On Wednesday we knit socks and eat mac n cheese. 😎 Yarn is by #strandeddyeworks, pattern is the No Purl Monkey Socks by Cookie A ✨🧀

Love my new #stumptownsocks knit with Techno Blossom!! If you haven’t tried any @shannonsq sock patterns you’re missing out!! Perfect for stash busting (although I’d have had matching socks if I’d remembered to weigh and divide first!) and so fun to knit! These are slightly modified since I can’t abide holes in my socks. #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict #Knitstagram #knitaholic #instaknit #knitaddict #knithappy #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyedyarn #witchcandyyarn #sock #sockknitting #sockyarnaddict #addictedtosockknitting #operationsockdrawer #speckledsocks

Woke up to finding out I only need to raise another $440... that’s so awesome!!! PLEASE share this post with all your yarn cohorts! I appreciate each and every single sale!!! In less than 24 hours I’ve raised most of the $1400 needed!!! I am so blessed to have perfect strangers help me do this!! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you and bless you all!!!

You have no idea how blessed I feel right now!!! I have only $495 left to raise!!! I truly and deeply appreciate all the orders coming in!!! PLEASE keep them coming!! ❤️❤️ my shop link is in my profile!!! #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #yarnaddict #knitaholic #knitaddict #knithappy #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #yarnspiration #handdyedyarn #sock #sockknitting #sockyarnaddict #addictedtosockknitting #crochetersofinstagram #crochethappy #crochet #crochetaddict #speckledyarn #shawlyarn #wrapyarn #dkweight #sportweight #worstedweight
#yarnsale #yarn

Sprinkle Spice Latte is making its first appearance of 2018 in Saturday’s SSK marketplace! This colorway is a warm, spicy brown, orange, and cream tonal with pink and blue speckles, and it’s one of my favorite new colorways from last year. SSK marketplace shoppers will get first dibs, but I’ll make sure to also have plenty of skeins in the update on 7/27 as well for those who need a some sprinkle spiced goodness to hold them over until Pumpkin Spice Lattes go on sale in a few months! 🎃💖☕️

It's happened again: beautiful yarn that defiantly refuses to be photographed in it's lush and yummy glory. It's a stellina yarn (gold) as well, and that is definitely hidden until you look deep into it's strands.
This was a gift from @katariley, who DID attend this year's Kentucky wool and fiber fest, to me, the sad girl who had to work instead of going to Lexington to squeeze sheepies.
I can't wait to cast on <another> pair of socks. I'm trying to go faster, as there seems to be a bunch of new dyers to love!
This is "Medusa Yarn", from a dyer in Knoxville, TN, which explains the Vols orange (GO CATS!!!), but I love color as much as I love my Kentucky Wildcats, and orange is the color of creativity. I'm embracing it! Thank you, Kat! #medusayarn
#isniffyarn #sockyarnaddict #coloryourworld #istherea12stepprogramforthis #getyoursparkleon

I want to thank all of my followers and customers by doing a fun #giveaway ❤️🎉- the randomly chosen winners will design their own skein which I will dye up for them!! (2 winners!!!) Should be fun! To enter please be a follower @tippytreeyarns , like this post and tag 2 yarnie friends. For an extra entry comment below what base and weight you use most frequently. (Example- I love single ply merino on fingering. )
That's it! Contest will be open through Saturday. **********************This is not affiliated with Instagram. .
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@thecrazysocklady was right! Her Rhinebeck Roomies pattern looks awesome with self striping yarn. These are flying off my needles! #boxosoxkal2018

Cedar House Sapling Sock comes in a huge selection of colors to suit any project. This mermaid trio would make a perfect shawl! Try any of our 30+ shades of this lovely hand-dyed sock yarn today to make something stunning! 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♀️

Goood morning! A little #yarnporn to start the day off right from @mollykleindesign 🤤🤤🤤

Look for our sock knitting bags under our shop,PercyLeMooKnits on Etsy . We now have flamingos, peacocks and puffins...its all a bit Alfred Hitchcock #peacock #sockyarn #shawlknitting #yarnspirations #oneskeinwonder #sockknitting #sockyarnaddict #percylemoomoo

I need the help of all yarn enthusiasts .. I normally don’t go all personal on my yarn sales ever but due to an unfortunate circumstance I’m a desperate dyer. I left my abusive marriage of 17 years, 4 years ago (split up in 2014 and been divorced a year now) and I thought that I had paid everything (thousands and thousands of dollars) that linked me to him (despite the fact I shouldn’t have had to pay for his mistakes but my name came first 😣 and he’s disappeared somewhere down south and changed his name... that’s another story 🙄🙄) I met a wonderful man 2 years ago who treats me and my children well. 6 months ago we got a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis for him and I was devastated.. I still am as we have found out it has left his throat and quickly spread to his lungs. Everything I have is in his name (house, cars, bills etc... Anyway, another financial mishap involving my ex husband (hoping the last) has surfaced and I have 4 weeks to come up with $1400.00 or my license and my love’s car insurance policy are in jeopardy to be terminated. My ex had brand new vehicles in my name when we were together and at the time he handled all the bills and he was supposed to pay the excise tax on them and apparently didn’t. When we moved to Arizona in 2007 we didn’t even hear anything about it because the RMV’s don’t communicate. I didn’t learn about this until just last week. With my love out of work due to the cancer and me only working part time to help take care of him and my children I am a desperate to raise this money.. I have put up EVERY skein of yarn i have dyed in my mystery sale and I am dropping the sale price to $20 per skein AND free US shipping on every sale!! Please help me raise these funds so that I can restore peace and balance to our lives.. I’m willing to take a little bit of a hit in a sale just so that I can raise these funds. I have better things to focus on like helping my love fight for his life... not the blunders of my ex husband that keep haunting and taunting me. Thank you in advance for allowing me to tell this tale.. The link to my shop is on my profile.


Turkish Delight sock yarn knits up with distinct swirly bands of colour. I’ve got five skeins left in this colour. #yarn #yarnsnob #sockyarn #australianmadeyarn #australianwool #wool #knit #knitallthethings #littleyellowcat #crochet #sockyarnaddict

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