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You guys are going to love her as #Cherelle. #truetothegamemovie #truetothegame #draya #sodraya #quadir #comingsoon. Who remembers her from the book?!

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Well we all knew it! BBWLA's #SoDraya Confirms Pregnancy With Fiance #OrlandoScandrick.
After dodging the blogs for a little over two weeks with rumors of her pregnancy, #DrayaMichelle has confirmed via #PeopleMagazine that she and fiancé Orlando Scandrick are expecting a son.
Draya said, “I’m not sure what made me decide to take a home pregnancy test, but I decided on taking two at the same time!” .

Michele, 30, tells PEOPLE. “They were both positive and I was instantly excited.” Michele, also mom to 13-year-old Kniko, will welcome her second son in late April.

Scandrick, 28, is already dad to 6-year-old twin daughters Taylor and Tatiana. “We made an appointment to see the sex of the baby for 16 weeks, but surprisingly at 12 weeks, our doctor was able to see that he was a boy,” she explains. “Technology and ultrasound machines are much more advanced then 13 years ago when I had my first child.” .

We are preparing for a Taurus baby,” she says. “He’ll be the first Taurus in our family of four Aquarius and one Capricorn (almost Aquarius)!” Following a short bout of morning sickness at the start of her pregnancy, the mom-to-be, now in her second trimester, is “feeling great” as she prepares for the family’s newest arrival. “I wasn’t sick for longer than three weeks and I’ve been dieting and keeping up with cardio to keep my weight down,” she shares.

Continued, “I really enjoy nap time since I’m still working full time.” Despite feeling sick for only a few short weeks, it didn’t take long for Michele’s “smart” teenage son to become suspicious of his mom’s health. But once Kniko found out a baby brother was on the way, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “I just had to buckle down and tell him. I honestly felt really bad keeping it a secret from him so I made sure that he was one of the very first people that I told,” says Michele. “He’s excited to be a big brother and wants to teach him soccer.” (via @datvegasgyrl) .

Congrats! 💚

#Sodraya looking so beautiful for #ManeAddicts! Those v clip in bags though! What do you think of the hairstyles? Vote hype or hmm ⬇

#redstyles | #sodraya ✔️

Look fashion 👀😍✨✨✨ #nikefit #bestfriend #sodraya #fashion

Daring 💇🏽 #sodraya
Tag a friend that this would look lovely on


Look fashion 👀😍✨✨✨ #nikefit #bestfriend #sodraya #fashion

That moment when you get a little excited&screen shot because one of your faves Draya understands your sense of humor and thinks it's funny too! 😂😩😂 here at soulnucleus we understand admiring someone else's shine, doesn't diminish yours. Never be afraid to show love!
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