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Bride squad 🧞‍♀️ #soontobemrs #bridetobe #henparty #brentauraashukishaadi ❤️ @aashkagoradia wishing u lifetime of love and happiness ❤️ 💫

The balloons 😂😂😂. @binka629 and her girls came to slay! Happy Wedding Wednesday! #TheBlackBachelorette #WeddingWednesday

Вирішив підтримати тренди @instagram і розбавити профіль саме предметною зйомко.Ви не задумувалися друзі Коли ми були дітьми, кожен з нас фотографував вазу з квітами чи тацю з фруктами, просто тому, що це нам здавалось красивим. Тоді ми ще не могли знати, що це предметна зйомка. Діти виросли, і розглядаючи в інтернет-виданнях чи глянцевих журналах красиві інтер’єри, речі, їжу, також не завжди усвідомлювали скільки за цим насправді криється кропіткої праці фотографів та дизайнерів. Дивлячись на красиво зроблений знімок, так легко повірити, що це просто суть речей.!

IM ENGAGED! I SAID YES! IM SO EXCITED AND CANT STOP SMILING! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! I love you babe!❤️❤️
#mycheckshurt #soontobemrs #futuremrsHunter #Ilovehimsomuch #everythingwasperfect #myheartisfull❤️

to the man that keeps my heart happy and my brain sane (& very insane, in all the good ways) - #icantevencountdown #WEREGETTINGMARRIED

It’s a slow and steady progress but quitting won’t get you, your results!! I have been focusing on my toning and strength since August and seeing these side by side has me so fricking proud!
Proud of not giving up when it got hard, not giving up when the scale wouldn’t move, not giving up when temptations where there!
3 months of wedding prep are in the books! There is only a 10 pound difference between these 2 pictures and that is why it is so important to take before pictures! The scale might not move much but the progress that has been made is so evident!!! If you have some big weightless, strengthing or toning goals for yourself shoot me a message I’d be happy to share some of what I have been doing with you!!! I cant wait to see where I am November 10th next year and out it next to this before picture!

MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!! I’m so happy for her and Aaron!! Can you see my excitement!! I love you so much!! You are going to be so beautiful, I can’t wait!! ❤️❤️#shesengaged #sister #soontobemrs


I think this is the hairstyle I will go for! 😍 #weddingvibes #wedding #weddinghair #weddinghairstyles #soontobemrs #bridehair #bridalhair

Today, as Lucas and I drove to Dallas and prepare to fly to Portland, I’m thankful for so much. For being able to do what I love, and that sometimes it takes me beautiful new places. That I get to do life with Lucas. I’m thankful for the adventures, for the people we’re blessed to serve every year, and for the joy our life gives us every day. And I’m thankful that the role you (yes you!!) play in that. ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving!!

Joshua Tree lovers.

Renz babe, I cannot wait for the day to be with you, to love you even more as your better half.
#missingyou #icecreamlover #engagementblues #hotwednesday #igers #potd #iloveyou #foreveryours #soontobemrs #mayforever #relationshipgoals

Thanksgiving advice: marry into a family with all the kitchen skills who cook, bake and help you find the perfect light for your 5000 selfies. #blessed #wayup #ThanksgivingwiththeTrowbridges 🍽🦃💚 #soontobeMrs #lovethem #johnssecretrecipe🍑 #missingmyAves

Chris and I hosted our first family Thanksgiving and I couldn't have asked for a better day. Loved combining the Delgado and Sargent lifestyles. We're a match made in heaven 😍👰🏻🤵🏻🦃
#foodcoma #nofilter #success #thanksgiving #turkeyday #soontobemrs #soontobesargent

I’m thankful for God putting this guy in my life! 99 days till I get to call him my husband! 😍 #03/03/18 #SoonToBeMrs

A major throwback to 9 years ago 😂 ! The very first pic that we both took ... my high school sweetheart & now after many years .. I’m gona tie a knot on her ! Time flies but love stays ❤️❤️ @edwinpriya #countdown #jan #bae #soontobemrs

Thanksgiving and wedding planning today! So very thankful to spend today with my parents and enjoying this beautiful day!#queenofleon #happythanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for my beautiful other half. She knows how to keep me happy and I love that she knows how to take care of me. I love you baby. ♥️ #myotherhalf #wifeymaterial #beautifulwoman #memoriesmade #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #soontobemrs #cali #myworld🌎

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