #exist #befearless #bequiet #wolf #moon #zonedout #zoomin #breathe

Baby food: one thing I've learned is that food is food and fed is best. In my perfect mommy world I always envisioned making him food with organic fresh fruits and veggies. One of the main reasons is because I don't want him having the same eating habits as his dad and me. But truth is, making his food every day is hard. Sometimes I don't feel like steaming, chopping and blending. So, already made baby food is used once in a while when I just don't feel like it. Little things like this help you preserve your spirit because we have to stop being so hard on ourselves trying to be the picture perfect parent. I'm lazy and moody and sometimes I want to be left alone - bring on the store bought baby food! Also, the idea of baby led weaning and babies eating essentially what we eat is something else I tried. It doesn't work with every baby and not every parent either. I get nervous, really nervous. And although he does eat some things that he has to chew, I try to be careful with giving him things I feel we're BOTH not ready for, and that's ok. The important thing is to find what works for him and me. Making his food and finding what he likes hasn't been the fairy tale mommy dream I thought it would be. I get confused, I get annoyed, he fusses and sometimes hates it. What I found out is that one fruit one veggie works for him. So here we have purple carrot, carrot, spinach and pear purees that I mix and match with cereals and bananas and other fruits. He likes it! It's easy and sometimes he does eat what we do and sometimes he eats already made food from pouches but at least he EATS! If anyone has ideas they want to share with me please do, cause I really have no idea what I'm doing. 😜 #mommyhood #postpartumjourney #sorryforrambling #didanyoneevenreadthis #babyfood

Summer Daze🍂Autumn Haze 💙

Took the Personal strength session outdoors here where I did all of my hard core training in my hey days ✊🏽 I love this spot. I don't linger in the past and I rarely move ahead of myself to the future. Here and now is all we got ❤️🙏💙 -------------------------------------------------- Found an old email with training stats sent to my coach. 7 years ago now from mile repeats done here. Swipe Left and check it out 😀💨🏃🏽‍♀️ Mile repeats on One minute rest. Wow!
Those days when I trained by heart rate. Funny I have forgotten how zippy my mile reps used to be.
If I was to linger there where I used to be I would have stopped a while ago. Accept Life. Slowing down. Aging. Nature. Summer in Fall. Winter in Spring. All of it. And surrender 🙏

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I'm a romantic. No, that doesn't mean I elegantly lay out a path of rose petals for someone I'm interested in.

No, I don't live in a fairy tale mindset either.

Beauty. Truth. Love.
Those are the things I appreciate.
While I don't always see grass as beautiful, I can appreciate the beauty of it's creation and growth. I can see beauty in the leaves, the flowers, the birds, the people, the mischievous eyes of John Wayne, and in the storm.
It hasn't always been easy for me to appreciate these things. It takes practice. But once you start seeking out the beauty in things, the world becomes a much better place.
Distractions like tv, music, florescent lights, business, and other white noises can sometimes create a mental block for us. Sometimes they prevent us from being able to appreciate all that is good around us.

So, take an hour of your day. Disconnect. Breathe and appreciate. Look for the beauty.
#beauty #flowers #disconnect #romantic #igottheseflowersformyself #distractions #ramble #irambled #sorryforrambling

People don't often talk (or write) about friendship. Songs are always about romantic love, sex & dating & yet how many truths about dating could be applied to every other relationship that we have? + aren't the best relationships or marriages often born out of mutual respect & friendship rather than lust & attraction alone? Why do we so often draw a huge divide between friendship / dating when communication skills, maturity, trust & boundaries is important in ANY relationship?

I often wonder whether growing up, we should spend more time learning about all relationships rather than the focus always being about romance, fairy tales & the sexualisation of being a female or a male from the youngest of ages.

Millions of self-help books talk about the importance of who we surround ourselves with, who we receive advice from & the importance of the company that we keep. The bible is no different. The bible stresses the power of words & who we listen to. Often times we Become, like the people we surround ourselves with whether we like that or not. E.g if we surround ourselves with negative nellys, guess what the result will be?
Something I have noticed is this - After a certain age, romance becomes the focus for life. There is nothing completely wrong about this, however if we haven't learnt how to be treated & how to respect & cherish our friends, how can we move into a committed relationship beyond strong friendships that are timeless?

Something I feel so strongly about is this: Friendship should be seen as dating, it doesn't end until one or the other calls it quits & the two stop growing together. To thrive both sides must invest time & effort. If one stops wooing, calling, remembering or loses respect, the relationship breaks down.

In romantic movies, this would be a big turn off.
Often our friends are the people we first formulate relationships & experiences with. We grow & learn together like unbiological siblings. If we can't love + cherish our friends what hope do have in dating, marriage + beyond? Struggling with dating? A committed relationship is just a friendship that caught fire.

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Another one from our race. 📸 @links_dude Probably won't be this green for a long time. But on the bright side, 🔥🔥 make room for baby 🌲🌲? #htc2017 thinking of all you Oregonians living with raining ash and red suns. Having hiked the 50 miles from Timberline to the Columbia river gorge via Eagle Creek trail, my thoughts are with those ferns and those fire fighters, and it bums me out I don't get to share the unforgettable and unparalleled beauty with my kiddos any time soon. And then there's Harvey, Irma, Jose and DACA. 😭😭😭😭#sorryforrambling #hopenoonereadsthelongcaptions

I debated if I was going to share this or not but I can't help feeling like maybe...just maybe it would encourage another mother out there. You see, something most people may not know about me is that I suffer from a very deeply rooted plague of self-doubt. I know it's not from God....I know it's a lie...and I know what God says about me. My biggest self doubt of all is my role as mother. I think perhaps I'm not alone in that. I often feel I have failed as a mother...first to our older boys and now to our younger two. My heart longed for these words to be spoken by my children (because good, bad and ugly, I really am doing the best I know how to do) but truly believed they would never come. I think sometimes we forget that the "love" chapter ( 1 Corinthians 13) so often quoted in weddings is actually talking about the love between us all and not just between husband and wife. I love my family unconditionally....so why do I allow myself to entertain the lie? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess the answer is that I am only human. But I wholeheartedly and unashamedly love the Lord, and my children and their families. And because HE loves me beyond comprehension, He does these wonderful things that show me the truth of who I am as a mother. I think we as mothers need to remember that there is no "perfect" mom, or perfect way of mothering, and that we don't have to be perfect or never make mistakes or never let our kids down or or or....we just need to do the best we know how to do and trust Jesus with the rest...well trust Him with it all really. #rambling #sorryforrambling #motherhood #wouldnttradeitfortheworld #hopeimmakingsense

As I am pouring my heart out to God this morning ... praying for so many hurting/ worried/ anxious/ scared/ broken-hearted people...I notice this flower on my daughters deck. It is strangely beautiful. The only flower left on this plant. That flower is flawed and broken, but still hanging on and still sharing it's beauty with the people around it. God uses broken-hearted people.... he uses us if we allow Him to. God is great. Life is not so great sometimes, but keep fighting and let God use your/my brokenness for His glory. Praying for my sweet Livingston family right now. I have so much love for each of you. ❤️ #sorryforrambling#Ephesians 3:20-21#Luke 18:27#Psalm 46:1-2#Isaiah30:18#Psalm147:3,5

- Drowning tbh I'm a lot of ways I thought it would be different I thought it would be better but it's not it just stays the same and it's 3am and I can't sleep because my mind is in a million different places at once and I can physically feel the pressure weighing on me I ramble when I'm sad or upset I write till all the fear has gone and all the worries have settled till next time when it happens all again .-. Life is hard honestly thought it would be easier than this but we keep fighting and fighting hoping and praying tomorrows better and when it's not we do it all over again... keep fighting #sorryforrambling #mybrainsamess

Someone told me these are Spider Flowers. They are really loving all the rain & cooler temps. I have to take my in laws to Dr appointments today so I won't be able to work on my new bag design.🙄 AND my daughter-in-law & grandson have been in Maryland for 2 weeks with my son who is working up there and they are coming home tomorrow!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! So I probably won't get much work accomplished until next week. 😉 I did get a little project done for @thepioneerprincess September give away though! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!! It's almost the weekend!💃👏 #sorryforrambling #soexcited #littlemanimissedyou #imissedyoutoomommy

Our girl is home. 💞 (Rob is building her urn, hence the temporary cardboard box). I have to admit, the box isn't that big but it's heavy! That's 170 lbs of dog 😗 (also find it kind of neat that we were compelled to get tattoos the same day she was being cremated, we had no idea when she would be cremated) Missing her lots already but glad that she's home again. ❤️🌈 #sorryforrambling #greatdane #grestdanesofig #ellymay #giantdoglovers #petcremation #cremation #bripetportraits #acrylicpainting #rainbowbridge #grief #yegpets #doublemerle #greatdanenetwork #greatdanesofig #ilovemydog #myhouseissoquiet #yeg

... haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne,
Clustered around by all her starry Fays;
But here there is no light,
Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown
Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways.
Some days I run all out of my own words... I even run out of my own thoughts and am left with a scooped out void where a personality once lingered. So tonight I'm filling it with Keats and other dead romantics. I wonder if he'd have been into this filter too... I bet he'd have fancied himself above social media actually. Perhaps he'd just have an aesthetic tumblr or something 🍃🌸🥀
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Happy hump day loves! Been quiet on here the last few days due to a scary health scare in the family & a busy work schedule. But all is good!
I decided to change up my handle on here because I really am working to find my balance. Weighted workouts & everything @laurengleisberg will continue to be a huge part of my fitness journey 🏋🏼‍♀️💪🏼 But I didn't realize how much yoga was going to speak to me when I really started getting into it a few months ago 🙏🏼 So I will be incorporating more of that into my regular routine 🙌🏼 Got in a great yoga session this evening at work 😅
The more time goes on, Lauren's motto of #eatthedamnpizza really resinates 🍕 Life is beautiful and I want to enjoy it - and on all levels. I want to travel the world, but also be happy and proud of the life at home that I have built for myself totally on my own. I want to enjoy friends and happy hours, but I also want to enjoy the body I'm in and treat it with respect. I want to connect with all you #lgsisters as much as possible, but also keep my head up and not constantly down in my phone/iPad 👩🏼‍💻 I want to embrace my mistakes and slip ups and learn from them 😍
I truly love and connect with you ladies and I look forward to continuing our journeys together, whatever they may be 😘💖 #lgsummerfitcation #lgaccountability #lgsweatsesh #balance #nameste #eatclean #health #wellness #enjoytheride #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #girlswholift #workout #goout #gym #happyhour #sorryforrambling

I don't think I could ever come up with enough words to describe how much you truly mean to me. You are my world, my rock, the air that I breathe and the love that pumps through my heart and flows through my veins. You are the pulse that doesn't just let me know I am alive but that I am LIVING. You are everything that is good in my life. You are my greatest muse and Gods most perfect creation. I will never get tired of writing these posts or leaving little love notes on the kitchen counter for you to find when you wake up. I will continue to write you endless paragraphs of love in cards not only for your birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas📝 but also on "Just Because" days! I will prove to your dad once and for all that I don't have a ghost writer 👻 lol. I am thankful for every single day that I get to spend by your side. You are the sexiest woman alive and the baby bump just makes you even sexier 😍
I promise to never let you forget how crazy you make me (in a good way), how much you mean to me and how much you changed me and Michael Jr.'s lives. You are my inspiration every single day Elizabeth Grace Almonte.
Lord, thank you for blessing me with my Queen. For allowing me to be a blessing to others and for not letting me be afraid of wearing my heart on my sleeve and sharing my life with others. My wife deserves this huge heart of mine and much, much more 🙏🏼💯❤️ and in a few short weeks our daughter will come into our world, our home and our hearts❤️. Our lil' peanut will add another amazing layer to this already amazing Love Story 📜. #itwaswritten #sorryforrambling #sprung 😍#blessed #havefaith #believe #dreamsdocometrue #lifepartner #soulmate #bestfriend #mywife #marriedlife #parenthood #family 👨🏻👩🏼👦🏻👧🏼🐶🐾

Sorry I've not been around these last few days🙄
It's been a busy few days but with lots of happy things happening and I'm just so proud of myself🙊
The weekend was pretty tough for me mentally as I haven't been in a good place so slimming world has had to take a back seat just for a little while until I get myself back in a batter place...however I've already done that with the amazing few days I've had and the progress in my walking🙌🏼
So I'm back on plan from today💪🏼
Physio have had me walking without my crutches and boot and I've started exercising in the gym...how crazy is that?!🙈 it was like a whirlwind yesterday and I'm so proud of my progression🙌🏼
Also me and my boyfriend paid of final balance off Florida yesterday so we have 103 days to go✈️🇺🇸👫❤️
So mission loosing weight has to happen, no more excuses and back to class next week after missing 2 weeks!🙄
Everyday may not be perfect but I'm willing to try and do this for myself and my recovery after so many ankle surgeries...I deserve this💪🏼💜
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Today was a good day! 🌻 I didn't do anything special, but I had a decent sleep, got my stuff done and had time to be creative. Plus I wasn't in a bad mood. It scares me a little though, that I recognize a day without a bad mood... I hope and I'm trying to change this again, so I can live more happy days in the future! Even when life gets stressful or tough, I still want to be able to be happy! 😺♡

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5/10 #OnlyBcTheBathroomsWerentBad
Apparently some of the most famous tacos in LA, but they didn't even have tacos al pastor or tacos de lengua!! What type of famous taco place does not have those kinds of tacos? ! Place was kinda small, some chicks were drinking beer right next to my baby sis 🍻 The agua de jamaica tasted kinda weird 🍸 they put friggin' black beans in all the tacos (pretty sure it didn't say anywhere that they'd do that), which definitely disgusted me 😷 All in all, I'm never going back there again

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