HS Softball Player getting in her wrist weight training. Strength and throwing work has helped this athlete increase 7mph in the overhead throw. Started out at 49mph and hit 56mph. #process #softball #fastpitch #training #wassermanstrength #highlevelthrowing #softballtraining #softballdrills #softballstrength

PrimeTime Player Maddie ward punching the 'strike zone' while PrimeTime Pitching Coach Sharon keeps a close eye. @adriannalowy @c_low_416

PrimeTime Coach Sharon working with PrimeTime Player Ava. Looking great kid.Faster and faster and faster she goes!!!@ava_vegas_outlaws_10 @make_your_mark_flms @lv_outlaws

PrimeTime Player Lorena was on her grind tonight @lenaaa_victoria @michaelb_workouts @iammichaelb @lacey__smith

PrimeTime Sisters Savannah "Nana" (C/O 2021) and Alyssa "Buggy" (C/O 2019) had a great hitting session. 🤲🤝👭💪
@woaaah.sav @buggiestanley

PrimeTime Player Alyssa T (College of So NV) perfecting her craft. She's excited to get her Fr. year/season started!!! @alyssatrujillo_ @d_00 @csncoyotes

PrimeTime Player Khevyn dropping bombs!!! 🔥⚡💪💯@k.hevynnn

#tbt to Ryan talking slapping!

PrimeTime Sports Performance Trainer Leo has these athletes grinding!!! @noah1_6e @__mick__03 @kenzie.gillan @khs.09 @kjs._20 @strengthcoachleo

PrimeTime Sports Performance Trainer Leo is conducting a full body evaluation on PrimeTime Player Anthony. Anthony is a primary catcher⚾️.After the evaluation, they will sit down and discuss strengths and weaknesses. From there Leo will develop a training (strength, speed, flexibility) program for Anthony. @strengthcoachleo @a_martinez050
🚨 We obviously train a lot of baseball and softball players, but we do work with all sports/all athletes.
Call PrimeTime 1-702-629-4489 OR
Call Leo 1-408-406-5708

PrimeTime Player Maddie doing deadlifts. @maadddiiiie____ @stacyk___ @strengthcoachleo

PrimeTime Player Sam P (Univ of Tulsa) is feeling confident entering her Soph.year. She took what she learned from her Fr. year and applied it to her summer training. Good luck Sam, we'll be cheering for you here in Vegas. @porkchop1272 @rpochop @tulsasb

PrimeTime Sports Performance Trainer Leo working with PrimeTime Athletes/teammates Kelsey, Kylie and Mikayla.These athletes have made the commitment to train and become the best versions of themselves.A little less Snap Chat, Fortnite, YouTube etc. a day is where you'll "find the time" @strengthcoachleo @kjs._20 @khs.09 @__mick__03 @michaelb_workouts

PrimeTime Players Rhea (Dickinson State Uni), Alisha (Colorado Mesa Univ) and Lileya (Southwest Minnesota State Univ) are all working hard right up until they have to head to college for their Fr. year. @rheapaiva @dsubluehawks @alisha_nicole99 @cmu_softball @lileya_julianna7 @smsusoftball

PrimeTime Player Paige was crushing the ball tonight while working with Coach Jeremy. @paige.averi @firecrackerslv @khs.09

PrimeTime Player Seanna (Black Hills State Univ) had her last hitting session before heading to start her Fr. year/season. Good luck Seanna, we will all miss you and know you will do great! @seannamay_ @bhsuathletics @bhsujacketssb

PrimeTime Player Rosie (Notre Dame de Namur) got in her last hitting session before she heads to school. @rosaaybruh @ndsu_softball @__mick__03

Translating work in the weight room to the swing. Keep in mind that power development needs prerequisite strength in order to be most effectively utilized in sport!

HS Softball Athlete working some rhythmic stabilizations using the body blade. Create tension and rigidity within the body during this prep work drill. Stable front leg as always. #softball #throwing #highlevelthrowing #training #wassermanstrength #fastpitch #HLT #armcare #softballtraining #softballstrength

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