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‎السلام عليكم‬ Jummah Mubarak to all #alybaba #islam #sunni #soofie #chistinizamihabibia #jummahmubarak

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #Chishti #Spring #NizamuddinAwliya #Khusrau #Basant 🌷🌹🌼🌻Khwaja Syed Nizamuddin Aulia ر never married thus he had no children. He loved his nephew who died at the age of 20 as his own . Hazrath Amir Khusro ر , his devoted disciple and the founder of #Chishti Sama , saw his master sitting sad at the grave of his nephew. He tried to cheer the bereaved Nizamuddinر , but in vain.
Khusro saw some young women dressed in yellow clothes and carrying the flowers that had bloomed in Spring ( Basant ) celebrating and thanking God for this blessing. Khusro donned a similar yellow clothing as the women, carried some flowers on his head in a tray, covered his face with a scarf and sang the qawwali song — 'Sakal basant aayo ri'. Khusro proceeded towards Nizamuddin Awliya, who cupped his blessed eye from the sun to see who was coming towards him and on seeing the effort Khusro made to cheer him smiled. On enquiring why Khusro performed this ritual, Khusro said, They are being thankful for the physical spring, should I not be thankful to my Spiritual Gardener who made infinite flowers of love and faith bloom in me?' Khwaja Syed Nizamuddin Aulia ر said, 'As of this day #BasantBahar or Spiritual Spring thanksgiving will be celebrated at our Spiritual Centres.'🌹🌷🌻🌼🌸💐

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #NizamuddinAulia #Ajmer #Chishti #Basant 🌹🌷🌸🌺🌹🌻🌼🌾💐
Naazon ada se jhoomna,Khwaja ki chaukath choomna
Dekho 'Niyaz' is rang maen kaisi suhaati hai basant #Hazrath Niyaz #Barelvi Chishti ر

To sway in delight , To kiss the threshold of my Khwaja
See O *Niyaz how the colors of spring look pale compare to the Spiritual spectrum of dying at the Spring of my Khwaja

“To deem a thousand disbelievers Muslim is safer with God than to deem one Muslim a disbeliever.” – Imam Abu Hanifah(Rahimullah)

#Soofie #Sufi #Soofiepmb #ShankarShambu #qawalli not #nfak but same era🌹💞💯 Swipe to listen #legends see previous post💫 man makes #religion a cult , #spirituality is for those who listen to their inner voice

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #ShankarShambu #Chishti #Qawali 💞 In the 70’s Shree Shankar and Shambhu Ji , blood brothers, were a world famous Sufi singing duo of their Era. They took some guidance and some important tips of Riyaaz and singing from Ustad Chand Khan Sahab of Delhi Gharana.
After completing singing lessons they met the great poets Late Janab Shariq Irayani and Late Janab Qamar Sulemani and started learning #Urdu, Arabic and #Farsi. On the advice of the Custodian of Hazrat Sufi Sahab Dargah Sharif (Kanpur) they went to give Hazri (live performance) at the Urs Sharif of Hazrath Syed Khwaja Garib Nawaz of #Ajmer Sharif they did not get chance to officially perform.
The elder brother Late Shankar Ji started fasting for 3 long days and stayed without having even water in front of Dargah Sharif.
On the 4th day when the management of Dargah Sharif came to know about this they gave them the permission to perform in Mehfil khana on the last day of Urs Sharif.
When they Sang the Salaam "MEHBOOBE KIBRIYA SE MERA SALAAM KEHNA" everyone present in the Mehfil khana were so touched that they started crying.

Since that day they got the title of "QAWWAL" and they become famous as "SHANKAR SHAMBHU QAWWAL" by blessings of Hazrath Khwaja Garib Nawaz. #NoDiscrimination 💫 Listening to Sneha , their descendant on #thevoiceindiakids inspired this post

#Urs highlights #Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #NizamuddinAwliya 💞🌹💓

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #MawlaAli #AhlulBayt 💓💗🌹💞#Nfak 🤚🏻Wounds are inflicted on the heart, This path is thread at the risk of physical life 💗The crime being only this. We love Mawla Ali ع with a passion

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #Chishti #Khwaja 🌹
Be a dervish and sit in solitude; do not ask for food from anyone.
Know that contentment is a kingdom, a mansion full of pearls and jewels.
Do not yourself go near the Sultan; know that the Sultan is such a one (that) When you long for the Sultan, there will be fear and danger for you.
Never seek kindness and generosity from kings;
When you take a village or land, you will fall down in front of a door.
Do not follow the King's employment, know that there is continuous misfortune in it; You will see little ease, more discomfort and punishment.
When someone else wears an official robe, You should not consider him trustworthy.
When you go into the Sultan's assembly, you must guard your tongue;
Do not say anything in front of him, and when you come out be as one who is deaf.
Do not go to Kings uncalled; but if they summon you, go instantly; Obey their commands; know that this category is obligatory.
If anyone is obedient in a just act which the King demands, Consider this better and more than sixty years of private worship. 💫 a fourteenth-century Chishti adept, Yusuf Gada.

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #Khwaja #chishti 💞🌹 Syed Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti ر said in his last lecture and parting advice ‘Never go to the courts of ruling authorities’. For the Chishtis avoidance of the temporal ruling authority meant avoiding the corruption of the soul by earthly power, which contrasted with the destruction of the soul by divine power, the goal of the Chishti way.

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #BabaFarid #GanjeShakar #Chishti 🙌🏻 Shaykh Farid ad-Din is so highly respected by Sikhs that they have incorporated his #Punjabi verses for their holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib.

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #HaqFareed #Chishti 💞 , At the multi-day annual festival celebrating his "marriage" with God, cowrie shells (once used as the smallest units of currency) are thrown over the crowd, to imitate the moment when Shaykh Farid ad-Din #GanjeShakar went into ecstasy, on realizing that Syed Nizam ad-Din Awliya ر had just attained a status rare even among the great ones, the nearly unprecedented state of becoming the beloved of God Himself. #MahboobeIlahi This is clearly an event that is significant for adherents to Sufism especially #Chishti Sufism. A unique status reached Syed Nizamuddin Awliya ر that only a fool dare question. 💞🌹💓

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #grandchild 💞🌹💓 What a bargain grandchildren are! we give them loose change, and they give us priceless love.

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #Fatiha #HandOnHeart #ertugrul 💗💓💞Respecting the essence of all creation by placing our hands on our #heart and acknowledging that the Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ‎‬ is the essence of our heartbeat as well. Nay! He is the light that is our essential being and that of the Universes and all creation. 🌹

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #Fatiha #HandOnHeart #ertugrul 💗💓💞Respecting the essence of all creation by placing our hands on our #heart and acknowledging that the Prophet Muhammad ‎ﷺ‎‬ is the essence of our heartbeat as well. Nay! He is the light that is our essential being and that of the Universes and all creation. 🌹

#Sufi #Soofie #soofiepmb #Khalwa #MindYourOwnBusiness #Seclusion 💞On the authority of Abu Hurairah ر it is transmitted that the Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ‎‬ said 💞💫 “Part of the perfection of someone’s Islam is leaving alone that which does not concern him” #khalwa

#Soofie #Sufi #soofiepmb #BePresent 💞
For centuries we have been spoon-fed by our teachers, by our books, our saints. We say, "Tell me all about it — what lies beyond the hills and the mountains and the earth?" and we are satisfied with their descriptions, which means that we live on words and our life is shallow and empty. We are secondhand people. We have lived on what we have been told, either guided by our inclinations, our tendencies, or compelled to accept by circumstances and environment. We are the result of all kinds of influences and there is nothing new in us, nothing that we have discovered for ourselves; nothing original, pristine, clear. See the spirit of the past and how it should be adapted for the present.

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