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Photographer and activist Lisa Kristine, producer and musician Quincy Jones, SOLD director Jeffrey Brown and producer Jane Charles at the Global Sustainability Network Dubai meeting last week. 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶
@lisakristinephotography @quincydjones @janecharles11 .
#EndHumanTrafficking #DareToBeTheLight #SoldTheMovie #TaughtNotTrafficked #GSN

Repost from @soldthemovie why? Because the fight for freedoms continues.
SOLD will be available on digital platforms starting January 10. World #Trafficking Day is Jan 11. Visit soldthemovie.com to join the fight to #endhumantrafficking! .
#DaretobetheLight #SoldTheMovie #TaughtNotTrafficked

"Dare to be the light." You may have seen a few of my previous social media posts regarding forced labor, children's rights, combating global terrorism & sex trafficking. These are subjects that continue to weigh on my mind & heart. I seek opportunities to become more knowledgeable about these issues & they seem to find their way to me as well. As someone who desires to be an advocate for others, these are matters that can't be ignored. Tonight I went to the premiere for #SoldTheMovie & feel connected to its mission of spreading awareness about the sex trafficking of children. I'm grateful to be aligned with @blakboxgroup - a company that helped raise capital & awareness for this film. After the premiere I spoke to the actors about what we can do individually in our daily lives to contribute to a more positive future outcome. I realized that owning my sexuality without shame or guilt & loving myself enough to demand & command respect from others is how I liberate myself, therefore coming from a place of strength & understanding when addressing this on a global level. What happened to the sacredness of sex? When will people be worth more than profit? Dare to be aware. Dare to love yourself & come from a place of truth & authenticity surrounding your sexuality. Be mindful of how you make others feel & leave them better than you found them. #Daretobethelight #bethelight

Thank you @kyracaruso for taking your Saturday night to volunteer DJ for an important cause. You are the best!!!!!! 😘❤️😍🙏🏽
#humantrafficking #soldthemovie @soldthemovie

New Light's "Aanchal" program provides survivors of trafficking with skill training in creating marvelous kanthaa products with recycled saris. The alternative means of employment is much needed.

#buildanest #soldthemovie #Kolkata #craftsmanship #womensrights

An impactful story about sex trafficking. It's so alarming how prevalent this issue is. 5.5 million people currently in the sex slave trade. Scary #soldla #soldthemovie @ecpatusa @davidarquette


Today is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. In our daily lives We tend to take many things for granted. We are all guilty of this. Simple pleasures that We enjoy like waking up, and having a choice on how to spend our day. Sharing quality time with our friends and family and knowing that We can see them whenever We like. Having the freedom to choose a path for Our future. Having dreams-Having Hope
There are Millions of people on every corner of our planet that aren't so fortunate. Millions of people, mostly women and children, are suffering in unbearable unbelievable circumstances that one can only imagine. These innocent victims of human trafficking are being exploited, enslaved, and are sold over and over again. For Those of us who are privileged and free We must lend our voices, our resources, our collective spirit to make a change, to shine the light on the truth, and to eventually end this atrocious crime against humanity. I have faith that We will heal and We will lift all those who need us, One light at a time.

Check out the video for One Light at a Time - a song by Sammy Chand and Hoodini, created to honor the lives and integrity of those who can't be heard. Join the movement and help us End Human Trafficking! Thank you ! https://youtu.be/SpsGRzCQZXY
#musictoinspire #stophumantrafficking #endslavery #soldthemovie #unodc #rukusavenue #blueheartcampaign #newlightindia

Whidbey Summer Gathering, Cortes Island. #soldthemovie #daretobethelight

With the super amazing team of 'Sold'. Director Jeffrey Dean Brown, Producer Jane Charles and Executive producer, Emma Thompson, starring Gillian Anderson. Line production by f-stop Studio.
Shot in Nepal in the beautiful village of Hemjakot, the movie is based on the novel 'Sold' by Patricia McCormick' and is gaining worldwide recognition for raising awareness against child trafficking.
For more info: www.soldthemovie.com
#TaughtNotTrafficked #SoldtheMovie #EndHumanTrafficking #endchildtrafficking #gilliananderson #Hollywood #Bollywood #fstopstudio #collaboration

Four lanyards later... #workingatTR

Blessed to have worshipped and broken bread with these ladies. #lifeonmission #becausejesus #nepal

Nepali women and girls are subjected to sex trafficking in Nepal, India, the Middle East, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.
Join us on our mission to Nepal - link in bio.

"Sold" is a movie to best understand why #NSMinerals will be working with @stopthetraffika in India this summer.
While this subject can often make people understandably uncomfortable, it's a human rights issue we can no longer remain apathetic about.
Our goal is to create empowerment projects to help employ and rehabilitate those rescued from human trafficking.
Partnered with @fashionhopenews
To create sustainable solutions and bring awareness to this global issue.

The humbling adventure begins this summer.
We're inspired by those rising up to #endtrafficking
Together we can do this.
#onlylovecan #soldthemovie #amazon #itunes #empowerment #stopthetraffik #taughtnotbought #awareness #progress #hope #endslavery #India #togetherwecan #taughtnottrafficked #beautifulfilm

@vommag #valleyofthemoon #magazine #endslavery #soldthemovie another great issue #honored to be included! #fairtrade #photographer #juliakristine new issue available now in Sonoma stores and online at vommag.com

Honored to have been apart of the U.N. @soldthemovie event to help stop human trafficking. #soldthemovie #endtrafficking #taughtnottrafficked

Boys & their Momma ❤️❤️❤️#happymothersday #allisonadventures

Thank you @kyracaruso for taking your Saturday night to volunteer DJ for an important cause. You are the best!!!!!! 😘❤️😍🙏🏽
#humantrafficking #soldthemovie @soldthemovie

Movie review. SOLD movie Yang di release 2014 lalu base on true story Yang menceritakan kisah gadis Nepal yg berusia 12 tahun yg di jual oleh keluarganya ke India Dan di jadikan seorang pelacur or psk.. #soldmovie #soldthemovie #goodmovie #moviereview #onlinemovie

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