Anak mommy seneng banget mau naik kereta api 🚃🚃🚃 #FarrelErkhan
📸 by me #SonyAlpha #sonyalpha_id

Iseng edit-edit foto 😅
Dgn picture style gitu ok ga? Masukan sangat diterima 😊
In frame: @nadiannepriscilya pas lagi KKP
#sonyalpha #sonyalpha_id #sonya6000 #portrait #snapseed

Off the beaten path and quite difficult to find, Brúarfoss is one of Iceland’s lesser known waterfalls, yet one of the most beautiful.
The glacier river Brúará concentrates into a dark volcanic rock crevice, which creates this mystical sky-blue colour. It’s hard to believe your own eyes when you see it in person!

Judge no one. Just improve yourself. #artofvisuals

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