When you go to the Dollar Tree for birthday decorations, but end up buying Halloween decorations too 🙄😂👿🎃 #literally #noselfcontrol #soreadyfor #halloween #isittimeyet #feelingghoulish #frontyardbouttobepoppin #dollarstorefinds

So there I was, contemplating life & all of its beautiful glory. ❤️❤️ I was reminiscing on what was, embracing what is & envisioning what will be. Most importantly, I was acceptant of the reality that once I walk through those doors to share Divine Love & Light, my cat will probably piss on my bed, again. The mattress protector hasn’t dried yet, though my waiting period has now expired. The time has come. I must venture onward, dear world! 🌍In life, we must take risks. Today, I have no choice but to take said risk. Have an amazing day, my friends! I’m so looking forward to autumn! 🍂🍁 #deepthoughts #autumnlocks #soreadyfor #pumpkineverything #itsnecessary #fortheofficial #whitegirlstarterkit #and #hanssoloseason #yayforridingboots #skinnyjeans #andvests #pleasedontpissonmybed #betterlivingbysarah

So is anybody looking to be in the scrap metal business??? Guaranteed to look like this after 35 years. #soreadyfor retirement.

In preparation for the good weather that maybe hopefully fingers crossed and please god we might get I said I should get some bits for the little man. I was so impressed with the range in @primark and the prices are great too. At 7 months he's growing out of his clothes so fast so these are perfect loads of different shorts and t shirts all for 1.75e each (not an ad by the way) now all we need is the weather. #typicalirishweather #stylishbaby #loadsofclothes #soreadyfor somesun #mrsunpleasecomeouttoplay!!

Did you ever have one of those days that feel like forever and when it’s done you are not sure what happened was even real, but you’re too tired to give it much thought. It was one of those days. Was out of town for work all day, went right to the gym for TRX, cleaned my house and sat down for one minute and don’t want to move. I’m still in my workout clothes and the idea of having to take them off exhausts me. So.... it’s been interesting this past month. My word of 2018 was awaken. Which meant softening my heart and opening my eyes. Shutting down the devices. Creating work life boundaries and trying new things. Pushing myself and cultivating better daily habits. So far it is going well. I tried TRX and Kettlebell classes and love them, going 6 weeks strong. Going to new yoga classes and studios has really expanded my practice and my ❤️ for it. Daily Bible reading and journaling is the best part of my morning. Cooking without recipes has been a wonderful creative outlet. I’m still struggling with this boundary thing, thus the reason for my exhaustion tonight. I just want to do it all. All the time. And regret when I can’t. I need to volunteer more, do more work on my house, see my family more and on and on. Regrets are my least favorite thing. Ramble over. Pajama time. #awaken #fitness #blessed #honest #tired #readyforbed #toneitup #tiuteam #soreadyfor #spring #cozy #deepthoughts #notreally #yoga #yogalove #domore #nevertooold

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