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Psalm 46:5 has been my mantra lately. I'm a control freak and worry and anxiety are my sidekicks. I take comfort in knowing that in surrendering my weaknesses to God I in turn receive His strength. And that means I am capable of anything. I will not fail 💪🏻 #solidlightco 📸: @bryanoyo

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After being sick and tired for a week (and I still am little bit), this Sunday I have felt so happy and blessed. I have cried, laughed, been serious and just smiled alone. Once again amazed by the wisdom, care, love and beauty everywhere around me. #sundaysaregooddays #tooblesssedtobestressed #godiseverywhere #solidlightco

Baby girl and I had the fun opportunity to model some super cute apparel from @solidlightco 💗 Their shirts feature uplifting verses and messages and they are sooo comfy! Use promo code MEG20 to get your own and save 20%! #solidlightco 📸: @bryanoyo

away for a spa weekend and i had to bring my @solidlightco tops because they are the COMFIEST things ever. you can get em for 15% off with KAT15 from now until the 26th :))) (ps 💕 do more of all of the above) #solidlightco

If Texans aren't playing then I gotta root for GA! How about y'all? ❤🏈 #superbowl #superbowlsunday #football #america #solidlightco @solidlightco

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We're up and live on the blog! All about @solidlightco! I also included a work out playlist for all you "fit people"...I am not one of those. I know it's ironic. Peep the link in my bio 👉🏽👉🏽


After being sick and tired for a week (and I still am little bit), this Sunday I have felt so happy and blessed. I have cried, laughed, been serious and just smiled alone. Once again amazed by the wisdom, care, love and beauty everywhere around me. #sundaysaregooddays #tooblesssedtobestressed #godiseverywhere #solidlightco

Hey friends! Chris here, I just got back from an amazing trip to Mexico buildings a home for the sweetest family. Can't wait to share more about it with you all!! Happy Sunday💞

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Nat & Chris

Your G R A C E abounds in deepest waters, Your SOVEREIGN hand will be my guide 🌊🌊🌊🌊 /// Have you seen my new shirt? It has one of my favorite songs on it and I especially relate to it during this season in my life. /// Check out @solidlightco and use my code ''KS20'' for 20% off your order! You can use it unlimited times!

Sunday vibes on a Saturday: Jesus, Coffee and Naps I love you ❤️#ncsu #weekendvibes #solidlightco #highkeys #quayaustralia

Happy Friday! What kind of memories will you be making over the holiday weekend? Comment below! Xo, Nat & Chris 📷👏🏻

By this photo, can you guess what blog post is coming next ?! Comment below and take your guess...💃🏻

Rest assured in this fabulous promise. Happy Monday, friends! 🌻

These blooms are just one small glimpse of the beauty of which the Lord has reminded me over the last few days. I spent 15+ hours in the car over the weekend with nothing to do but talk and think and sing along to the radio and sakes alive was that refreshing. I'm not one to stop and smell the peonies--I need to constantly be reminded to pause and reflect and spend time simply listening to the Lord.
Last night I spent a while just pondering the things the Lord had brought to the surface in all that thinking time, and this was the phrase I walked away with: taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). Sometimes we can't see the goodness ahead, and we're left wondering if it really exists. We pray for months and months over the same thing and wonder what shape that "goodness" will take when those prayers are answered. But in the end, the Lord is always good. He has more good prepared for His children than all we can ask or imagine--if you're a dreamer like me who can invent 10,000 "good" scenarios in her head, that means the Lord's good must be REAL good to be even beyond my imagination!
So what can I join with you in praying over, friend? I want to come alongside you and walk with you to the good on the other side.

I struggle with my own insecurities. Is what I am doing good enough, worthy enough, “gifty” enough? When my mind and heart turns to these questions, I start to feel these little heart flutters—but not the good kind—when I see the work of others. I want to cheer them on, I want to be in the front row. Instead, I place myself in the trenches. I tear myself down and I tear them down with me. I don’t want that! You don’t want that either, right?
We each have a gift. No two gifts are the same. You know, like snowflakes? I think we automatically assume that there is not enough room for us all. But, friends, God created each of us with a purpose and he placed us on this big-big-big world to thrive in that purpose! There is room at his table for each one of us and our gifts. I repeat, there is room.
Let’s not let the filter of social media cloud our hearts and overcast our gifts. Let’s do this together. Every one of us has a gift that is valuable to the kingdom. Your gift needs my gift and my gift needs your gift. We cannot further the kingdom all on our own.
See my full post on the @caringmagazine blog » link in bio.

The matter of truth is this - you reproduce who you are. No matter what you teach or love or speak, it is nothing compared to who you are. It is nothing to who your heart is. If your heart is not seeking after The Lord in those things that you are teaching and loving and speaking than you are bankrupt. Your eloquent words and delicate truths are nothing when we are lost souls.
What are you seeking? Where is your heart? Who are you?
Make the choice to seek something deeper than what your eyes see. Make the choice to seek something that draws others to redemption. Make the choice to seek a radical change set apart from what this world tells you is good and worthy. Make a choice to teach and love and speak from a pure soul. Make a choice to seek through and with Him. Make a choice to run to something and not away from something. Make a choice.
We know what it's like to set our heart on something. We know what it's like to have a soul on fire with passion. We know what it is like because we have made te choice to set our heart on The Lord as we seek what He has set on our heart.
So remember this, what you are seeking becomes who you are.

Be a pineapple: stand tall • wear a crown • be sweet on the inside 🍍

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