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J's On My Feet #SonofMars

O sono por si só já é algo bem curioso... Afinal, passamos cerca de um terço de nossas vidas dormindo, sem falar que, apesar de ser indispensável, pois a falta dele pode ter consequências dramáticas para a nossa saúde mental e física, por isso faça de seu quarto um lugar muito tranquilo e aconchegante 😉💡🌍

Off to #SonofMars 😏 🚀 🌌 not trying to run anybody off but this makes me 👀😔😥 that's why I D.I.D what I did. Not that kind of dude everybody needs space I just be chilling. Their choice not mine. I'm just watching the waves go by. Hope she feels the same. Alone nobody else there makes sense it was all a dream full of #Ghost think about it. I didn't see nobody but the waves those are facts I guess 🚶🏾ing same #FarmBoyRoutine idk who I'm talking too idk who talking to me honestly it feel like I'm talking to myself while typing 👉🏾😒😔 I wonder where she at who she with and will she even like me better yet love me. I'm looking for her honestly always was. I hope I find her. It's the only way😔 they don't understand I'm seriously 😒 looking for that D.I.D idc what color flower jewel diamond she just needs to be there with me. Ghost not my type I need something in #Reality social media not it texting not it calling not it phones not it. I'm reaching to touch you but you not there. So what's the point😔👀 I hope she understands whoever she is?🤔

I forgot to post yesterday because im a bad account owner!!! Whoopsies😂

Taken from @percabeth.chb
#frankzhang #chinesecanadianbabyman #sonofmars #thesevenheroesofolympus #theheroesofolympus

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