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The Shakti Film Festival Launch will be featuring highlights from the hard hitting and intensely emotional international film 'SOLD'. It is locally produced by Surrey residents, Dave and Rani Mann and goes beyond just cinema by engaging the audience in creating social change.
We will be encouraging and showcasing films that have social impact in our Shakti film festival. Get involved as a sponsor, volunteer or supporter.
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These moments mean so much to me. 💖✨ This is my flyer from when I screened the movie Sold, my program from Streetcar in NY, and my pics and the things Gillian signed for me at DragonCon in 2016. She wrote on my AHG shirt, “Kim - Thank you so much for all your support” and she wrote “This is so cool you did this!” on my Sold flyer. I’m still blown away by it all when I stop and think about it. This is right next to my bed, and I look at it daily in awe that it all really did happen. 2016 was one hell of a year for sure! #gilliananderson #soldthemovie #allheartgillian #dragoncon2016 #dragoncon #streetcar #astreetcarnameddesire #2016

I was so incredibly proud of her on this day. Speaking in front of crowds isn’t easy for her, but she did it anyway. For those that don’t know, I screened Sold in my hometown. That was a huge life accomplishment for me, & one of my proudest moments. My life will never be the same after that experience. I had the chance to share about it with Gillian personally, and she was blown away and so grateful. ❤️❤️

ILLUMINATE Programmer’s Pick of the Week: SOLD

Based on a true story, @soldthemovie shares the journey of one remarkable girl faced with a horrifying reality that too many young women are forced into. Watch it today: soldthemovie.com

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Every child deserves a happy childhood... Join the fight to #endhumantrafficking on Human Trafficking Awareness Day today. @soldthemovie @ecpat @childreachint @artofliving @nominetwork @savethechildren @stolenyouthwa #soldthemovie

It was great to have @hasinakharbhih and Jeffery D Brown Oscar award winning director of #soldthemovie at the #erasmus #training with us today

Landed in DC for YPO Anti-trafficking event. Fall trees from above look like popcorn or colored cauliflower #fall #soldthemovie #ypo #seattlesnowday

We are given this precious human life to alleviate suffering in the world, both our own and the world around us. Today is one soul’s birthday who does exactly this. Jane Charles is both a practical and spiritual visionary. She lives her Truth in real ways that save and transform lives, through her work as a movie producer of SOLD, as co-founder of the organization Stolen Youth, which saves young lives on the streets of Seattle, as an international advocate to END HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and also through her deep spiritual connection. She does this with absolute humility, unrelenting energy, and a kindness that you have to experience to believe. You inspire me in so many ways, Jane Charles, including your marriage with Macro! Wishing you every blessing in this sweet life. It is a honor to co-create with you. Maybe you want to celebrate Jane’s birthday by hosting a screening of SOLD in your community to raise awareness and help END child trafficking! It’s a really easy way to raise awareness in your community. Go to the SOLD website to learn how!
#soldthemovie #endtrafficking #stolenyouth

Nice attending the film screening and Q&A session of SOLD hosted by Matt Friedman. Sad to know there are millions of trafficking victims out there. #taughtnottrafficked #soldthemovie

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Today is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. In our daily lives We tend to take many things for granted. We are all guilty of this. Simple pleasures that We enjoy like waking up and having a choice on how to spend our day. Sharing quality time with our friends and family and knowing that We can see them again whenever We like. Having the freedom to choose a path for Our future. Having dreams-Having Hope
There are Millions of people on every corner of our planet that aren't so fortunate. Millions of people, mostly women and children, are suffering in unbearable unbelievable circumstances that one can only imagine. These innocent victims of human trafficking are being exploited, enslaved, and are sold over and over again. For Those of us who are privileged and free We must lend our voices, our resources, our collective spirit to make a change, to shine the light on the truth, and to eventually end this atrocious crime against humanity. I have faith that We will heal and We will lift all those who need us, One light at a time.

Check out the video for One Light at a Time - a song by Sammy Chand and Hoodini, created to honor the lives and integrity of those who can't be heard. Join the movement and help us End Human Trafficking! Thank you ! https://youtu.be/SpsGRzCQZXY
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Whidbey Summer Gathering, Cortes Island. #soldthemovie #daretobethelight

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