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I should Instagram doors more often #cambridge #architecture #somuchbeautyaroundus

...My feet are burning in certain spots; a strenuous six mile day will do that to a man. Nevertheless, I hike on. Our destination is only a mile away.

We climb over a rise, and a smile creeps onto my face. We had been hiking through dense forest all day, when all of a sudden the land opens up before my eyes. Lush, green grass shimmers in the sunlight. The relaxing breeze draws waves over the turf, and the air smells better, more fresh. I feel the rest of my crew light up around me; they are clearly as awestruck as I was. This was only day one of our adventure, and already I could taste the excitement, the thirst for more adventure, welling up inside me.

Ending the day on such a gorgeous scene, had snuck up on me and stolen my heart.
I've seen plenty of gorgeous places and people in my life thus far, but nothing has quite captivated me like this. Yet.

This is the kind of view that inspires writers to write books and artists to paint masterpieces.


One minute meditation during this mornings trail run

I had to stop and take a picture of these crocus while going jogging lately. #latergram #spring #flowers #crocus #somuchbeautyaroundus

Waking up to a beautiful foggy morning ❤😙 #myfavoritecapture #somuchbeautyaroundus #feelingblessed


I should Instagram doors more often #cambridge #architecture #somuchbeautyaroundus

I think a trip to wherever this is, is in the plans🌱🌲🌿🍸#Thisfeeling🖤🔐 #TuscanFeels 🌹 #somuchbeautyaroundus

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Roald Dahl
#naturelover #myinnerchild #somuchbeautyaroundus
#watchforit #greatestsecrets #hidden #unlikelyplaces #eyes #creativephotography #roalddahl

🌱💛 working on collection inspired by Australian native fauna and flora 💛🌱 so in love with this cute #easternyellowrobin bird colour combo😁😍
First pieces of this Watercolour Eco Native Collection available this Saturday June 10 @mermaidsorority Mornington Design&Makers Market in Civic Reserve Stadium
What's your favourite native animal or plant?🐨🌱😀 #somuchbeautyaroundus

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