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Langa is a township and suburb of Cape Town. It was established in 1927 in terms of the 1923 Urban Areas Act. Wikipedia. Surely #capetown it's time to change this picture. The people of #Langa need real land to create flower and vegetable gardens. #somethinghastochange

The main thing I love about the Divine 9 is the variety. Its unfortunate that so many have forgotten why these organizations were created and the greatness it holds. Instead of putting each other down why not just dominate as a whole especially since whats going on in the world. #greekunity #somethinghastochange #D9 #values

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

#charlottesville #somethinghastochange #thisiswhatterrorismlookslike

You can't be who you're going to be & who you use to be at the same time💡#somethinghastochange

This is heartbreaking the babies are feeling the pain smh
#justice #somethinghastochange #unity

I think this will only stop when black people feelings turn from sad to mad and from Mad to mad as f*** and then put those feelings into action whatever they might be I feel like the powers-that-be only respect Blood and Money if you're not willing to Effect one of those entities it's just a waste of time if you're not willing to effect their pockets or willing to shed some blood I just don't think anything will change #ripalton🙏🏾 #imtiredoftypingrip #somethinghastochange

Wanna give a big FUCK YOU to heroin! It's killing off a while generation it seems like. Everyday, i see another post where someone has passed away from an OD. Something has gotta change #fuckheroin #SoberAF #somethinghastochange #opiodcrisis


Angry and upset that I have to wait until the park is more crowded before I can go out for a run 😠Why? Because I am a woman and therefore I am 90% more likely to become a victim sexual assault. Winter is coming and that means it getting darker and soon I won't be able to run at all before 7am unless I'm accompanied. It's not okay. Not by any means. At least I can use my anger in a constructive way and push myself a little harder while it's still bright outside 🖕🏽#notokay #notright #inteok #angryandupset #angermanagement #constructiveanger #somethinghastochange #constructivism #pushingmylimits

Wanna give a big FUCK YOU to heroin! It's killing off a while generation it seems like. Everyday, i see another post where someone has passed away from an OD. Something has gotta change #fuckheroin #SoberAF #somethinghastochange #opiodcrisis

My focus these last 2 weeks has been holding down the fort, which has worked fairly well. I have helped the boys adjust to their new school schedule, had an informal interview and a working interview, my oldest and I had strep, and now I seem to have the beginnings of a cold. 😷 Tomorrow, I get to go in for my last pre-job meeting--pay negotiation! What with the sickness this early in the season (yay, school starting, right?!), I'm going to change up my plans here. I've been meaning to take this time to restart my workouts, get my brain reorganized, etc. That has failed. I'm drinking some water. I'm getting most of my steps regularly. But something needs to change. I'm stressed, though not horrendously, but slightly naggingly, like it's threatening to reveal its ugly self any moment. I'm constantly running out of energy halfway through the day. And my patience is incredibly thin, which makes for unhappy mornings getting ready for school. Something needs to change.
A story on the radio this morning reminded me of how great an impact consistent sleep deprivation can have on the body, from decreased brain function and memory, to hormones thrown out of wack, to the body simply functioning as if it's constantly under stress and holding onto fat because of that. So I'm going to go on a "sleep diet." For the next two weeks (at the VERY least), I am not going to watch any tv after the boys are asleep, I am not going to use any screens after 2130, and I am going to be in bed at 2200 every night (meaning once screens go off at 2130, I'm going to start getting ready for sleep). I am not going to worry about step challenges or formal exercise programs, though I will stretch and foam roll as needed. I'm not going to stress about what I'm eating, though I will remain conscious of my choices and how it makes me feel. I'm not going to track my water, though I will drink according to thirst. That's it. My whole goal is to get from 7.5-9 hours of sleep every night.
Anyone want to join me? Come on, you know you want an excuse to stay in bed! 😄 Let me know!!

I am honoured to introduce the following petition.
"Hunter Has Hope" has an incredible cause that will help save newborn lives.
Please spend sheer minutes of your time to support a great cause laid out in their words:
"Days of advocating at the Texas capital culminated at the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee last Friday. The committee added SMA to the agenda for the next meeting in October. This is an important first step to securing SMA newborn screening in Texas. We could not be more proud.
We included a picture of the amazing children with SMA who advocated at the Texas capital. They did a great job advocating to secure SMA newborn screening in Texas.
We still have a lot of work to do. We want to make sure SMA newborn screening is put in place as soon as possible, not only in Texas, but in all states.

The Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children is scheduled to vote to add SMA to the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP) at its February 2018 meeting. This is very important, as a majority of states look to the RUSP to include conditions to screen for.
Please continue to share the petition, as it is sent to decision makers at the federal and state levels. This will help our advocacy efforts to secure SMA newborn screening in every state.
Missouri is the only state to enact SMA newborn screening, and will begin screening for SMA in January of 2019.

Thank you for joining our efforts. Please continue to share the petition.
With heartfelt gratitude,
Hunter Has Hope"
The link to the petition is below or can be found on the following instagram handle:

#youmestigmafree #awareness #sma #riseup #petition #timeforchange #breakthesilence #invisibleillness #somethinghastochange #mentalhealth #mentalillness #Immunilogicaldiseases #neurologicaldisease #spoonie #spoonielife #support #makingadifference #sufferinginsilence #chronicillness #chronicpain

This is insane. Something has to happen to change rhetoric in this country NOW!!! 2 Kissimmee Officers shot
2 Jacksonville Officers shot
2 Pennsylvania State Troopers shot

in 24 hours!!! #eow #bluelivesmatter #thinblueline #prayers #somethinghastochange

Mother Nature is on fire tonight as the Lolo Peak incident consumes the surrounding landscape. It's a beautiful yet deadly dance with backing, flanking and torching... welcome to #fireseason #tinderdrywoods
#somethinghastochange (Photo Credit = my awesome partner BK)

If that ain't the truth! Time for some real talk, it's ridiculous working so hard for years to build an audience and relationship with all of you amazing people, and then all of the sudden, bam! Only about 10% to 15% of my followers see my posts now! Isn't that crazy?

The best part is I've had advertisements on Instagram and what they say you're going to get vs. what you actually get in exposure is so off. And when I emailed them saying I wasn't happy with the advertisement - no response!

When I had 40k followers I would receive about 2,000 to 5,000 likes per photo. Now I'm lucky to get even 1,000 likes!

I'm ready for a new platform, hell I might even make a new platform for all of us! I'm appreciative instagram built my following, but damn! They just took everyone right back to sell you back to us.

#supportsmallbusiness #somethinghastochange

Support equality! Support the people around you! If you are brave enough to make a stand,
Buy a shirt to show the public where you stand and where America should stand. "Make America Equal For Once
Share around to show support.
#equality #equalrightstoall #wewillnotstandforthis #somethinghastochange #whitesupremacy #makeamericaequalforonce #showsupport #support #rights https://www.redbubble.com/people/melissahunting7/works/27663998-untitled?asc=u

How unfortunately pertinent they are with this song #goingbackwards #depechemode @depechemode #somethinghastochange #onlylove #onerace #peace

Was careful to include only plastics with a recycle symbol. Yet I got a rejection notice. Plastic recycling only twice a month, cardboard only once. We have a long way to go. #recycling #longwaytogo #plasticinouroceans #somethinghastochange

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