Once upon a time in Oaxaca.

The glass ceiling, or rather, the glass cage, was originally the intent behind this series. And that meaning still resonates, yet the meaning for me has evolved to something more than just that. Friendship, for me, has been the coolest and most rewarding thing about life. There are a lot of people behind the scenes of all of my artwork, who are rarely or if ever photographed. Yet, who continuously play a pivotal role in my own personal life and thus my art life. My life wholly informs my art, and it is interesting how my own work has spoken to me differently, as time goes on. The pictures and the meaning behind the pictures are not static. In the glass cage, it often feels like there is an escape ladder to nowhere, the ladder at times, a tease. Yet, for every one person who has let go of my hands, there are two more grabbing me by the wrists. Lifting me up, out of my own glass cage. A cage, which both others have made for me and I have even made for own myself. And yet, every time I feel I’m falling and sometimes actually do hit the ground, here they come, friends, showing up again and again. Friendship: the breaking of the glass cage from all sides, and attending to the wounds the broken pieces left. I have found that half of life is simply, showing up. So that the other half, is not feeling as lost and alone.

"And if you complain once more, you'll meet an army of me" - bjork
Camera: eu
Modelo: @vitordemion

Ontem foi um dia engraçado. Tô acostumado a fotografar apenas com luz natural e em ambiente externo. Me vi montando um estúdio improvisado na minha casa com duas sombrinhas como iluminação.
Foi uma luta pra ajustar o wb hahaha mas essa foto é parte do resultado que quero compartilhar. .

Cope and steady homie. 😬

Nothing good ever happens when we care more about our differences as humans than what we share in common....


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