Sohrab Hura, Look It’s Getting Sunny Outside!!! is shortlisted for the Photobook Of The Year in the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

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“I love new mediums,” he said in 1980. “I think mediums can turn you on, they can excite you: they always let you do something in a different way, even if you take the same subject.” :DAVID HOCKNEY .
.Four Seasons by Meredith A. Brown in DAVID HOCKNEY(Tate)
.Sohrab Hura photographers in the image at Experimenter.
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Announcing the third module of the Experimenter Learning Program (ELP)-
Sohrab Hura: New Directions: A three day workshop designed for photographers

October 4th – 6th, 12pm - 7pm daily | Course Fee: INR 2500 | Maximum number of participants: 12

Interested participants need to apply with a downloadable link of a recent body of work: admin@experimenter.in | All applications will undergo a pre-screening by Sohrab Hura and selected applicants will be notified by email | DEADLINE for applications: 24, September, 2018

Three days designed for photographers who are midway through a body of work and are looking to continue it. Participants will not make new work but instead the first one and a half days will be spent in exploring new directions and forms that their works could eventually take. Conversations are an important element here and everyone will be encouraged to be an equal participant. People working with photography regardless of the form or genre are encouraged to apply, with intent being the only important criteria.

ELP will present a year-long schedule of salon-style, classroom format courses, workshops, symposia and lecture performances by leading practitioners in the fields of visual arts, film, writing, performance, dance, music, curatorship, photography, language and social culture. ELP is organised by Experimenter Learning Program Foundation in partnership with Sharjah Art Foundation.

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Sohrab Hura, Life is elsewhere
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#meetthementors for South Asia Incubator 1 ***
• Valentina Abenavoli @valentina.abenavoli , Editor and Publisher, AKINA Books
• Rachael Strecher @rstrec , Director, Media Innovation, National Geographic
• Curatorial team member from Para Site @parasite.hk , Hong Kong
• Programming team member from Pro Helvetia @prohelvetia – Swiss Arts Council
• Sohrab Hura @sohrabhura , Photographer, Magnum Photos
• Curatorial team member from KHOJ International Artists’ Association @khojstudios , Delhi
The South Asia Incubator is a dedicated platform for emerging photo artists and related practitioners to introduce their work to and receive mentorship from influential industry experts, and seeks to present new opportunities for its participants.

For more details, please visit www.photoktm.com

Sohrab Hura (b. 1981), Indian photographer, member of Magnum photo agency ; image taken in 2018 in Paris ; from the Series #DoNotPhotographThePhotographer #191

Sohrab Hura Workshop- II
Today is the final day of our 4 days workshop with Sohrab Hura. This is the second phase of the workshop where all the participants have gathered to discuss and edit the work that they had been doing for the last one year. We will be having an informal presentation at the end of today's session (i.e. 5:30 PM at photo.circle HQ). Do please come.
9 participants from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Canada will be presenting their work and process. See you!
Photo: Sagar Chhetri
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今月の一冊、はるばる佐賀へ✈️ #sohrabhura

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