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The sweet spot got even sweeter with @sonarworks Reference 4! This plugin does wonders not only on headphones but also studio monitors! It takes less than 10 minutes to calibrate your speakers with the supplied measurement microphone. Reference 4 will make a massive difference in the accuracy, effectiveness, and decision making on your mixes. This February, win a Sennheiser HD650 just by demoing Reference 4! 🔊🎧

Who dat! Mo’Easy bringing the groove to the Rumpus!
#chelsealibrary #sonicsunday

Had a nice discussion earlier whether producers should work on a specific genre of music or work on multiple genres. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong honing in on a specific genre and mastering it. But producing songs in different genres will give you a wider perspective on the different aspects of arrangement, sound design, mixing, etc. It’s ultimately up to you. Create music you’re comfortable with and that you find most enjoyable! Make music and let the listeners worry about categorizing it! 👊🏽😎

Hanging at Sonic with the guys. #SonicSunday

Floating.... #soundbath #tibetansingingbowls #SonicSunday last Sunday of the month 4:30pm-5pm

Preparing ... #SonicSunday #sound bath #mindfulness #today

A window spine?😉 I'm mastering a track today and finding that it helps to look out the window, let my mind wander with the music 🎧😊💃Happy Sunday everyone! #mastering #windowview #sonicsunday #wanderingwaves

Been a while since ive posted the ole stang. #SonicSunday? 😂🏎

made a lil video for carla’s (@c.arling) new song which i also produced 🎸🎵🌹
full video is up on the visual section of love/modern. link in bio 💫

It’s a never ending learning process being a music producer and audio engineer. Often I come across ideas and techniques which I haven’t tried before. To be better on what I do, I continue to be a student of music and sound. 🙏🏽

#SonicSunday Rapsody - Laila’s Wisdom. This is your weekly stimulation. Enjoy the verses and the track ‘Nobody’

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