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Have to say I was sooooo surprised! Kudos to everyone who knew and kept the secret that this gem, @victoriajankoska, was in town.... Made me smile seeing you in Breslin again! You definitely “got me” on this one, TJ... 😂😂😂 #EnjoyUR4DayBreakFromPoland#HappyDay #SoProudOfYou #LoveYou💚

ชอบคลิปนี้ ดูเองจะร้อยรอบล่ะค่ะ55555

นางหมุนสวย&ชุดสวยมากกก👍🏼✨ แต่ my highlight is to see this lively little sis smiling.
#elegant #pretty #SoProudOfYou #kimmy_kimberley
Real edit : yayeeumarin

Esta generación que inspira y que con su trabajo dignifica nuestra labor! Que placer coincidir con su función en Barcelona, un montaje que disfruté tanto y que hoy pude disfrutar una vez más! Son lo máximo @javiervidalpradas & @soyjulierestifo verlos en escena es un regalo! Y felicitaciones pa’ @robertchacon @yeremyrodriguez y @aileenrceleste por ese ímpetu y empuje de seguir haciendo arte en cualquier parte del mundo en la que nos encontremos! #soproudofyou 👊🏼 Tal Para Cual UP&DOWN COMEDY! LO MAXIMO!

Bout down. Won. Repping USA. Off to semi-finals tomorrow. Be clear tho... i already won. I’m in Brazil. #InternationalPoetry Slam #FLUP

Also zu dem gestrigen Spiel : Ich bin soooo unglaublich stolz, dass wir wieder auf dem Weg sind, Borussia Dortmund zu werden 💛🏆 Dank Römuu stand gestern Abend die 🅾 hinten an der Anzeigetafel 💛😍 #soproudofyou 💛 💛😍B Ü R K I N G 😍💛

So proud of you @braydansims !! Working the boat shows, doing videos, working @californiaskier , saving 💸💸💸💸 THAT SMILE SAYS IT ALL!!!! The pride of paying for it! Such a nice truck!
#youownit #firstcar #soproudofyou #itallpaysoff I know I’m gonna find you sleeping in it!? And nooooo I won’t put hay in the back of it 🙄🙄🙄🤠🤠🤠 #cuttingthecord 🙈

When your favorite band stops by to ROCK out with you. @cyrusyoungmanandthekingfishers #willglennmeyers #amazing #soproudofyou #rockandroll #encore

Girl, are your legs tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day. #26.2 #SOPROUDOFYOU


YYK Enterprises’
Leadership of the Year Award 2017

Congratulations to my daughters ‘day one’ Aunty Megi 💕 You did it! I am sooooo proud of you 😍Thank you for being a good friend and an even better aunty 😜 I am still very grateful for your friendship my sass and you can never remove yourself from it because you know too much 😂😂 lol nah cos you were there in the birthing room with me, and no matter how ‘special’ it might’ve been for me i’m sure it would’ve been the opposite for you 😂 so maybe you’ve seen too much too. 😂 lol I love you sass wish you stayed longer 😘😭 #honoraryflattie #appreciateyou #soproudofyou #megisacks #graduated #fromClashofclans 😂

S🐰MEBUNNY LOVES YOU || ... Samstagmorgen, ca. 160 to do‘s und Programmpunkte für heute auf der Liste, wir müssen in 30 Min. beim Friseur sitzen, es sieht hier aus wie Sau, es fehlen noch immer Weihnachtsgeschenke die verpackt werden müssen... und ich lieg noch im Bett! Man ey 👀... #instamamagang #aintnohoodlikemotherhood #cutelittlebandit #instababy #babygirl #teamdoubletrouble #love #cute #littleone #bloggermum #mumswithcameras #cameramama #soproudofyou #staywildchild #worldoflittles #simplychildren #letthembelittle #youareloved #girlsmom #cutebabyclub #kleineschwester #boopoo #babystuff #playtime #cuddle #littlefriends

A Happy Birthday to my little champion! You’ve turned 6! What a big boy you are now 😁
Being the first born you are definitely spoilt because you get all the good and new things first before your little brother, and mummy goes all out on your birthday every year - but I have high expectations of you and I need you to set an example for little Charlie.

And you haven’t disappointed me. Your brother is a little unique - he needs quite a bit of help from us with his communication, emotional and physiological development. His personality and behaviour have put you in slightly difficult situations but you have shown your maturity by reacting positively and patiently too.
I know sometimes you are frustrated, but thank you for not taking out on him ❤️. Mummy’s favourite past time is smiling but sometimes I am reduced to tears. You are always so quick to get a tissue for me and you never fail to quickly make me smile again when you try to comfort me with these words,”Don’t cry mummy, I still love you” 😂😂😆☺️❤️.
“I can’t put into words

How much I love you

But it’s enough to fill

The skies above so blue
How happy you make me
I cannot express
Without you my life

Would be worthless

I love you, my son”
I hope you enjoyed your special day with your friends, Mummy definitely did 💜.
#william #birthday #6yearsold #myson #soproudofyou #spiderman #whatastud #iloveyou

Tay, we are so stinking happy for you and proud of you! You have worked so hard for this and have made such an achievement. Yay!!!! Congrats!!!! #loveyoutothemoon #auntietaytay #soproudofyou #youdidit🎓 #youwillmakeadifference

Selesai ambil rapot nya anak wedok @aureliieekaf.88 terus ngebakso depan sekolahan abis itu nganterin anak2 perawan ke kokas 🙈😁👏🏻 krn nilai nya bagus gpp deh hadiah nya ngemol
# kalau abang rangga masih minggu dpn ambil rapot nya
#soproudofyou #anakwedokku #emakdananakdoyanngemol #alhamdulillah #bersyukur

Alhamdulillah, ber2 aja tim huru hara🎁
Paketnya dtg tepat waktu(td pagi), pas si doi lg ngantor. Jadi aman ngumpet2nya.
Beliau (baca:suami) pernah berpesan: jgn memberinya hadiah dikarenakan perayaan sperti org2 Yahudi. Dan itu pernah sy lakukan diawal blm mengenal "ilmu". This's reward to you, heartfelt of us💞💝

Eastchester EMS Christmas party was a blast. Glad I was able to share it with the wonderful man sitting next to me. I am so proud of all that you do and am honored to be able to say we’re together. You bring out the best in me and make me want to reach for the stars. I love you babe, always and forever. #christmasparty #luckiestgirlalive #soproudofyou

My son! Almost 16! Where did time go?#criuse2017#soproudofyou!

My #summacumlaude graduating tomorrow Masters in #systemsengineering #soproudofyou #myson #fit

Day u were born my life went upsidedown baby I love u so much and these years watching u grow into a man and what a responsible young man baby im so proud
Hope god give u many many years to come ur journey just beginning 😘#happybday#mybenjamin#soproudofyou 🍰🥂🎂❤😍😚💕🤹😙

*un peu late mais*
En revenant sur la soirée du gala les Olivier #soproudofyou #fly
@marianacherie #olivierdelannee #avoirdusabledanslapiñata #cheveuxqueenB

congratulations on graduating… wishing that brighter opportunities come your way and you achieve success in all of them! my wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to. your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold. there is a lot that awaits you, so get ready & go chase that dream. we all believe in you! (now they always say, "Congratulations". worked so hard, forgot how to vacation. they ain't never had the dedication. people hatin', say we changed and look, we made i️t)🎉 the creator of “tellmemo” media DID IT🎓🍾 #therealworldawaitsyou #cousinswithdegrees #soproudofyou @queentheysaid

Our very own Judith is preaching @ DIC Christmas Celebration! #soproudofyou #reasontocontinue

Mr. Emery presented awards to the 7th graders in 704, 711, 712, 713, and 714 today. Congratulations to all of the hard working students in my division, keep up the good work! #soproudofyou #hardworkpaysoff #strivingtowardsaristaandgoldenkey #meritroll #honorroll #highhonorroll #principalshonorroll #williamamorrisclassof2019 #WAM61 #weAREis61 #morisknights

And just like that, my big bro is a college graduate. So proud of you, T!!
#msudenver #collegegrad #soproudofyou #mysiblingsarecoolerthanyours

So proud of you!!! All that hard work finally paid off 😊 Can't wait to see what this next chapter in life brings you. All I know is, now you have more time to cook me dinners 👌😋 #CongratsBaby #CollegeGraduate #SoProudOfYou #ILoveYou

I just wanted to take a minute to give the biggest CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 to my beautiful and incredible girlfriend! Today she took her last final at California State University Bakersfield and now has her Bachelors Degree! Although this is not the end of the road of her education, I couldn’t be more proud of her every single day! Can’t wait to follow you along this amazing journey and see what your future holds 😘😍 #powercouple #myGFissmarterthanme #DoctorBound #soproudofyou

Estão faltando alguns pares de mãozinhas nesta foto, mas ela nos representa tão bem! Ao longo deste ano 14 pequeninos e duas pessoas incríveis fizeram deste meu ano divertido e cheio de amor. Somos (professoras e alunos) uma super equipe e juntos realizamos muitas conquistas e compartilhamos momentos de alegria e cumplicidade. Alguns dos meus alunos conheço desde bebês. Mas sinto como se conhecesse todos eles desde que nasceram. Dói meu coração pensar que não estarão mais comigo todas as tardes, mas ao mesmo tempo sinto tanto orgulho por saber que estão prontos para partir e viver novas experiências e aventuras.... Meus "firos", a Miss ama muito vocês. Desejo a cada um de vocês muita saúde e uma vida linda e cheia de conquistas e felicidade. Voem, meus passarinhos, porque nosso ano foi só o começo e vocês vão longe!!! #lovemytoddlers #firstyearofschool #proudtobeeverest #lovemystudents #weareateam #soproudofyou

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