How I Sorghum Fest. 🌱
LOTS of coffee and sorghum suckers. πŸ˜‹

Making sorghum the old-fashioned way.

2019.10.20 10.55am
A friend, Rodkers @rodkersjourneys, said more farmers better foods.

This morning, Ujang Rusmana, a farmer coched by @odesaindonesia, gets started to harvest the sorghum planted 120 days ago. β€œGive me 10 stems and let’s try processing it into mollasses,” β€œokay,” he replied.
It’s recommended red sorghum to have good mollasses, but since Basuki Suhardiman, who introduced the sorghum to Cimenyan, brought the white seeds, which is preferred for processed grains, it’s okay to use the white plants this time then.
Odesa have introduced to marginal farmers and communities in certain places, how to making the grains into several foods, from bread to simple traditional yet delicious dish like β€˜papaisan’. So, there is no part of the sorghum is unusable. What a blessed potential plants!
Please Odesa, pak Faiz, pak Basuki, don’t wait too long to spread out the planting more and more to the farmers, especially to the marginal farmers, not to replace any existing plants like the blessed rice, etc, but to enrich different variants so the marginal communities can have more opportunities to have good foods and to explore potential economical products.

Harvesting sorghum at the farm! Jake is showing me the way to harvest sorghum for syrup pressing. Several@pics to look at. How lucky am I?? #farmapprentice #lovewhatIdo #sorghum #sorghumsyrup #sacredsuncooperativefarm

All these bottles, but I only have eyes for you. #justlikeromeoandjuliet
Where would you like to see James FC Hyde next?

Headed to deliver some fresh pressed #sc #sorghum juice to @fwbradley to start the #sorghumsyrup process. We harvested yesterday with @alexcoxart and @mtmyers79 up in Clemson. This variety is named Tracy and has some different flavors going on so really looking forward to trying the syrup.

Fresh sorghum syrup always reminds me of Sunday afternoons growing up and a curvy drive to the mountains where we would swim at Vogel and pick up sorghum syrup on the way home. It is a locally produced specialty with a distinct rich flavor - for many an acquired taste but when you have grown up eating it, it is like pure gold! ❀️ #sorghum #sorghumsyrup #mountains #northga #southernfood #biscuits #syrup #bluewillow #southern #familytradition

What do you do when your husband has to play with a band at the Sorghum Festival? You cheer & then eat Sorghum syrup & candy! πŸ˜‹ #SorghumFestival2018 #NorthGA #BlairsvilleGA #Appalachia #SorghumSyrup #AppalachianMtnRoots πŸ’šβ›°

Perfect fall day for making sorghum and having a family homecoming. Made alot of high quality syrup and everyone contributed. #soddydaisy #sorghumsyrup #flattopmountain #ritchiefamily #reunion #homecoming #farmer #farmfun #family #blessed

We swear this was not posed.

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