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زیبای دوست داشتنی! رتیل Galeodes sp، جنس نر
بر خلاف باور عمومی رتیل ها زهرآگین نیستند، و تنها در صورت احساس خطر گاز میگیرند.
#solifugae #solifuge #arachnids #galeodes #رتیل

So. We've got #sunscorpion #windscorpion in our house!!! This is the third one we've found and they freak me the FUCK OUT. These things are related to #camelspider MMYYEEHHH 😣😣 #solifugid #solifuge

The #Solifuge (order Solifugae), usually called the #CamelSpider, the #WindScorpion, and the #SunSpider, is an order of more than 1,000 species of arachnids that can be found in the deserts and scrublands of every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Despite its name, this creature is neither a scorpion nor a spider, though it is more closely related to scorpions. It is characterized by its five sets of legs and its double set of large jaws, called chelicerae. The largest Solifuges can reach five or six inches long, including legs. Like spiders and some other arachnids, it lacks lungs, instead inhaling and exhaling through three slits on its underside. The chelicerae are surprisingly strong, capable of shearing hair and feathers off of its meals. It is a skilled predator, feeding mainly on ground-dwelling insects. Larger individuals can eat creatures like rodents, lizards, and even snakes. Although it does not normally attack humans, the chelicerae are more than capable of piercing human skin. Because human history originated in the Middle East, where this creature is abundant, the Solifuge has been known to humans since ancient times. It was always seen as independent from spiders and scorpions, with the Greeks giving it a separate name from the others. It has been theorized that the mice that plagued the Philistines in the Old Testament were actually Solifuges. This invertebrate was popular during both World Wars. American troops in Egypt would stage fights between Solifuges, while British troops in Libya would pit them against scorpions. Because of its unsettling appearance, many urban legends surround the Solifuge. They are often said to be larger than they actually are or to possess venom, which they do not. Many stories come from American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan of Solifuges crawling into soldiers' sleeping bags while they are sleeping and feeding on flesh from their arms or legs. Although this is possible, there is no evidence to prove these cases.

Solifugue model. Literally! Look the eyes. :P #solifuge #camelspider #arachnology #MuseumsCorridorStuff


Found a solifuge digning on the road 👌🏼 #solifuge #sunspider #southafrica #wildlife #arachnid #invertebrate #biology #biologist

I found a little sun spood in the motor pool. If you’re wondering why it looks like a camel spider, it’s because they’re cousins. This guy was a little over the size of a quarter.
#solifuge #solifugae #sunspider #desert #usarmy #usarmyreserve #usar #utah

Le solifuge, ni une araignée, ni un scorpion mais bien un ordre a part. Celui des Solifugidae. Non venimeux, elle doit donc mâcher ses proies pour s'en nourrir. Le venin d'une araignée lui servant principalement a prédigérer la nourriture. #solifuge #camelspider #spider #omg #snake #desert #maroc #algerie #sahara #africa #summer #cute

We found an Aragog!!! #fieldwork #fluffynotcute #solifuge

Found a #solifuge catching some shade against my tyre. Everyone loves KTM 😂 #arachnid #creepycrawly #sunspider

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