Confession: I’m not great at social media🙈 #workingonit
Sorry it’s been so long! Just wanted to let you know I’m listening to the latest mix of my songs while relaxing on my parents’ balcony in SK🙌🏼
#itscoming #soooooon

Bracelets collected from morocco from friends of arcanian
They have been seeling fast ☻
Oh how its evolving, and moving foward its been a kinda heartbrake the last year to lose my etsy shop, been in limbo for a year recovering from four years of hard work completely removed its been postive and my dont quit attitude that is bouncing me back but ive been determined to launch my brand its a tough world, yet surrounded by so many talented people and artisit im happy to have just been around to see all of my friends evolove and excel in there works
As for me i create, i collect, i travel and i dream that i can hopefully sustain my self through creation or at least inspire others to do so in australia the arts are not really supported as industry has more claim takes a lot of work and proverty to make it as an artist, but with determination some of us have many blessings to my awsome artist friends who have achived greatness in there hard work🖤♠️🖤

نام اثر : زخمی
کپشن پارادایس : ما این قلبو دادیم به همه اصلا مال تو خرابش کن یا ببر بزنش خیلی میکوبه بیا اَ جاش بکنش

#Labgarmy2 #FREEBAZI

Honey, your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen 💖💭#thinkingoutloud #soooooon #edsheeran #concert #sisters #cantwait

P.S. #1 : MUSM 💌
P.S. #2 : U = (my math teacher=BF)

I Can’t sleep well because of Fucking night shift!!!!!! I think the Irregular schedule has screwed up my body and soul since i’ve been in here 🏥

When i feel blue or can’t get sleep, i see the photo album in my i-phone.
Always, this pic(when we were playing hard to get, in taipei)makes me feel better and so comfortable as well ^_^☺️
Tomorrow, I’m gonna show u this pic and say “This is why we’ve got to go somewhere AWESOME! !” 👍🏻
(Thank u for taking my picture, but from now on u need to take pics much better then u have done 😉)
Although i’m just lying on ma bed and chillin with the laptop, it’s time to make a plan for our trip !!
Maybe, about 90%, we’ll go Thailand sooooooon (cause i wanna go there! 👉🏻don’t forget that You've agreed before.)
IDK what i’m saying exactly haha.
Anyway, Anywhere, it’ll be so nice when we’re together 🚲🚲 luv bab


Purani jhalak 😕😕😕 #soooooon

DRESS UP ........
&KICK ASS ...... .

الى للقاء اخر ...😨
@saadlamjarred1 #saadlamjarred
#new_song #Soooooon 😉

بوستر الألبوم #عيش_بشوقگ😍♥️ #Soooooon Gdn✌

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