Contributor: @sole_brother_one
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Story: My love for air max started a very long time ago. Being middle class, my parents didn’t have a lot of money to get the best stuff for us 4 kids. We had everything we needed but the wants were a little less important. It was hard growing up watching all my friends get all the nicest shit. Through this it taught me a valuable lesson not to hate this feeling but to stay patient and know that I would eventually get the same stuff one day. Stay patient paid off and this wheel of air maxes is a testament to that. All the OG pairs I wanted since the original release. I primarily wear air maxes because hold such a special place in my heart. The hardest one to get was the Air Max Zero OG. Had to be extra patient for this one to appear for a reasonable price and i was finally able to get it on a steal. Now my entire collection could burn as long as these are safe, I’m a happy sneakerhead!

Contributor: @jxstroke
Location: Bordeaux, France
Story: Instead of focusing on a pair of shoes with a sentimental message I think for me my love of sneakers extends deeper into the brand itself. I was born in 1988 and I remember falling in love with my first pair of shoes in 1995. As a 7-year old kid I remember being so fascinated by the Neon AirMax95. Unfortunately I grew up with a family of four and the price of those shoes at the time literally could have provided birthday parties for all four of us for the entire year. It was around 1996 when I got my first pair of Nikes - Air Barrages. I felt consumed with this idea that I was like a peacock and the only way for social acceptance was to dress cool and impose this look onto others. This idea of social acceptance drove me through frustration and depression for almost two decades because I never had the money to be flashy or have the looks I wanted. In 2012 I finally had a comfy income and I decided I was going to finally break free of the frustration and depression, but start collecting shoes because its what I wanted to do, its what I wanted to do ever since I was that 7-year old kid fascinated by an air max 95. I started my collection off purchasing a pair of AirMax90 Laser Blues and it was over from there… I needed OG shoes, Retros, SB’s, etc. I finally put that sneaker knowledge I had been accumulating to bridge the gap of frustration and acceptance into doing something that made myself happy. Designers like Tinker Hatfield, Sean Macdowell and even Sean Wotherspoon did the impossible; their sketches and designs turned this person who was consumed by anti-consumerism into someone who found new appreciation for sneakers. Which ultimately became my biggest passion in life. This lead to me approaching my friend who is a tattoo artist if he could ink “Fais-Le” above a swoosh. Which translates in French to “Just do it”. A few years ago I had two strokes, and life as I knew it was flipped around. <<story continues in the comments>>

Contributor: @andrewsong
Location: Toronto, Canada
Story: When images of the Aleali May Jordan 1’s started floating around, I immediately knew I had to try to get them. I didn’t have the Shadows 1s, and these were pretty much that but remixed with cooler materials. The grey satin, black corduroy, and that chenille Swoosh just looked so good (S/o @alealimay ). Unfortunately.. as many may relate.. I caught Ls everywhere trying. A few months passed and I was walking around downtown Toronto running errands one day when my friend texted me that another one of my friends let him know that the Jordan store at 306 Yonge had just randomly restocked on a size run of these in the morning. I looked up from my phone and I was only one block away from the store. I zoomed over and asked an employee and get this - they had only 1 pair left and it was in my size. Meant to be! Within 10 minutes of that text I was walking out of the Jordan store with a shoe I really wanted. I chose this story because I look back and appreciate the flow of information, the lucky timing, and my good friends. One friend scooped intel somewhere and passed it onto another friend, who bridged that intel to me immediately because he knew I was nearby. It was a behind the back pass followed by an alley-oop finished by my perfectly timed double through the legs 360 windmill. Teamwork. I guess it also paints how damn hard it is to get new shoes you want these days... It helps to have friends who look out for you, which is what this shoe reminds me of. Thanks for letting me share!

Contributor: @neddardstark27
Location: Austin, Texas
Story: A little less than 3 years ago, my life had fallen apart. Alcohol and drug addiction had destroyed any sense of safety in my life. I had finally gotten sober and was completely broke. I remembered crying wondering how I would be able to move on and support myself. Then out of nowhere Adidas exploded into the forefront of sneaker culture. I took a huge risk on something I hadn’t done in years and copped the PK monochrome NMD’s to sell. I was able to snag 20 pairs after borrowing money and selling most of my sneakers. I made a nice stack of money and used to this finally stabilize my life. I understand the effect reselling has on the culture and I will never resell sneakers ever again. But I will never forget these. These gave me the beginning of consistent food, shelter and a car to drive to my job. When I was finally able too - i bought my own pair to remember this time in my life. Whenever I rock them I can remember where I came from. I think whats most gratifying about this specific pair of shoes is that they rekindled my passion for sneakers and the community. Especially here on IG. Sneakers literally saved my life.


Your smile means everything will be alright. I love you #liamazingjaden 😘

Contributor: @curtislastcall
Location: Toronto, Canada
Story: In 1995 I was 4 years old and was addicted to everything from Transformers to Pokemon. It all changed one faithful day when my mom brought home a pair of shoes. She went crazy that year and bought all the various colourways; safety jacket orange, Grape, neon OG’s... and I used to be so fascinated with this air pocket. Like any child I would daydream and imagine these shoes almost like spaceships with these air bubbles being the ignition to fly me anywhere I wanted. These weren’t just shoes to me - I believed these shoes could let me do whatever I wanted/ whenever I wanted. I even may or may not have put my action figures inside the shoes and flew them around her room 🤦🏻‍♂️... fast forward to last week. I was visiting San Francisco and made a trip to the Nike on Market St. These shoes immediately stood out to me. I quickly asked for a size 11 and was instantly filled with memories from my childhood. More importantly they reminded me of the person who first introduced me to “Air” and let me believe I could do anything. Shout out to her also for still rocking them to this date. Love you!

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