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Just a friend, not enemy!!😎 #igers #societykills #streetdreamsmag

Mental behavior > social behavior. You decide what to do with your Monday. #societykills #normalisboring #throwback #MezcalMonday

Don’t mind the unfinished sleeve. #dressup #societykills #misfits #thanksmom

Being a woman is hard af. No boobs? Damn. Grow some. Boobs? Cover yourself. You're so vulgar. No ass? Everyone will laugh at you for it. Ass? Well, better cover yourself cuz u don't draw attention to that booty, right? Short? U need to wear those heels. Tall? Damn. U can't be taller than men. Also, never wear heels. Skinny? Gotta gain weight cuz no one likes bones. Chubby? Eat healthy!!!! Nobody likes fat bitches. You like makeup? Hell no. Taking u swimming on the first date. No make up? Please, take care of yourself. Don't be so lazy.
We, women, are constantly shamed for everything so we, as well, might do whatever we want!!!! ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
#thoughtoftheday #beingawomanishard #societykills

You must be the change you wish to see in the world! #societykills #vintage #blackandwhite

You have boobs? Cover them they look vulgar. No boobs? go get them bigger. Skinny? you need to gain some weight, no one likes bones. Fat? you need to loose weight no one likes a fat woman. Makeup? you wear too much. No makeup? Don't be lazy get ready. This is the truth in today's society. Girls constantly competing with each other, but real women empower one another. We get so worried about looking pretty, we should be more worried about being more kind, smart and strong. You will be judged regardless, so might as well do whatever the hell you want. #mondaymotivation#aslongasyouarehappy#societykills

Society : be yourself
Society : no not like that

#societykills #individuality #be #become #trap

Repost del repost #soshermosa #amiga 🌈 #societykills


Laboratorio de resistencia de materiales rompiendo cilindros de concreto

Mentor Together matches to get equal opportunities to poor economical sections of the society. This is done via a mentor & mentee program. It requires mentors to apply and take a commitment of a year to meet mentees 2-3 times a month. Thus, giving equal opportunity to everyone. #Repost @mentortogether (@get_repost)
Apply to be a MentorTogether's mentor or mentee at www.mentortogether.org #mentorship #bangalore #india #positiveyouthdevelopment

Your imperfections are your perfections. @sarashakeel #glitterstrechmarks

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