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Have you already seen the latest Game of Thrones episode? Personally my favorite so far but damn scary. I can't believe that there's just one episode to go then having to wait for another year and probably even longer as I've read the last season comes out beginning 2019 only 😳

do you have low or high self esteem ?

Trying out some new 'experimental' things and I'm quite happy with the things I've been 'making' the past couple of days 🌞💕⚡️|| OH also, I set up a patreon a few days ago, I would REALLY appreciate if you'd check it out, I'll still be posting the same things on my platforms as usual, but my supporters over on patreon just get a few lil extras 💕⚡️🍒 (there's a link in my bio) || glasses from @sunglassspot , top from @killstarco , extensions from @minihouse8888


That's why sometimes love stings.

My debut book "Soft Thorns" is available at amazon.com (link in bio) • follow my second account @la.femme.des.roses ♥ bridgett xo

Best little boat is this Pegasus.

Goodnight (follow @squadangles for more)



I just did the walk of shame when you want to buy something and your mom says no

I want her legs 😍 Yes or Not?

I relate to sharks because I too scare people and am treated like shit by everyone

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i miss japan sm 😭


Geç olsun güç olmasın demişler 😜 Hollanda'ya gittiğimde bir kaç kişi sormuştu Vlog çekiyor musun diye, her ne kadar bu sefer kameraya konuşmasam da yine dayanamayıp kendimce bir şeyler yaptım. Umarım izlerken sıkılmazsınız. Link profilimde 🍃👩🏼‍💻📽✨ New vlog, link in bio💕


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