Hi @sophiabush I saw you talked about us, brazilians, you want to meet us, my angel? 😂 We love you 💟

Yassss! 😍 . 📷 Getty

Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truely. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you Smile. Good weekend to everyone. 😘

I have no words for this perfection 😍

so elegant 😍

Baby 😍


This is my new edit of Sophia 💖 Sophia is so beautiful, she is so kindess . When I'm sad, I just see pics of her, when she smiles or laughs, so I'm fine and I'm not so sad anymore. Or, I watch videos or she talks about the causes that she defends, and she makes me think and become aware of certain things. She’s also my english teacher, when i watch the video of her I learn english lol. Sophia is the light in the darkness that can show us a way when we are lost. ✨💫💖 #sophiabush #sophiabushedit #sophiabushfan #sophiabushfashion #erinlindsay #brookedavis

"I've had dogs my whole life, so I truly can't imagine living without them. Frankie has been a really welcome - if unexpected! - addition to our family. Penny and Griffin really love her." — @sophiabush 🐶🐾

Her name is Carla. 🔥

God does incredible things all the time. But wow! He gave beautiful and unique details to this beautiful human. @sophiabush

Officially, 36. 😍

"In less than an hour I get to put another year to bed. What luck, what fortune, befalls those of us lucky enough to see another year. I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate the passing of time. Not everyone is so lucky. Great writers whose words cut me to the bone with their beauty have reminded me of this. The tragedy of life cut short. The gift of aging. Wouldn't it be beautiful if "aging" became synonymous with "blessing?" With luck. With grace. With the notion of a gift? I like myself better than I did a decade ago. I want that for everyone. The years. The gift of adding chapters to the book that makes up a life." - @sophiabush

Happy 36th birthday for you, Soph! I hope that all your wishes have been achieved, and that this year you will be blessed with another blank notebook so that you can complete with your new dreams. Thank you for being so incredible. We love you. •

Vídeo no link 😗

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