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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new! #socrates #quote #goodnight #tomorrow #newweek #back #to #work 🤙🏻🌙

Nenhum cidadão tem o direito de ser um amador em matéria de treinamento físico. Que desgraça é para o homem envelhecer sem nunca ver a beleza e a força do que o seu corpo é capaz.
#socrates .
Vamos envelhecer com saúde, com disposição, com vigor, com energia, com força muscular, com massa magra preservada, com mobilidade preservada.
Querem saber como conseguimos isso?
Treinamento na musculação , alimentação adequada e um bom descanso.
Com certeza deveremos também cuidar do nosso espírito, da nossa mente.
Mas com diz #nunocobra ; Um corpo fraco não sustenta um espírito forte.
Vamos cuidar do corpo e mente.
Team @bpi_sports .
Tenham todos uma ótima noite meus amigos e seguidores.

Suatu hari, Plato bertanya kepada Socrates apa itu cinta.
Socrates: Pergilah ke ladang, petik dan bawalah setangkai gandum yang paling besar dan paling baik, tapi ingat satu hal, kamu hanya boleh berjalan satu arah. Setelah kamu lewati kamu tidak boleh kembali dan kesempatanmu hanya sekali.

Plato melalukan apa yang diminta, tetapi dia kembali dengan tangan kosong.

Socrates bertanya kenapa Plato kembali dengan tangan kosong.
Plato: Aku melihat beberapa gandum yang besar dan baik saat melewati ladang, tetapi Aku berpikir mungkin ada yang lebih besar dan lebih baik dari yang ini, jadi Aku melewatinya, tetapi Aku tidak menemukan yang lebih baik daripada yang Aku temui di awal, akhirnya Aku tidak membawa satupun.

Socrates menjawab itulah Cinta.

Hakikat Cinta, yaitu saat engkau belum puas dan menemukannya, maka kau akan terus mencari dan mencari, melihat sesuatu dan membandingkannya dengan yang lain, sehingga hanya kehampaan yang kau dapatkan.

#socrates ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

:: wisdom begins in wonder ::
Words from Socrates for my new Succulent study👌🏽✨

"Uma vida sem desafios não vale a pena ser vivida"
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I only know that I know nothing. #socrates#vibes#lifestyle#mood


I only know that I know nothing. #socrates#vibes#lifestyle#mood

Socrates, who is at the very center of what's called thinking by western civilization, Socrates had a demon that was a little voice. It was his crap detector. It told him the difference between profound philosophical thinking and bullshit. So the edifice of western thinking built on Platonism owes its debt to an invisible agency speaking from hyperspace and so does modern science via Descartes #socrates #demon #voices #philosophical #western #thinking #rational #irrational #the #logos #platonism

Have you ever seen a Armillary Sphere spinning? They are unique "sculptures" designed to represent objects in the sky as they circle around a center, usually the Earth or the Sun. I saw one on a professor's desk as a child and he spun it as I approached; I couldn't take my eyes off it. Many years later, I saw I HUGE Copernican (with the Sun as the center) that must have been 30 feet across with hundreds of celestial objects represented. So cool to think about the ancients who mapped the sky with such precision!

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Single malts, Socrates, and Sparta. Hell of a way to end the night. #socrates #sparta #fightintheshade #dinner

The ifs.
There are moments we regretted about things which had happened. Sometimes we wished that
we didn't go there..or wish that we didn't get to know some people or came across bad characters... if we didn't do that etc etc that wouldn't have happened.. we wished it to happen differently..the best thing to do is examine what you can do to improve the situation if it can be changed. If it can't be undone you have to learn to " redha" or try to accept things as they are. If you cannot change something change your mindset about it..Having a good mental state is crucial for our happiness.

#socrates #thoughts #movingon #noregrets #drowning

Material things come and go easily. The most important is that we have to remain the same with or without them. It’s incredible how things that actually exist in reality can disappear in seconds, but immaterial things like our personality, thoughts, ideas, our essences, and even words we said, are always going to be there for the others, and that is what we really are. We are what we are, what we think, what we do, not what we have whatsoever. (Comment 👇🏻 want to read your opinions) Thanks! 🙂

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