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Bizim de geçte olsa pembe flamingolu bir fotoğrafımız olmasın mı?? #negüzelbirgün #sograteful #letgoandlettheuniverseambraceyou #havealovelyweekend 🙏🏼💕💕💕

I finally got my hands on a copy of the latest @oxygenmagazine. I am so beyond thrilled and grateful not only for the cover opportunity but to be a coach for the Oxygen Challenge!! I truly love working with all of you!! While I've been fortunate to work with Oxygen for a number of years, landing my first cover with them 10 years ago in 2007 at the age of 31, to now be 41 and have two kids, ages 1 and 3, it feels like my fitness family has stuck with me through so many life changes and I'm ever so grateful!! Thank you to the numerous people at Oxygen for making me feel like this old gal has still got it (knowledge and physical fitness) and to all of you who follow and stay invested in me and my family! I love you guys and feel truly blessed that you still care what I'm up to and continue to seek advice from me! I'll keep doing this as long as I can and as long as you'll have me! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #oc3 #teamjamie #momoftwo #41yearsyoung #oxygenmagazine #sograteful

It's time for a new adventure 🎓 #sograteful

The love of my life...my heart and soul... my beloved son!
Also the reason I barely get any sleep... mashallah even a queen Size bed isn't enough when he takes over in his Sleep!
#motherhood #greatestgift #blessings #sograteful #momofason

My MAMA is here!
Days of doing life together,
She rode her bike while I ran this morning,
She cooked the breakfast while I did the books for the biz,
Together we took the boys to the beach to run before dinner,
We made the dinner together when we got home.
Another set of hands on deck,
Another heart that loves my babies,
And ME.


The Bearthday boy! Man when I say yesterday was magical! What a night! #sograteful #30

"The tragedy of her death was not that it made one, now and then and very intensely, unhappy. It was that it made her unreal; and us solemn, and self-conscious. We were made to act parts that we did not feel; to fumble for words that we did not know. It obscured, it dulled. It made one hypocritical and immeshed in the conventions of sorrow. Many foolish and sentimental ideas came into being. Yet there was a struggle, for soon we revived, and there was a conflict between what we ought to be and what we were. Thoby put this into words. One day before he went back to school, he said: "It's silly going on like this...", sobbing, sitting shrouded, he meant. I was shocked at his heartlessness; yet he was right, I know; and yet how could we escape?" Virginia Woolf, Moments of Being. 🙏🏻ll Since last weekend, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by this week but it's already Thursday and I've accomplished what was needed to be done. Today I'm feeling immensely grateful that it all worked out. My heart feels so much lighter. Now I can finally finish Virginia Woolf's Moments of Being and work throughout the weekend in peace. #sograteful #blessed

Today's the day! At the airport and on my way to the festival! 😄🙌 My heart was pounding a bit when I got to the security check line - Since I wear a packer sometimes (mine is The Buddy packer from @freetompros - love it, and highly recommend it 🌱), the body scan/potential pat down after makes me a bit nervous. But - No issues! Phew! *deep breath* See you soon Electric Forest! ⚡️🌲💚🎶 @electric_forest #ftm #trans #transgender #transworries #noissues #relief #electricforest2017 #ElectricForest #EF2X17 #ForestFamily #michiganbound #excited #sograteful #ftmtraveler

Kovu is busting at the seams!! We are loving it soooo much and are doing our best work EVER!! We are kicking colour goals day in, day out and absolutely blowing the minds of our beautiful Kovu babes.
#kovuhair #smashinggoals #sograteful


Hanging w/ @chrissy_dny87 & @thepetercharles at the #manuelracim 4th anniversary event. Manuel & Racim were one of the first folks to believe in my talents. #sograteful Headed to the #cantstopwontstop premier #branding #marketer #brandbuilder

Beautiful Evening! Love it that Mom is always ready for any adventure at 91 years old!! ☀️😊 #theshorelife #sograteful

Life keeps on giving. We are Tahoe bound for a few days! ✈️🏞🌊
I'm speaking at the JP+ Tahoe Bootcamp, then we head to LA for the Nicole Daedone Intensive. 🐴💥🦊 #sograteful

Steady rain but no lightening at the ballfield so they're still playing and this die-hard baseball mom of 11 seasons is still watching.

Back in Paris.... this will never not be breathtaking....#SoGrateful

I got a surprise breakfast in bed and my favorite flowers delivered to me this morning for my birthday! I have literally never felt so special. 🌻 #happybirthdaytome #thoughtfullness #sograteful #sohappy

When u LOVING on her and she's loving on you! She is EVRYTHING I thought she would be!!!Thanks for being so KIND and SWEET to me @tonibraxton #livinglegend #badandboujee #weLOVEyou #youaresoGORG #sheis🔥 #dreamcomethru #mymomadoresher #BFV #lovethebraxtons #movie #tv #whenthestarsalign #toniandi #behindthescences #blessedbeyond #sograteful #generationtv #gengirl #generationmm 🎬📺💞💓

A colleague brought these for me after finding out I'm from Taiwan. Another made me pizza. Some guest offered me tips. when I got off, meal was already outside waiting for me☺️how blessed am I? #veryindeed #sograteful

Beautiful early Birthday surprise 🥂😍 #lovemyjob #sograteful #dirtythirties #happyfriday @moetchandon Thank you J&S xx @joebashanowra

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