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Quiero una amistad asi 😍🐚 #cameronboyce #karanbrar #sophiereynolds (Tambien quiero una playita)

@hanasundoerr: "Lookin' for them girls with the big 'ole hoops (and Cam) 👀" I love when they are together, although Karan and Casimere are missing there 😩
#CameronBoyce #Truthanators #SophieReynolds #BrennaDamico #Squad

Happy Birthday @sophie1reynolds !!
Wao! Already 18 😍 I want to mourn and jump from happiness to vez😍😭😍😭😍 I hope and have a wonderful day! I love you very much! -
#SophieReynolds #gamersguide #happybirthday #love #✨

Two beautiful Queens 😍😍😍😍😍 #sophenna #RDMA #Sophiereynolds #brennadamico

Friends are the ones that are always there for you... #CameronBoyce #SophieReynolds

Sophie: this is a video I made for you because you're so inspirational. You spread messages about self love and the importance of breaking stereotypes. You're so important to this world and it shines a little brighter because you're in it. I hope you know how much I love being your fan. Song: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys @sophie1reynolds @sophiemyqueen #sophiereynolds #birthday #gamersguidetoprettymucheverything #happybirthday #soph @susan_5444

@sophie1reynolds #sophiereynolds
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@sophie1reynolds posted this pic today with the lyrics: "sending my bat signal". She was wearing a batman/batgirl dress.
Soph postou essa foto hoje com a legenda: "enviando meu sinal de morcego". Ela estava usando um vestido de batman/batgirl. #sophiereynolds #batman #batgirl #batsignal

Sophie finally revealed what she did in Utah! She posted a pic in her Instagram with some girls who were with her in that adventure, including Piper Curda and Kara Royster, and she said: "it's official..."youth & consequences" coming to youtube red 2018 :)" Soph also commented about it in her Twitter: "Coming soon!!! Excited for everyone to see what we've been working on #youthandconsequences"

The site of news Just Jared Jr posted about it with exclusive informations and we bring to you the post: "The new series is a “clever, biting commentary on the seemingly life-or-death stakes of life in high school, as seen through the eyes of Farrah Cutney (Anna Akana), whose power at Central Rochester High is absolute.” She is a fixer, trendsetter, and master of her domain, but as her rivals rise, Farrah learns that the one thing harder than obtaining absolute power is keeping it.

The straight-to-series project will debut exclusively on YouTube Red in 2018." Another information is that Sophie will be Plain Jane.

Source: Just Jared Jr --- Sophie finalmente revelou o que ela fez em Utah! Ela postou uma foto em seu Instagram com algumas garotas que estiveram nessa aventura com ela, incluindo Piper Curda e Kara Royster, e ela disse: "é oficial..." juventude & consequências "chega ao youtube red em 2018 :)" Soph também comentou sobre isso em seu Twitter: "Em breve!!! Animada para todo mundo ver o que temos vindo a trabalhar em #juventudeeconsequencias"

O site de notícias Just Jared Jr postou sobre isso com informações exclusivas e nós trouxemos a postagem traduzida para vocês: "Sinopse: A nova série é um “comentário inteligente e mordaz sobre a aparente vida ou morte da vida no ensino médio, visto pelos olhos de Farrah Cutney (Anna Akana), cujo poder no Central Rochester High é absoluto.” Ela é uma líder, pioneiro e mestre de seu domínio, mas, à medida que seus rivais se levantam, Farrah descobre uma coisa mais difícil do que ganhar o poder absoluto é mantê-lo.

O projeto direto para a série terá estréia exclusiva no YouTube Red em 2018." Outra informação é que Sophie será Plain Jane.

Fonte: Just Jared Jr
#sophiereynolds #kararoyster #pipercurda #annaakana

@sarahgilman18 on Instagram today with @sophie1reynolds: "I love you too @sophie1reynolds". Sarah Gilman com Soph no Instagram hoje: "te amo também @sophie1reynolds". #sarahgilman #sophiereynolds #lindaamizade #friendshipgoals #Disneyland #disneylandia

@sophie1reynolds commented in the pic of Cameron Boyce that he said: "Disneyland was fun until I wet myself on the ferris wheel from hell.. 😂(they might make me take this down but idc you guys have to b warned, I was saying goodbye Imao😭)". She said: "omg it's Cameron Boyce !! Who's that in the pink hat tho...?" and Cameron answered her: "I think it's Shawn Mendes!!". Soph comentou na foto de Cameron Boyce que ele disse: "Disneylândia foi divertida até eu me molhar na roda gigante do inferno.. 😂(vocês podem me rebaixar mas eu não ligo vocês tiveram que ser avisados, eu estava dizendo adeus hahaha😭). Ela disse: "omg é o Cameron Boyce !! E quem é aquele no boné cor de rosa...?" e Cameron respondeu ela: "Acho que é o Shawn Mendes !!". #disneylandia #Disneyland #nolangould #sophiereynolds #cameronboyce #karanbrar #brennadamico

@sophie1reynolds on Instagram yesterday: "I love you @sarahgilman18". Soph ontem no Instagram: "Te amo @sarahgilman18". #sarahgilman #sophiereynolds #friendshipgoals #lindaamizade

@sophie1reynolds commented a pun in the pic of Nolan Gould: #Disneynolan. Soph comentou um trocadilho na foto de Nolan Gould: #Disneynolan. #nolangould #sarahgilman #sophiereynolds #cameronboyce #Disneyland #disneylandia #karanbrar

@nolangould on Instagram 4 days ago at Disneyland with @sophie1reynolds and her friends: "Always the best time at Disneyland with the crew. I totally got recognized more than Cameron, just saying". Nolan Gould no Instagram 4 dias atrás na Disneylândia com Soph e seus amigos: "Sempre o melhor tempo na Disneylândia com a galera. eu fui totalmente mais reconhecido do que Cameron, só dizendo". #Disneyland #disneylandia #sophiereynolds #karanbrar #cameronboyce #sarahgilman #nolangould

@sarahgilman18 on Instagram 4 days ago at Disneyland with @sophie1reynolds and her friends: "Disneyland with my favorites. Gave me the best Snapchat story of my life". Sarah Gilman no Instagram 4 dias atrás na Disneylândia com Soph e seus amigos: "Disneylândia com meus favoritos. Me deu o melhor Snapchat story da mina vida toda". #Disneyland #disneylandia #sophiereynolds #karanbrar #cameronboyce #sarahgilman #nolangould

@sophie1reynolds on Instagram 4 days ago at Disneyland with her friends: "Happy people in the happiest place :)" Soph no Instagram 4 dias atrás na Disneylândia com seus amigos: "Pessoas felizes no lugar mais feliz :)" #Disneyland #disneylandia #sophiereynolds #karanbrar #cameronboyce #sarahgilman #nolangould

In the groups photos I am Karan 😂

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