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🙏🏽❤️ To support the Northern California fire relief efforts please go to http://bit.ly/CaliforniaFireRelief 👈🏾 #santarosa #sonoma

#beverlyhills had business in #losangeles for#makeup #JoJosFlawlessFaces I went to #sonoma and #Anaheim so sad the fires 🔥😞😞😞 I was able to make a #donation to #redcrosslosangeles business meeting went great. Flying back n back to #hollywoodhills Friday -JoJo™🌷❤️❤️❤️#nuttinbutlove -JoJo 🙏🙏🙏🙏

If these two roommates had stayed in their Yuba County home, they wouldn't be here today. "I think I'm just happy to be alive honestly," Michael Vien told KOVR of the death-defying escape, which they got on camera. When the men saw the flames from the Cascade Fire approaching, they grabbed their dogs, piled into the car and left their home, which is now completely gone. Vien wrote on the pair's GoFundMe page that the escape with his roommate, Layton Smith, happened on October 8. "We had just enough time to grab flashlights, a few meager possessions and get our dogs before it was on top of us," Vien wrote. In the video, flames surround the car as the men try to navigate the road, though neither can see because of the smoke. At the end of the video, they decide to plow through another gate and find an area where they are not surrounded by flames. Vien wrote that the pair lost everything in the fire. One week later, the Cascade fire is 87% contained, according to officials.

After seemingly endless tragedies ranging from hurricanes to mass shootings to fires, we thought everybody could use a little miracle to inspire some hope... #Repost @foxnews -- "She was very happy to see us... She's such a brave dog." A California man was shocked to discover his family’s missing dog in the ruins of his parent’s fire ravaged home. #wildfire #california #sonoma #napavalley #norcal #socal #firefighter #miracle #mondaymotivation

A huge thank you to all the firefighters and volunteers who've battled and are battling fires across the state, nation, and world. Continued thoughts and prayers for everyone involved and for those affected. 🙏 Hoping the fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains is out soon.
Photo 📷 | @dirtdrops
#VisitSantaCruz #SantaCruzNow #SantaCruz #VisitCalifornia #TheOriginalRoadTrip #CaliStrong #California #CaliforniaCoast #Sunset #SantaCruzMountains #BearCreekFire #SantaRosa #Sonoma #TubbsFire #Spain #OrangeCounty

Feeling fortunate that we are able to say, as of right now, HFW is ok. Our Estate House is still without power and will remain closed until further notice, but our winemaker John Hamel and his dedicated team have been working very hard, processing our 2017 vintage. We can’t thank @WrightContracting and #PeregrineMobileBottling enough for lending us generators to get the work done.

Our community is still threatened by wildfires as the fight continues. Many have asked how they can help. There are many online organizations including the #SonomaCountyResilienceFund where donations can be made. And when it is safe to do so, please keep Sonoma County top-of-mind as a destination. Our businesses will be needing you more than ever.

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The #WilsonFire has currently burned 30 acres, and is at 5% containment according to the #AngelesNationalForest Twitter update a few minutes ago. Thank you @lacountyfd @lacofireairops and @calfire for all the hard work you’re doing to protect our community! 🌲🔥
Fire Information Line: (626) 574-5208

I’ve been staring at these three photos this morning which seem to show little bit about what we’ve been going through the past nine days. Middle-class homes destroyed within hours. ⠀

Yes this is Wine Country, and yes lots of vineyards and wineries were destroyed. But so many houses were taken away from us.⠀

I can’t even begin to imagine how this is going to change the already insane housing crisis here in Sonoma County. ⠀

One thing I’m working on is to help local businesses create revenue through social media to keep them going and their employees well, employed⠀

Images by Kent Porter from @pressdemo

Here's a video I shot as we pulled onto Dogwood Drive toward what used to be our home. The destruction is unimaginable. The only things left were made of metal or aggregate. Some steel was even melted. This firestorm has had no equal, and there are a lot of us looking for answers. Sonoma County officials chose NOT to use the emergency warning system fearing gridlock, and many people died in their homes. This has been a rough week but my family is doing well in spite of all this bullshit because of the awesome show of support from our family, our friends, and the amazing industry that we are part of. Love you all, and please stay safe out there. Thank you to all of the first responders for coming from all over the state to risk it all to help us out. .
#coffeypark #tubbsfire #firestorm #dogwooddrive #sonoma #sonomacounty #firestorm #santarosa #coffeystrong #firstresponders #californiafires #californiafirestorm


As I watched my twin sift through the remains of her once beautiful home; hoping to find her wedding rings or something that was our fathers. So many emotions came into play. I wanted to stop her and even help more but was overwhelmed with the rubble and torched house of what used to be our family's solace. The selfishness filled my soul with thoughts of why us? Haven't we done our time and lost enough? The reality is so many people have lost their everything, their loved ones, their 50 years of savings and life precious heirlooms. I have learned through this experience it's not prayers that are helping it's TRUE family and friends and even strangers that have reached out to take action that will get us through this. My sister is the matriarch of our family, I have always leaned on her for everything from support, clothes to money. She has always been my saving grace. To see this happen to her and our children is gut wrenching, and I want this nightmare over. The reality is, it's just beginning. I am thankful to the neighbor that pried open her gates to get our family out of the house and enraged with 911 that told her and so many to shut their windows and ignore the smoke. I am thankful to @marniecollier and @willowroy for being there for my sister when we cannot. I am thankful for our kids that put a smile on Kate's face when she's crying on the inside. I hope Sonoma can pull together to endure this long road ahead #santarosa #santarosastrong #familyfirst #sonomacounty #tubbsfire #sonomafire #sonoma #homeiswherethefamilyis #traxlertwins #norcal #calfire

What an awesome group of brave firefighters coming off the fire line to eat some bbq Proud to have met them #wildfires #wildfire #napa #sonoma #weareobr #obrcares #california @opbbqrelief

There is more happiness in giving than in receiving and with two tacos in your belly :) As @feastitforward Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization your donation is tax deductible. #napaprivatetours @tacoaddiction.us #feastinforward #napa #sonoma #winecountry #californianationalguard #calfire #visitnapavalley #wine

Evacuated from their hospital in Santa Rosa amid the blaze that destroyed 3,000 homes and caused $1.2 billion in property damage here alone, these Alzheimer’s patients were evacuated to the Finley Community Center for safety, where we were able to feed them from what we brought from Single Thread Farms. #wildfire #santarosa #california #sonoma #elderly #aging #alzheimers #bw #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography

Stairs from Point Reyes lighthouse up to the headland, August 2012. So, for the Atlantic lighthouses you walk UP, and here, as you can see, you walk DOWN.

#sonomacounty #Sonoma #californiawinecountry #lighthouse #lightstation #pointreyes

Point Reyes lighthouse, August 2012. A closer view. The most important part of this lightstation is likely the extremely loud foghorn. Because fog.

#Sonoma #californiawinecountry
#lighthouse #lightstation #pointreyes

Point Reyes lighthouse, August 2012. If you are ever in Sonoma County make time for Point Reyes - it is an altogether different landscape, a peninsula out into the Pacific on the west side of the fault line. And it was a clear sunny day in the rear of the county!

#sonomacounty #Sonoma #californiawinecountry #lighthouse #lightstation #pointreyes

latepost....@yantiedol @budi.oktavianus @tine.rosdiani n om mr.ceceppzz #sonoma

Cheeky little Sonoma Pinot for under £20. What a treat! #sonoma #pinotnoir

"The love in the air is thicker than the smoke" ▪️Sonoma will always be a special place to us since this is where we bore witness to the beautiful union between Kris and Oj. We were saddened by the devastation brought by the wildfires but we remain hopeful of the resiliency of the human spirit. 🙏 #sonoma #california #sonomastrong #winecountry #healdsburg #sonomavalley #muchlove

domenica amato • gusto bianco | new and currently exclusive to chattanooga #drinkcalifornia

This picture is one of many from our Half Full photo shoots at the Menendez home in Sonoma County. They hold so many memories of the land that inspired our first pattern. The home is gone now, as the fires sweep through Northern California, devastating the lives of people and wildlife in its path, but our memories and the inspiration we found there still remain. My love goes out to the Menendez family, especially my incredibly strong business partner and friend Kellie. Gratitude. 💕
📷 @giacanali
#california #northerncalifornia #franz #wallpaper #love #decor #memories #interiordesign #patternswithourpose #pattern #design #wildlife #sonoma #californiafires #gratitude #art #drawing

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