I love this pic. The trails and the mountain. So beautiful. . #mountains #trailrace #trailrunning #solstass #silverstarmountain

Another great view from this Sunday's #solstass 50k. From Ed's Trail - Adams and Rainier in the background. The Starway Trail climbs and descends the ridge in the foreground (roughly 2500' in 2 miles). It's the worst trail on earth...can't wait to run it again next year! #trailrunning #runhighs #pnw #ultrarunning

Thanks to everyone who came out to run and support Endless Trails this past Saturday during the second annual #SolstASS 50k & 25k. Such a fantastic day on fantastic trails with fantastic people. We're so grateful for this community and these beloved outdoor spaces, and so grateful for the opportunity to help improve and preserve these beloved places for generations of future explorers. #GratitudeAbounding #HappinessIs #Endless_Trails

So many tough and crazy (awesome) people came out to run and support @Endless_Trails this past Saturday during the second annual #SolstASS 50k & 25k. Such a fantastic day on fantastic trails with fantastic people. We're so grateful for this community and these beloved outdoor spaces, and so grateful for and psyched about our opportunity to help improve and preserve so many beloved places for future generations of explorers. More adventures and trail work on the horizon! Until then: Rest and re-packing Black Beauty for the endless July ahead. #Endless_Trails #Gratefulgram #Juneventure

About to disappear here for two days sans any sort of reliable cell service to sleep under the stars and help put on #SolstASS on Saturday. These trails are some of the most magnificent we've ever seen and we're so thankful to have found them, and for Joe & Ann using this year's race as a fundraiser for @endless_trails. See some of you up there! We'll post a slew of pictures & a recap once we're back down from the mountains, too, of course! [Photo by @norsedeuce because I was busy procuring a keg for the post-trail festivities.] #Gratefulgram

Still just in awe of how well yesterday's #SolstASS went. 10 finishers in the 50k, after only 6 of us were tough enough to gut it out last year, and great support of @endless_trails. For all of you who came out: We were honored to share the trail with you; thank you; we hope to see you each again next year. Our lives are so rich with love, and this community of trail-loving runners is a big part of that. #Gratefulgram #endless_trails

Course marking the #SolstASS course yesterday. 25k & 50k fatass tomorrow on beautiful, tough trails. Donations go to @endless_trails, and we couldn't be happier about helping the good work being done on such beautiful trails.

T-minus three days & counting for #SolstASS - TOUGH & BEAUTIFUL & FREE 50k & 25k in SW Washington with all donations going to Endless Trails [to support trail advocation and trail education!]. June 21st, 2014 is shaping up to be a long & memorable day, indeed. Can't wait!

Today was #SolstASS course-scouting with the rad race directors/our dear friends [Joe & Ann!], followed by post-trail beers and chips & salsa out of the back of a pick-up truck, and then later: live bluegrass with extra banjo. Life is nice. #Endless_Trails #Gratefulgram

A month on the road for @endless_trails, @rainshadowrunning, and beloved family and friends, starts today. It begins back on the Washington side of the Gorge, with more trail work & training miles on tough, beloved trails showcasing views like these, and then Beacon Rock 50k/25k race rocking next week/end, followed by a lake-side week with my sister & her two adorable kiddos in a little over a week. Lest the fun end there, the day my sister flies back to the Midwest, we're Seattle-bound, to spend my celebratory Day of Cake with dear friends & then head back to SW Washington for #SolstASS-a 50k/25k benefitting Endless Trails-on (you guessed it!) the Summer Solstice. Then more trails, trail work, and participating in a debut 50-mile in almost-Idaho! We'll be home when June ends. Maybe. To say we're a little psyched would be to hyperbolically understate. #AllTheMilesAllTheSmiles

Headed back to a magical land, and some of the prettiest trails I've ever traipsed, for a weekend of trail work with dear friends. See you soon, SolstASS. #endless_trails

I'm going to be thinking about this trail for a long time. Such a fantastic past six days. #SolstASS #gratefulgram

Spent the better part of today on some of the toughest trails I've ever run. And undoubtedly some of the prettiest. #SolstASS #EndlessTrails #AndEndlessBearGrass #BeautifullyBroken

One of my favorite shots, and spots, of the day. We really do live & play in one of the most gorgeous of all places. Psyched to be back here Sunday. #SolstASS #sansfilter #gratefulgram #EndlessTrails

Our current room with a view. Pausing the epic roadtrippage for some itinerary updating and Wi-Fi smuggling. (I want to carry this window around with us everywhere.) #SolstASS #AllTheCaffeineIsBelongToUs

Not pictured: Rainier & St. Helens playing hard to get. #Day2 #SolstASS #ForestServiceRoadsForDays

@IronHouseBrewery: The first stop on this, our brief but epic vacationing trip west and south to visit new trails and favorite faces. Priorities, we have them. #IrishDeath #HollerChucksHopShop #SolstASS #TheWindTriedToEatUs

Hello, trail. #latergram #SolstAss

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