What happens if you show your real self?
What happens if you don’t listen to others’ misguided opinions about you?
What happens if you don’t hold yourself back? ——
We spend a lot of time and effort trying to put a filter on our lives — sure on social media, but more importantly & detrimentally, face-to-face. Why is that? Is that because we are terrified of being vulnerable? We can’t possibly put our true selves out there, because someone might not like us, or may say something hurtful about us. It’s ‘uncool’ to be honest and true to your beliefs, because we’re taught by our peers to go with the flow and not rock the boat.... ‘because being different means you’re doing something wrong’ 🙄😤 —— From a young age, I knew I was going to be different. I was an athlete and tomboy. I cared more about my family and playing softball than shopping and parties — not to mention I was a giant who towered over everyone at school. I stood out like a sore thumb. But for some reason, I struggled with my differences — while everyone was dating and wearing trendy outfits, I was standing by the friends I was too tall to date and wearing high-waters. Talk about terrifying. If I could talk to my high school self, I’d tell her to keep her head up... and stand taller. I’d share that, at nearly 30, I love my height and my incredible husband does too. I’d tell her that all of her insecurities aren’t worth the effort, and to continue to focus on making herself and those around her better. I’d tell her to surround herself with people who make her feel like herself. —— What happens if you show your true self? You thrive and you encourage others to do the same.
your real self?
What happens if you don’t listen to others’ misguided opinions about you? You continue to move forward.
What happens if you don’t hold yourself back? You will find more love and respect for yourself than ever.
Be you.

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Had some fun in the “office” last week! Coach Madi vs. the baseball staff! Who thinks they could get in the box and compete??? ⠀
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Work... even when it’s cold.. even when you’re tired... that’s when you push your limits and go a bit farther... .
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Northgate 55- Fairfield 38. So proud of @hannahparkus making 23 points tonight, and making 4 threes out there😂 I know you got pushed a lot but hey your my daughter😛 Good job girls! Thanks @sabbs4 for doing an excellent job and being calm out there! #femaleathlete #basketball #basketballgirls #softballpitcher #teengirls #highschoolsports #bayareasports

I don’t know if I like the glitch thing but I’m posting this anyway. Also I’m back!


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YES! Optimist > Pessimist Realist #Repost @garyvee
Life’s about #alternatives, I choose #optimism everyday. The other choices are just not as fun!
Please pledge tonight that you will consider more of it in your life?
Tag someone who understand this.
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If you’re wondering why you’re on the bench, why you’re not starting, why you’re getting bumped in the line up, why she gets more innings than you do, why you’re getting pulled or just not even getting the shot yet? Ask yourself this, do I deserve it? Have I worked for it enough? Am I outworking the player who is playing? Am I dedicated and fully committed to this? If so keep working your time will come, if you answered no you have no room to question your playing time. Remember you are in control. You decide if you want it bad enough. I can tell you this, those taking time off or taking it easy during the holidays are the ones who are gonna suffer come season. Off-season is where it’s won, where you claim you’re spot and where you should be improving. In season is go time, you should be ready to go. In season is team time, off season is about you. If this hit home, change it today and have the best week you’ve had in a while! It all starts with a simple decision. Take action! 😎💪🏽💞🥎

Michigan State Head @coachjjoseph explains why it is so important that ONE Softball provide accurate information and content that directly benefits parents, players, and coaches as they navigate the recruiting process. Click on the link in our bio to watch. #ONEsoftball #fastpitch #softball #fastpitchsoftball #softballlife #softballfamily #softballmom #softballdad #softballplayer #softballpitcher #softballrecruit

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