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[at my own wedding] can I stay in the car pls

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I've been thinking too much πŸ’­

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So last night, me and John went to see Emma Blackery. Before the show we managed to meet her, get a poster signed from her, get a picture and she said she loved my jacket.

Her whole performance was astonishing. She was so lovely and she really connected with her fans and treated them all like family. In the song The Promise (the black and white video) she sang with such meaning and I can honestly say I've never cried so hard this year. In the concert last night, she replaced one of the lyrics, so it went "if you feel as though you have no friends, well look around you you're with them" and at that point I stopped singing and just cried and one the girls next to me hugged me (which is why the video ends kinda sloppy) and I know Emma herself won't read this, but to everyone that will read this, please keep supporting live music as you may never know how much it can help, support, and give hope to people who need it πŸŒΈπŸ’• @emmablackery
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