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One-Eyed Winnie may only be 9 lbs, but that has zero correlation to the strength of her snores. #SoMuchForSleepingIn

I never sleep well in hotels... I'm not a great sleeper to begin with but sleeping away from home always makes it worse.
So, this morning when I woke up and realized it was too late to go to the gym (I have to meet some people for breakfast before my conference), I decided to just stay in bed. .
Normally I feel bad skipping the gym, not today! #noregrets .
Happy Saturday morning! .
And yes, as fate would have it, I'm up far earlier than my kids would be if I were home with them #somuchforsleepingin

Bump Squad baby Emet wants to get this weekend party started! πŸ‘Ά Kelsi shares "Emet wants to say good morning. He thinks 519am is the best time." #MamasBumpSquad #SoMuchForSleepingIn

Ah yes, dust in the bed. A hazard of sleeping with chinchillas.

Another hazard is that they learn your schedule so on weekends when you want to sleep in they're bouncing on you at 6:30 am anyway. Thanks for the wake-up call Neville! What am I gonna do with you? Maybe go send you to live with your sponsor Janet, I'm sure she would spoil you rotten with 24/7 kisses and treats! #chinchilla #goodmorning #somuchforsleepingin #apparentlyjasoncansleepthroughthis #weeklyfluff

This is how #milesismydogson wakes us up in the morning. He silently sneaks up on to our pillows while we are sleeping then taps us on the head with his paws. Once he sees movement, he flops onto our faces for attention. #somuchforsleepingin

So happy to have my baby back home with me for the weekend. He made sure not to forget that Mama wakes up at 4:15am or that he's to be fed at 6am. 🐢❀😴 #SoMuchForSleepingIn #YouCantSnoozeTheDog

Mannn none of yall suggestions worked... Yall said to turn him on his side.. That didn't work.. Said to turn him on his chest.. That didn't work... I even tried nudging him.. That didn't work..😑😑😑😩😩😩😑😑 ughh he's still over here sounding like a Mexican Honda... My Gawd!!!!! My poor baby is tired!! But lord I'm just about to say forget about sleep!!! #FixItJesus #YallPrayForMe #GuessIllGetUpNow #SoMuchForSleepingIn


She wakes up and ends up in our bed. Now I can't get back to sleep. #somuchforsleepingin

Now what's wrong with this pic??? Oh yeah I'm awake before the kid! Lol ah well I'll steal a few snuggles while he rests ❀Have a great weekend peeps! #whyamiupbeforethekids #momsofinstagram #mamasbaby #cuddles #lovehim #somuchforsleepingin

My vigilant camping companion, keeping me safe from all manner of fauna who think they might set foot anywhere in his sight line. #SoMuchForSleepingIn

Every morning! πŸ™„

When your dog is subtly trying to tell you breakfast doesn't serve itself πŸΆβ˜€οΈπŸ₯žπŸ³πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ#somuchforsleepingin #wakeup #breakfast #oeb #oldenglishbulldog

I have two giant furry termites known as #rosemarytherabbit and #muttonmcbuttons that like to wake me up at ungodly hours by nibbling away at the baseboards outside my bedroom. Bunnies aren't always cute. #somuchforsleepingin

When the cat steals your pillow... #obiwanthecat #somuchforsleepingin #catsofinstagram

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