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Grape Soda POP Pin
inspired by UP! this amazingly thick and glossy slime is by @someotherslime !! It’s exquisite and holdable! The smell is very realistic! I just wanna eat it! The beads give the slime a unique but funky aspect! And the beginning super soft crunch is to die for! Definitely buying again!
#someotherslime #someotherslimeproof @someotherslime
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🍩 no free slime, if you want my slime link is in bio
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💗kiss from a Rose💗
Last slime from a Rose by any other name trio! This is a beautiful fishbowl from @someotherslime! #someotherslime #someotherslimeproof

S Y D N E Y by @someotherslime
I ordered this slime from Sasha’s lastest restock, and it smells so amazing. I love the deep purple color and fine gold glitters to add more to the slime. The texture is a soft, stretchy, super spreadable butter slime. I love it! I’m glad that it was my first butter slime!

#slime #someotherslime #theseslimessing #butterslime #taleoftwocities

🌻 Clara and Fabrizio from @someotherslime 🌻 This slime represents one of my mom’s and grandma’s favorite musicals (I got to hear all about it!) The Light in the Piazza. It smells WONDERFUL. The texture, the THICC, the stretchhh, the bubble pops....I cannot put this one down and it’s holdable so why put it down? 😍 🎶 I hope to buy from her again and if you can get one....run, don’t walk to her next restock!!!!! 🎶 🌻Can you comment the word SPRING letter by letter without getting interrupted?🌻 #slime
#someotherslime #someotherslimeproof #satisfyingslime #thiccslime #stretchyslime #asmrslime #lulumakesflicks #slimevideo
FL @lil.nelly.b
FC @lunchbagslimes

- Just mixing some liquidy/frozen slimes from the winter season! She went into the trash shortly after this! Do you guys like these videos??
- Idea inspired by the lovely @someotherslime ! Please go check Sasha out!
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🌹Every rose has a thorn🌹
From @someotherslime! This is also part of her rose by any other name trio! This is this most unique cloud I have every felt! It has both types of fake snow in it which is very cool! It smells like fresh roses! #someotherslime #someotherslimeproof

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this is dole whip float from @someotherslime ! this is my second time purchasing from sasha and she does not disappoint! this is a super thicc & glossy slime and i love the thwocks and bubble pops 🤤💘
more reviews coming soon...

#slime#satisfying#someotherslime #someotherslimeproof #slimereview

Good Morning! I'm just realizing that I should have posted this in the morning😑 oh welp. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video a bit different then my other ones but I love the beginning of it! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!

Inspo- @someotherslime

🛑no self promo please thanks🛑

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I purchased @someotherslime A rose by any other name trio! This review will be split into 3 parts! This one is Bed of Roses! This is seriously the worlds most sizzly butter slime! Oh my word! Also the smell🤤 it smells like the Old Spice cologne to me! (Literally the best smell ever!) I give this slime a 100000000000000000000/10!
#someotherslime #someotherslimeproof #someotherslimereview #someotherslimeaddiction

Backstreet girl by @someotherslime -
The moment Sasha posted the mixing music video for this, I knew I had to have it! Little known fact.. I’m the biggest backstreet fan EVAAAA. I was only a year old when broke out in the US. My poor parents had no idea the super fan they’d create from buying their first international album and play it for me in the car. I had the posters, the backpacks, the lunch boxes,the dolls, the movies..everything all the preteens/teenagers of the 2000s had...but I was only like six 😂 Fast forward to 2017. I saw my favorite band of all time in concert..in Vegas..with my boyfriend. Best night of my life and I think about it 24/7! 😍 also this smells heavenly and the texture is so soft 😊😊

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My review for @someotherslime
I purchased an 8oz Fantasia Remix/Icecream. This literally smells SOOO GOOD. Smells mostly of cherries, and is strong. You may not like strong scented slime, so this is probably something to consider. This cloud slime looked hard in the video but it was because of the cold weather. There is snow fallout, which I don’t care about personally, but some people may care. This slime mixes into a really nice bright orange color, and is beautiful overall!
Extras: gummy bracelet, care card, borax
#someotherslime #slimereview #cloudslime #fantasiaicecream #someotherslimeproof #slimeproof

Singin In The Rain! ☔️🎶☔️🎶☔️🎶☔️ make sure to have your sound on! Yes this is not as good as @someotherslime music mixing videos but my next one (I will be posting it tomorrow) is better than this one so get ready! Thanks for watching and guess what?! We have 3 more followers until 💯! We can do it! Thank you for your support! •
QOTD- Do you celebrate Valentine's Day or Single Awarness day? Comment down below your answer!

Inspo- @someotherslime

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Review for @someotherslime!!! I purchased two slimes from her Greatest Showman restock!
💗From Now On💗 1000/10!
From now on is most definitely my favorite song from the whole musical, so I new I had to get my hands on this one! It is so beautiful!!! It smells so good as well😍 🍰Jenna’s Pie🍰 10/10!
This isn’t related to The Greatest Showman, but I have wanted this one for a long time so I decided to grab it! I really love this one! It is a super unique snow butter texture! To me it doesn’t smell like a dessert, but it smells AMAZING! I couldn’t resist playing with it so it isn’t layered in the vid but it came perfectly layered!
❤️The Circus❤️ 100/10!
Sasha very kindly gave me an extra slime! I’m so happy that she did because this might be my favorite one! It is so pretty! There is absolutely no bead fall out! It smells SO GOOD! It smells exactly how I would imagine a circus would smell!
Overall 10000000000/10!
Thank you so much Sasha! These slimes are absolutely PERFECT!!!! I can’t wait for my other slimes to come! Guys... if you aren’t following Sasha you are missing out! She is one of the kindest people on Instagram and her slimes are so amazing❤️
#someotherslime #someotherslimeproof #someotherslimereview

@someotherslime Review (The Greatest Showman Restock)🎪

Swipe for videos!
FROM NOW ON: honestly was so excited when I saw she included this little extra! I wanted it so bad but was unable to snag one! It’s amazing and so soft! The smell is so chocolate-y and 🤤

DOLE WHIP: I’m so in love with this slime like honestly! It’s so thick and glossy and I want to cry bc Disney of course! Sasha knew I wanted it and she had a little extra and she put it in the package #blessed 🙌🏼

CHARITY: I enjoy this texture probably the most! It’s so like butter, Snow, glossy amazingness! It’s scent is lemon and honestly not usually one of my favorite scents but I enjoy this one! I think the yellow is perfect for the character as well!

PHILLIP: This. Smells. So. Good. I love the scent of like musky manly deliciousness. It does dye my hands a little blue if I play with it for a long time 10+ minutes (Which I do all the time) but I’m not bothered by it at all! It’s a great texture and a great slime all around! BRAVO SASHA YOU GOT ME HOOKED ON ALL YOUR SLIMES 😂

ANNE: this is my all time favorite from this whole order! It’s so soft and smells SO GOOD like I want to just smell it all the time! I NEED THIS SCENT! The drizzle/falling effect is perfect and honestly nothing negative or remotely close to bad to say about this slime! 10/10 recommend please send me all of them ever. Thank you 👌🏼💖

THIS IS ME: look at this color. Just look at it. I’m living for it. Honestly I have no idea how she made this scent but it’s so good! I don’t know what to say other than this slime is amazing. I feel like I’m saying that about all of them but honestly I’m being serious!

Thank you Sasha for everything you do, and being the kind soul that you are. I’m honored to be your friend! Everyone go follow her if you haven’t you will not regret it! @someotherslime 💖🙌🏼

Disclaimer: All Slimes were purchased. All opinions are my own and truthful. If you feel differently I respect that. No hate is allowed on my page. Save it.

Review for @someotherslime 💘

I purchased these slimes with my own money, and the total came out to be $15.00 including shipping which is amazing!!

Packaging: 10/10!! Came bubble wrapped with a cute bubble mailer!!💕

Extras: came with care sheet, borax, candy, and an extra slime!! The care sheet looked very professional 💓😂and the candy was yummy😋 the extra slime was AMAZINGGG! It was a Floam with a warm scent!!

Slime: I ordered “This is Me” and I can say that I am not disappointed!! It is scented like fresh lemons🍋!! It was a forest green when mixed and was just amazing!! The butter slime spread amazingly and I can’t even explain!! Definitely purchasing again!!!!⭐️☁️

Over its 1000000/10 like idk anymore!! I made sure to purchase from this restock because the greatest showman is my absolute favorite movie ever!! 🎥 @someotherslime
#slime #slimereview #someotherslimeproof #someotherslime @someotherslime #slimey #asmr #butterslime

warning for (extraordinary) music and a long looong caption
@someotherslime review
so i originally heard of her not because of her slime account but because of her beautiful flowers she makes and sells out of playbills!!! when i saw her rent restock i had had had to get some slimes bc 1). i love rent and 2) my school is doing a production of the show and i landed a role! so here's a lil breakdown:
-mark's sweater is a layered blue and red butter to represent mark's (the narrator character) sweater which mixes to a really pretty purple. it has a really strong but pleasant tea scent and spreads suuuper nicely
-angel dumott schunard is a striped red and white white glue icee w red glitter and it smells literally edible. it has the nicest peppermint bark scent and i love it (and angel) so so much.
ive had these slimes since early november and have only added a teensy bit of lotion to the butter but no activator. i genuinely have so much love for this shop and these slimes have become my lucky charms during rehearsals 💖💖💖💖
tags: #slime #slimereview #iceeslime #butterslime #rent #rentmusical #markcohen #angeldumottschunard #someotherslime #someotherslimeproof #thesingingslimer

Salt'n'vinegar or cheese and onion Crisps 🌝🌚

Dole Whip Float by @someotherslime 🍍

I’ve had this slime for so long now and it’s still perfect. I’m one of those slimers that sometimes refuses to mix slimes that are intended to be mixed but honestly I just can’t bear to get rid of the small clear slime because the concentration of the scent is just so good. I take it with me in my purse sometimes. The gloss is just phenomenal on the big guy. 🤤 I can’t wait for her to restock this so I can buy another one and finally mix these two! Lol 😂💛

Purchased with my own money 💵

There are only 2 slimes left in my shop! I try to ship out orders placed before 6pm PST the next day 😊🍍 Remember I’m upgrading all shipping to priority for free until my shop runs out! Please choose the cheapest option at checkout. 🍍

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