Named after the cluster of luminous stars, Pleiades was immortalized as the name of the seven divine sisters in Ancient Greek mythology. A romantic combination paired with Arabesque rings handmade by @sofia.zakia in her Montréal studio. Two of my favorites. ✨#sofiazakia #meganloves

Written in the Stars, suspended amongst the clouds. Each engraved with 2 constellations of your choosing ✨ #sofiazakia #constellation #constellationring

Layering pieces as personalized talismans 🥀 Ix and Iq worry dolls layered with the Fulfillment tarot card. #sofiazakia #tarotcard #worrydoll

The queen of mastering the art of stacking @fiatluxsf image of @sofia.zakia wandering star ring with @dmdmetal Veda rings makes for a celestial combination ✨ thanks for the beautiful images you create with Sofia’s work! #regram #meganloves #sofiazakia

Swinging into the Cosmos in style 🛸✨ my Athena rocket & UFO necklaces paired with @jupiterlala’s beautiful UFO piece. Love Megan’s work so much💗

Diamond starry night 🌌 the rosecut diamond Wandering Star with Antlia and Nebula ✨ #sofiazakia #crescentmoonring #handmadejewelry

We love helping couples pick out their dream engagement rings and this particular ring was one of the dreamiest ones we’ve seen yet. Featuring a morganite center stone, this Wandering Star ring by @sofia.zakia also has a rainbow band 🌈 💕#sofiazakia #wanderingstar #rainbow #engagementring #bridal #finejewelry #morganite

Midnight, all stars ✨ Vela, Wandering Star and the Pearl Woodland rings. The perfect magical stack, available in my estore. #sofiazakia #weddingstack #moonring

When I first fell in love with @sofia.zakia ‘s collection, I knew she was the girl for me when I first saw her UFO necklaces and rings. Placed on the perfect dish from @jupiterlala channeling the outer most space of the universe.#sofiazakia #meganloves

How bitchin’ is this UFO 🛸Ring?
Gold, Diamonds and Opal.
I adore your work @sofia.zakia 🙌

Opal Wandering Cosmos and her sister band, Nebula, beside a men’s band with an engraving of the Wandering Star moons 🌙✨ #sofiazakia #moons #moonring #handmadejewelry

Focusing on the light as we reach midsummer and the peak of days that are longer than nights. A perfect time to keep close to your talismans-I suggest a worry doll or two, a cosmic witch ring with lunar phases, or miniature tarot cards to guide you into the now from @sofiaajram
What is your summer solstice ritual? 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓 #sofiazakia #meganloves #sunmersolstice

The most celestial stack 🌙✨ Nebula, Wandering Cosmos, Written in the Stars (with customizable constellations) and Antlia. Starry statement piece 💘 #sofiazakia #engagementring #moonring #madeincanada

Sapphires! Oh my! All these deep blue sea babies available on my estore 💙 #sofiazakia #sapphirering #pearlring #handmadejewelry

Clara’s Dream ring by @sofia.zakia. Sapphire, diamond a pearl perfection 💙 #sofiazakia #handmade #finejewelry #sapphire #engagementring #bridal

THE WORLD TAROT CARD 🌎 Imbued with deep meaning, The World card portrays Planet Earth on a floating chiromancy palm for divination. Around it, the ouroboros snake eats her own tail, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, and that everything will eventually find its balance. In the four corners of the tile are the four houses of Tarot – cups, pentacles, swords and wands. The World card promises journeys, and rewards positive efforts with an improved world around you. Floating in a sea of stars, the world is quite literally at your fingertips ✨ #sofiazakia #witchesofinstagram #tarot

I wanted to share this ring I was given last weekend, created by the incredible Canadian jewelry designer, @sofia.zakia . I have been following her for quite a while and I can’t believe I now have the honour of wearing one of her gorgeous creations! If you like outer space, tarot, ufos, ballet, astrology, mythology and spooky things, you should definitely check out her work! I’ve heard her jewelry described as “wearable poetry”, and I could not agree more! All of her pieces are absolutely magical and breathtaking and I feel like total Sailor Moon royalty wearing this beauty. Swipe to see a couple more of my all-time fav pieces of hers.💕🌙🛸✨ And also... Ron and I are engaged!!

Working on new prototypes all this month! Can’t wait to share what’s next... #sofiazakia #medusa

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