Mindy's Grand Prix....Before and now pics......Its been through a lot of shit! It's been a very rough 7 years, getting it to where it's at now. This car has caused so much headache, pain, numerous all out blow out fights, arguments, heartache and a shit load of time and money to get it right! At one point Mindy and I were going to put this ride to rest, put it to sleep, Car"Kevorkian" style shit Lol, watch it die and fade away. Hell, at one time, I thought of taking this car out to the ranch and pump some lead into this ride 🚘 🔫 Even thought about a car-b-que and drinking beer while watching it burn to the ground 🔥🔥. We were fed up with all the bullshit! But, we stuck through it and never gave up. The murals on the inner trunk and all along the tops, tells the story of this car and it's painful journey, which felt like it would never end! Shit....I started drinking more because of this damn pain in the ass nightmare car. I even tried selling my ass by the pound🤔, just to get extra cash flow to keep the project going. Well that didn't work out very well 🤣. So in closing, is the reason why we named the car ....."Life After Death"...... We would like to thank @outlawq74 @low7deez @azxicanorider @mickeys_pinstriping @harleysandimpalas @engrave_it @hoppos_alex @elbugsdidit @1974mc @rickscollision @paintbydj_ @tim_lowery_arts and @fishdesignz for making it all happen. ✊😎
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We wanna wish @magoo_62 a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day brutha! #dueceofhearts #magazinecover #62impala #societycc

Mark you calendars l! Come out Sept 15th to Superior and join us for one of the best out door shows around! #superior #arizona #societycc

2018 Tiempo HorseShoe Tournament Champs Society Car Club!!! . #societycc @tiempocclv

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