#color 🌈

Perjalanan yang sangat jauh lantas tidak melelehkan saat kita tetap bersama. Semua terbayarkan oleh pertemuan yg singkat namun berkesan ini.
Melihat banyak teman lama yg tak kunjung jumpa di suatu acara untuk saling bertegur sapa.
Thank you guys :
Thank you @instagram, @wwim.indonesia, @boylagi, and all part of #wwim2018indonesia for connecting us.

With every heartbeat

Sometimes, I wonder about alternate universes. The infinite variations of the people that we know, that we hold dear. I think of versions of ourselves that have lived for as long as us but made different choices, and might think and feel in different ways. I wonder what it would be like to meet another version of yourself. And how it might change things to know that such a person does, in fact, exist somewhere.

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