Obrolan senja yang tk.begitu perlu

Recién llegado de la granja de Linda, mi amigo el pollo Cláudio 🖼🐥🐓
Título, El pollo Cláudio
Técnica, Acrílico
Lienzo, 30x40

#nohaydossintres#la familiaanimalcrece#sontan tiernos#repetire😄😍#

Wczoraj Holandia 🇳🇱 i Belgia 🇧🇪 dzisiaj Polska 🇵🇱 i Bałtyk
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생일을 축하해주신 모든 분들께 너무너무 감사드려요! 정말 감당하지못할만큼 와버린 기프티콘과 정성이 가득담긴 편지랑 선물들까지 베풀며 살아가겠습니다 감사합니다❣️
그와중에 활활 타고 있는 28^^...

Tetap menjadi teman yang baik, bukan hanya sebatas teman tetapi kita adalah saudara setanah air

#sontan 😁😁😁

fatherchristos.com “Listen to how the Blessed Lord responded to my concerns. He began by restating what I said and by asking me a question saying: “Fr. Chris, you said you were very comfortable with their minor problems initially but very uncomfortable with their complicated issues and more serious illnesses these days. Can you heal a simple headache left alone? I said, no. He continued, “I am the God who does both the little and the great things. With me there is no difference between small and big problems. Both are resolved by a command of my will. My people’s problems are my problems. Your only duty is to direct my people to come to me with their problems and issues. I would listen to hear what you instructed them to do. And, if they do the things you asked them to do exactly as you instructed, I will bestow my favors on them as requested and see to the resolution of their problems. You should not bother whether their problems are big or small for it is none of your business how I would resolve their problems no matter how big or twisted they seem.”

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