👫How many people would like freedom and become entrepreneurs???
😧Unfortunately freedom comes with responsibilities.
🔥In network marketing in order to succeed, one must work every day consistently without fail, regardless of the day, whether week end or public holiday.
🧠You must have a mind shift and understand Zero level marketing.
This is the least amount of work or base level that one has to do everyday consistently.
💥You get to define what your zero level is and do it.
Fortunately this base level would just take a few minutes to 2 hours per day.
I would like to get your feedback....
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What's your why? Why are you working on building online income?
Want to travel the world? Fire your boss for time freedom? Or simplefying free up more time for precious moments with your little ones?
Its not easy, if it were everyone would be doing it. .
But it is attainable. Attract your tribe, understand their problem, and offer them a solution to their problems.
The more people you help or the bigger the problem you solve, the more money you make.
Stop trying to be a cookie-cutter version of an "entrepreneur" only hard pushing one thing and learn how to serve and solve problems
#solveproblems #servepeople #whatsyourwhy

A Kava Bar is a respite where people with different life experiences come together and create a true community, while partaking in a centuries old South Pacific tradition.
The masks worn in the outside world fall away. Affluence, ego and power feel out of place here. Instead there is a vibe of openness and the freedom to be yourself. Differences become unimportant and assumptions quickly dissolve.
Through sharing with the tribe, problems become possibilities, ideas are born and take flight, and strength is found to do another day.
Bula to the tribe and the Kava community. We are grateful to have you 💗💗💗
#kavacommunity #kavabar #whatiskava #strangersbecomefriends #community #openup #beyourself #helpeachother #respite #escapetheworld #recharge #shareideas #create #artists #writers #creative #solveproblems #fortlauderdale #hollywoodfl #miami #daviefl #daniabeach

Anda sedang mencari sesuatu yang boleh mengantungkan kunci motor supaya tak tercicir? Disini saya menjual lanyard yang dapat mengantungkan kunci, handphone atau sebagainya👌🏻
Hanya Rm 10 sahaja🔥
Berminat pm 👇🏻
http://www.wasap.my/+601137445278 atau klik link di bio😁
#lanyardmurah #trendterkini #style #solveproblems #murahmurah

Our new product
It's strictly chemical free and homemade.
It solves your hair fall problems , dandruff, rough hair etc.
Available in 3 flavours. * Almond *aloeveera * orange 200ml = 60rs
500ml = 110rs
To order do inbox us.
#shampoo #handmade #handmadelove #flavours #orange #aloeveera #almond #ahmedabad #gudiyascreativecraftz #solveproblems #chemucalfree #homemade

#rainydays days can be pretty dampening on your planned activities. At the same time, they can turn out pretty fun if you can come up with some engaging rainy day activities for #kids.
Here are some top 12 rainy day ☔️ games and activities for those of you with little ones today.


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The universe has something to say about vulnerability and I'm listening!

In May of this year, I opened a nonprofit organization @thebehaviorhub that provides social-emotional programming in order to foster a generation that communicates openly and respectfully, eats consciously, and finds movement that gives energy.

There are moments of serious doubt, but the past 48-hours have proven to me that the world needs this programming and that I'm on the right path. #feelinginspired

Why? Check out the info below and you'll not only learn why, but you'll learn a great deal about yourself.

If you haven't already, check out the documentary, The Mask You Live In (description in post) and also plug in and listen to @oprah podcast, Super Soul Conversations, with Brene Brown (description also in post). #listentotheuniverse

The universe has something to say about vulnerability and we're listening!

We @thebehaviorhub educate children and the adults connected to them on vulnerability, acceptance, understanding and respectful communication.

We'll take this as a sign that the world needs us and that we're on the right path. #feelinginspired

If you haven't already, check out the documentary, The Mask You Live In (description in post) and also plug in and listen to @oprah podcast, Super Soul Conversations, with Brene Brown (description also in post). #listentotheuniverse

We spent the latter part of yesterday connecting with researchers from Hopkins to chat partnerships for data collection and research regarding our new social-emotional curriculum.

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to take this curriculum online in the form of interactive courses as well as put it in book format.

Researched-based curriculum coming your way!

Saturdays-Proverb: Denkensweise 🧠

Manchmal muss man aus der eingefahrenen Denkensweise ausbrechen.

Ich wünsche Euch ein wunderschönes Wochenende!

#proverb #zitat #zitate #qoute #zitateundsprueche #qoutesandsayings #zitatdestages #qouteoftheday #sprüche #denkensweise #thinkdifferently #denkanders #problemelösen #solveproblems

This weekend I will be spending relaxing with my family. Time to recharge my batteries after a busy week. What do you do to recharge yours? Any useful tips you’d like to share?

#weekend #weekendvibes #weekendtime #weekendmood #weekendbegins

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