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"My moral in life is simple, you treat me good and I'll definitely treat you better"
Salam Eid Mubarak & Maaf Zahir Batin #raya2016 #silverkriscollection #sofiaiman

No I'm not showing off. I'm just happy that I have new Raya clothes after years of not getting any. I told myself I wanted to get them made but this year flew by so fast and I didn't get to the tailor in time. So the hunt began to find something off the rack. And I did.
The past two Rayas I wore whatever I had and wasn't really in a celebratory mood. This year I'm better and want to attempt to go to as many open houses as possible (well, wherever people will have me. It's getting nastier I tell you)
No. I won't be making rendang anymore. 😅
Baju Melayu and songket by Sofia Iman
Butang/buttons by @zooforpeople
#zooforpeople #sofiaiman #gettingreadyforraya #lookingsmart #fabulous

Today I discovered Turekami by Sofia Iman - very comfortable instant hijab. Suitable for office, with sportswear n casual outfit. #turekami_couture #SofiaIman


#Rendang Tok#Delivery#Sofiaiman#kak farah..thank you

Bawak adik p nuri..musim cuti sekolah ni banyak jemputan.. #kolanerang #sofiaiman

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