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Know your self-worth and don't ever lower yourself or put yourself in a pitiful situation for anybody. #determination #leadership #greatness .
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Be kind. But don't just be kind to others, be kind to yourself too. As creatives, usually we're our own worst critics. We want to fix everything- we want it to be perfect. We notice those little insignificant details that NOBODY else sees! Yet, all we tend to see are those insignificant details. We torture ourselves over 'mistakes' that our clients won't ever see, because we want to go above and beyond to deliver a service and to us, the process has to be flawless. It has to seem effortless. But that's not how it always works, sometimes it gets messed up, sometimes life get messy and unpredictable. That's okay, those are the moments when you take a breath, and say 'you know what, I did my best and next time will be better'. Be kind to yourselves, because it can't always be perfect.
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Whooop! We're shortlisted finalists in this year's #MIBBA17; Made In Bury Business Awards. I know, awesome eh?! We're in both Environmental Impact and Health & Beauty categories. Keep everything crossed for us! Good luck to all our wonderful friends who have been shortlisted too ❤️ #local #independent #business #WomenInBusiness #EcoSalon #Vegan #crueltyfree #Davines #HairSalon #NorthWest #Lancashire #Ethical #SmallBiz #femaleentrepreneur #WeCare #Hairdressing #Happy #Proudface #solopreneur #Shortlist

[La cura Soulful Business] Giorno 9 #sbcure
Che atmosfera ti piacerebbe creare con la tua newsletter? Questa é l'intestazione (non si vede la parte dx con pc che ha il mio logo come desktop) che uso nelle mie newsletter. Ho scelto questa foto perché appena l'ho vista ho percepito l'atmosfera giusta. Mi spiego meglio --- Il tavolino bianco piccolo con i fiori freschi (ovviamente fucsia), le pareti bianche, il tavolo in primo piano con su il pc. Mi sono subito immaginata seduta, con le mie donne iscritte alla newsletter, mentre chiacchieriamo e beviamo qualcosa. Ambiente luminoso e sereno, niente di opprimente o forzato. Io racconto un po' di me, del mio lavoro, propongo promo dei miei servizi, comunico le varie offerte e anticipazioni. Ecco come intendo io questo canale preferenziale! 🌸🌺☀️🍀 Prima di sabato é in arrivo una Newsletter interessante ... fossi in te mi iscriverei 😉🔝🔝📮 TROVI IL LINK IN BIO

*** #GIVEAWAY ***
*** ONE FREE CODING EXPERIENCE *** To one local Indonesian girl/woman/lady/mom/daughter/grandmother/aunt/sister - anyone wanting to learn - because coding is so much more than just a class - it's a look into a completely new world and a mirror of your own capabilities and beliefs in what you think you can or cannot do!

Having the courage to try is the first step and we'd like to help encourage that by giving away ONE FREE Experience this upcoming Saturday 30th from 10 - 2 pm at C'ugh House.

The class will be taught in English and doesn't require any previous knowledge (if you can't join on the specific date, you can still enter and we'll find another time to teach you!) All you have to do is answer this in the comments: ***
1. What do you think coding is?
2. Why would you like to learn to code? *** One winner will be drawn and announced by tomorrow Sept. 27th 6 pm Bali time! Don’t forget to tag your local friends!
And if you're not female or not Indonesian, (sorry peeps), you can of course still book a spot: 😉

Sign up here: https://www.learnwithlocals.io/all-experiences-1/learn-to-build-a-one-page-website-from-scratch-with-brit

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." ...a good reminder the day before I launch my brand new program- Business Breakthrough Mastermind! If you have advice on how to calm my nerves, I’m all ears!

Time is our greatest asset! make sure every second counts :) ~ carl

#business #work #solopreneur #businessman #businesswoman
#motivation #success

Guten Morgen, 🔆😍🤸🏼‍♀️
du kannst dir nicht vorstellen wie RIESIG mein Schweinehund 🐖🐩heute morgen war. Der Plan war früh aufzustehen und ne Runde zu laufen, bevor die erste Patientin kommt…. ✌️
… und dann kam der Schweinehund: „es ist so gemütlich im Bett, es ist auch noch dunkel, bestimmst fängt es gleich an zu regnen, du kannst auch morgen laufen, jetzt ist es schon so spät - das wird knapp mir der Patientin…“ unglaublich was mir da so alles im Kopf rumgehen kann! 😣😕🙈🐖 Und dann habe ich es einfach gemacht! Ich bin aufgestanden, Laufsachen an, Bea (meine Hündin) geschnappt und ab ging es! 🤸🏼‍♀️Du kannst dir nicht vorstellen wie schön das Gefühl war dann doch gelaufen zu sein!!!☘️🔆✌️ Liebe Leute, lasst uns weniger denken, einfach machen! ☺️Dann haben wir mehr Aktivität, mehr Spaß, mehr Spontanität und viel weniger Grübelei. 😄🥂🚀‼️ UND wenn du dir etwas vorgenommen hast, dann zieh es auch durch! Das ist so wichtig um dir selbst vertrauen zu können. Es wirklich zu tun sorgt für mehr Selbstbewusstsein und Selbstannahme. Probier es doch mal aus 😉😂☘️❤️
Viel mehr Anregungen, die dein Leben gesünder gestalten findest du in meinem kostenloses E-Book: „Keine Zeit für Gesundheit - meine Abkürzung für ein gesünderes Leben“ ☘️☘️☘️
(Link in der Bio). .
#gesundheit #koerperkunde #podcast #gesunderkörper #gesundergeist #fit #wohlfühlen #businessgirl #erfolg #selbstliebe #gesundleben #change #selbstwert #gedanken #unternehmerin #einzigartig #entspannung #solopreneur #speaker #positivevibes #physiotherapeut #physio #naturheilkunde #tcm

5 steps to creating awesome social media content which won’t take over your life. Click on the link in my bio to read the blog. Photo by Ray Hennessy on @Unsplash

Oracle Guidance {•∞• Water •∞•} The unicorns ask you to take that bottle and drink some water. This card is an indication that you are not hydrating your body and it is now showing signs of a headache, pain in body and tiredness. If you feel something like it then take time to drink water. Keep a water bottle near you and drink as often as you can.

Live in Light

#SpiritualCuratives #LiveinLight #Love #likeforlike #naturelover #spiritual #tarotcards #oraclecards #angelcards #photooftheday #nature #dowhatyoulove #meditation #innerpeace #believeinyourself #thankful #makeithappen #solopreneur #spiritualbosslady #raiseyourvibration #believeinyou #lightworkers #empower #mindbodyandspirit #compassion #light #faith #awakespiritual #divine

It's a bit grey and gloomy where we are so we're brightening things up with this exotic, gold beauty! Customise the text, font, and colours to make her truly yours. Ready to get your tassel on? PM us for enquiries! .
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Direct link for episode 29 in bio 😃 #listenpodcast #watchvideo #readtranscript

Imagine if they'd had babies. The world would have exploded #winonaforever #winonaandjohnny

My favourite #timeout activity on a work day is just to sit with a herbal tea (ok gluten free melting moments as well if there are any in the cupboard which is rare as they get snaffled up very quickly in this household!). The art of making and enjoying tea is called Chadō or the way of tea, it is a very involved ritual and I was lucky enough to witness and participate in a Japanese tea ceremony a few years ago in Kyoto.  But nowadays, sitting with a warm herbal tea for five to ten minutes is my type of meditation.

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It's back tomorrow. Come and join us for coworking and chat and tea and coffee and lunch and... @flirtcafebar

Bus to meeting at @flirtcafebar Are we there yet? :)

I LOVE this ☝️There is nothing more powerful than women supporting women, don't you think?

Sisterhood and #selflove WILL save the world and here at #girltribegang we are all about supporting women who are in business ALL by themselves or who have aspirations to be a #girlboss and maybe just need that nudge of inspiration and support and injection of self belief to take the leap. We are networking #butnotasyouknowit ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

"When you join an Echo++ programme, you join a community of people who love what they do. You're part of a culture where people share, build each other up and help each other out." - Robyn, Creative++ graduate.

Applications are now open for our next Creative++ programme. Link in bio 👆

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